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Purpose & Gifts

I ask my animals, “What is your purpose in life and what is your gift?”

Makia the cat says, “My purpose is to help you spread the word about animal consciousness. It is to help you understand animals’ bodies and they way animals feel so that other people can understand their animals’ bodies. My gift is my beautiful white fur. Some people and other animals say I look like an angel cat. So every day I think to myself, ‘How peaceful are angels?’ and then I try to absorb their peace in my body. This is hard because the world is very stressed now. I am making progress. Here is a helpful meditation for anyone that may struggle: ‘My body is healthy. I am at peace.’


Serafina the cat says, “My purpose in life is to learn how useful and wonderful I am. It is to learn how fast I can run and how special I am as an individual. I don’t think I knew that in another life. My gift is our family. Oh, that is the world’s gift to me. The gift inside, that I have, is how quick I am on my feet and how quickly I am learning confidence. I probably have more purposes and gifts; I just haven’t discovered them yet.”

Joey the cat says, “My purpose in life is to show others that just because a doctor tells you you cannot get healthy does not make it true. There is a deep power within every individual. If you pray, and believe that you are helped, then you can feel much better than you did before. My gift is my wisdom. It grows with every passing year. It is also that my person takes the time to talk to me and to explain things to me. You can feel older in your body and still feel joy. There is an angel that watches over my family. That is the greatest gift. I don’t think she was always as close as she is now. She lives in the tree outside. I have seen her resting there.”

Bean the rabbit says, “I know my purpose in life is to be your rabbit so that you can take good care of me. I know you felt guilty about keeping past rabbits in a small cage and not playing with them often. I am the voice of rabbits to the world. My gift is my perseverance. I had a hard life for a little while. When those past memories come up, I go into my cardboard castle and I think about how lucky I am now.”

Storm the Aussie dog says, “My purpose is to be your best friend and to help support you when you make big decisions. It is also to help people who are sad at the moment to find instant joy in the world. My gift is my eyes. Everyone who sees them smiles no matter what mood they are in.”

Maia the wolf dog, from heaven, says, “My purpose is to transcend any bad patterns and to be reborn so that I can have a life full of good health and respect. People may think this is easy but it takes a lot of work. I bit some beings when I was in life, so in heaven I had to make amends to those individuals. One dog I helped pass away to heaven. I helped explain what divorce is to a child. I had to live out every incident where I hurt another being and make a different choice of action. This was really really hard. I only had one chance. I had a big strong angel there with me to help me make good decisions. I studied very hard what a well-balanced healthy dog feels like. It is not as easy as you think. There are many tests. Heaven can be wonderful and supportive. If you really want to change you have to be motivated. Otherwise you just stay stagnant in who you are. I chose to work things out in heaven so that I can have a healthy body and life when I come back to Earth. My gift is a river of love and trust that flows through me. The more I work on myself the more my gift grows.

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1 thought on “Purpose & Gifts”

  1. This is wonderful! Thanks. I am learning so much.

    It must be nice knowing you have an Angel that sits in that tree!

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