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Do Animals Reincarnate?

Hi Laura,

A question that haunts me: Do animals choose the circumstances they end up in just like humans do before reincarnating?



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Let’s ask my animals this question.

Makia the cat says, “I am not sure if I choose it or if it was chosen for me. I remember being in heaven and wanting to live someplace tropical with beautiful flowers, butterflies, and birds. Then I remember this big tabby cat telling me I had to go and meet you and you don’t live in a place like that. I remember being disappointment but saying okay. I am happy I live with you because I feel like I am wiser than I would have been anywhere else, but I still wish we lived somewhere tropical.”

Serafina the cat says, “I don’t remember heaven, but I bet I did because when you found me, I thought, ‘There is my mom. She’ll take me home now.’ So I am sure I did choose my life. I don’t remember choosing being thrown out of a car but it led me to you so maybe I did.”

Joey the cat says, “Yes, I remember it well. I said I want to be brave in this life, so that big tabby cat Makia talked about said to me, ‘Then we will put you in a home with crazy kids to create fear and then we will put you in a good home so that you can become brave.’ I am very brave now. I also remember deceased human spiritual masters telling me that I would teach people that animals have thoughts and feelings. They said it was a big job.”

Bean the rabbit says, “I don’t know why I would ever choose to be treated roughly by people. That sounds ridiculous. God must have been mad at me. I am sure I chose to live with you—someone that gives me treats and salad mix every night. Every moment I choose to be grateful and trusting rather than nervous and scared. Maybe I chose the first experience so that I know the value of trust and gratitude.”

Storm the Aussie dog says, “I remember looking at people and choosing you. I remember talking to a being about living with a wolf dog and being her teacher. I remember how the angels told me I would be a dog that would help many beings smile and feel complete. I know I chose my life. I didn’t choose every experience because I think we all have free will when we are here, but I definitely chose my life and what I would learn and give during it. I always strive to make others happy. That is my job. You have to make wise decisions once you are here.”

Maia wolf dog from heaven says, “I have chosen all of my lives. The reason why I chose to be beaten and abused during my past life is because I had to learn that someone would not give up on me and that I could transcend anything. It was a test in faith and perseverance for my person and myself. I had to endure a great amount of suffering so that my spirit would know great pain. My spirit needed to know this so that in my next life I can spread hope and the image of a much greater life for those who suffer. My person had to experience that as well. We may not choose every incident, but we choose our general lessons. Storm is right. Then it is up to us to make wiser decisions and grow—otherwise our suffering will continue for lifetimes. It is important to value good teachers and your own inner strength. Our lives once we get to earth are we what we make of them.

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16 thoughts on “Do Animals Reincarnate?”

  1. Oh, thank you SO much. I also wonder about these things, and the animals reaffirm things that I have read, and felt to be true. WOW.

  2. I have always felt that animals reincarnate, however in reading Sylvia Brown, she says animals do not reincarnate but can come back and inhabit the body of another animal. I wondered what happened then to the spirit of the animal whose body was taken over. She has also said to take what feels right to you… Animals reincarnating makes so much sense to me and gives me hope.

    1. magnificentwoman

      I never liked Sylvia Brown. I have watched her hurt people and that upsets me because the gift of ‘seeing’ is for helping all human beings to heal. It is a calling for profound service. Sylvia Brown makes pronouncements which suggest that she is not a higher being but rather an ego looking for power to line her pocket book with.
      I understand why her fear has led her to this and my prayer is that she heals her own suffering soon. She is on the path of learning lessons too after all. She has incarnated here as a physical being just like you .
      A healer and seer knows that ” everything is perfect and exactly as it should be. ” One might not be able to understand the enormity of that kind of love for life when tragedy occurs, but the ability to SEE that is what we ALL strive for. There is a gentleness and humility and beautiful kindness in those who ‘see’- this is a soul embodying unconditional love.
      You know more about the why of your life than someone outside of you. There is no expert on your life but you . A seer can help you understand the patterns, and to remind you to let go of fear , and to lead with love . The rest is up to you in what you choose to embrace and learn that will help your soul grow.
      We are here to help each other and when life hurts remember- it is a dirt road that leads to a diamond mine. In other words find the lesson and use what you have been taught to teach others . For example : If you have been an addict, go work with the families of those who suffered a loved ones’ addictions. Your endeavours to heal by sharing your lessons with those that have suffered at the hands of what you know will heal both of you .
      Pets choose us , they bring brief but important lives of unconditional love to share with us . Not all get the message . I am so glad that you ventured out into the world with this question and that you knew deep inside that the answer you had been given by an expert wasn’t sitting right with you -which led you to posting on the internet.

  3. My iguana, Verklempt, chose me. She had been badly abused, and was afraid of people. But, when we met, she held out her arms to me, and cllmbed up me to cuddle on my chest. She transitioned four years later, and I miss her. I hope we will meet again. It’s up to her.

    I believe that every ensouled entity reincarnates, as we climb the ladder of evolution. All beings who love are ensouled. Therefore, animals are ensouled, and reincarnate.

    I also hope that my cat, Penelope and I come back together. She was killed by a coyote. She was staying with my parents. I was away, but I felt suddenly awash in her love, as I drove to work. I believe that that is when she left us.

    Thanks for listening.

  4. My kitty, Opal, just passed a few days ago. She was a street cat who showed up on my doorstep one day. She was so beautiful I immediately fell in love. She was so friendly I assumed she must have been someone’s pet. But she kept returning to me day after day, hungry, getting fleas. I asked all our neighbors if they knew where she came from, but nobody knew. We already have an older cat who does not generally get along with other cats, so it seemed adopting her was out of the question. I was asking around to find her a home, even though I had already grown quite fond of her and had been pleading with my boyfriend to at least TRY adopting her. Then my boss suggested she could live in our office until we could find a forever home for her. I didn’t try very hard because I already loved her, and would stay at the office until very late to keep her company, then I would come in on weekends just to be with her. Then the landlord of the office space said she could not stay, and I begged my boyfriend again to please just TRY letting her live with us. It actually went much better than we could have ever expected with our older cat. Then a funny bump showed up on her face. After 2 weeks it had grown so I brought her to the vet. Long story short, she had advanced inoperable cancer. I made the hard, HARD choice when I felt it was time for her discomfort and reduced quality of living to come to an end. She was barely 1 year old and was a part of my life for only 6 months but it felt like so much longer. She and I had formed a fast bond. She would follow me wherever I went, wagging her tail like a dog, rubbing against me and sleeping near me or on me always. What I don’t understand is why she had such a short, painful life, and why did she choose me. I asked the spirits in my house to please, PLEASE help guide her home if she got lost or scared, and that she was free to go wherever she liked, just as long as she stayed safe and happy, even if it meant she went to someone else. I didn’t know that I could ask her to come back to me in another form. Do animals sometimes come back as people, or do they always stay as animals? I cannot think what her brief life meant, but I loved her deeply, and she loved me deeply as well. How unfair for such a good, gentle, loving spirit to be placed in a broken body! What lesson could that possibly be? I feel bereft without her, how can I communicate with her now? I miss her so very much.

  5. Sieglinde Proctor (Lynn)

    I have several cats. I have always had cats. Some are much closer to me than others. I have asked the same question. Why such shortened lives? It seems the ones I love the most are the ones that leave first. Really. The only explanation that makes any sense to me is that they are here to teach us how to love profoundly. There are levels of love I have experienced with my cats that seem unobtainable with a person, at least for me. The cats I have now are mostly very special to me, but only one of them is on that profound level. I lost one two days ago to heart failure. She was another one taken early, and she was so very close to me. She was only 7. So, I believe they teach us how to love deeply. It is probably the main lesson we have to learn as evolving souls. I believe death of a loved one teaches that lesson as well. I also will be grieving the loss of my cat for a long time, I expect. But I cherish the time I had with her. Knowing what I know now, I wish I had somehow appreciated her more than I did, which was a lot. Can’t put it in a bottle, I know, and hindsight is 20/20. That’s why we should love and cherish our pets and others every moment we can, so we never feel we missed it while it was here. And no doubt about it. I have learned to love profoundly, thanks to my cats.

  6. God bless Alison, who posted above on her cat Opal. I pray she found the answers to the questions she needed!

    For a while now, I have believed that animals are higher beings than humans- like angels. Think about it, what makes a human suffer/not evolved? The ego. Animals are basically without ego, aren’t they? They sense the spirit world and are in tune with nature in a way that humans usually aren’t.

    I don’t know. Then, I read that Hindus think animals are lower life forms because they are ignorant. But, Buddhists say that any form at any level has access to the Buddhahood… even “beasts”.

    So, maybe what various sources say about no soul is greater than any other soul regardless of level of enlightenment is true. And maybe souls incarnate into the circumstances and/or bodies which provide the best environment for them to learn their intended lesson or do their intended work. Regardless of whether that body is human or animal.

    I admit that the idea that an animal may contain a human soul can feel a little strange. I’ve seen pictures of animals that people claim contain a human soul, and even have an animal with very human eyes. They do feel differently to me.

    Who knows? Any other ideas? 🙂

  7. I have read the last few comments with great interest. I am blessed with three wonderful cats but one in particular has qualities about him hard to ascribe to ‘catness’. He is profoundly loving with ‘personality plus’. It is hard to describe him so I just end up telling people he is just plain amazing. My wonderful kitty developed a feline vaccination associated fibroid tumer. He has had surgery and radiation but only prayers will save him from this highly agressive growth. He is only seven and I am devasted thinking about losing him …in a year, a little more or less. So I started looking on-line for thoughts about animal reincarnation and found your site. I would sure like to think he will come back in another higher form…..but the truth is, no one has this knowledge except God himself. Meanwhile, I will take all your advice, and make every moment count. This is difficult when you work forty hours a week.

    As a side note. I lost my lab in 1988 when someone put him in my car on a blistering hot Floridian day. I think of him everyday and wonder where his soul is..he was only two yrs old and as sweet as a dog could possibly be…so unfair.

  8. My dog had passed away back in may of this year. Amazing I’m blessed to be due in may 2014 with a baby girl. My due dates are pretty extact to the date she passed away on. Could it be? My 3 y/o would randomly tell me things at night. First time he tripped me out by telling me princess had her birthday in even and she bit someone. Another time he told me she was in the car waiting. And another time without my kid even knowing I was sad about my dog.. He told me mommy dont be sad. Princess is here.
    Am I just being crazy and hopeful?

    1. Hi Cherie, Sometimes the animals will come back as children though I have not seen it that often. (doesnt mean it is not happening). Sometimes when the dates match up it may be a sign that Princess is guiding the process. Is there helping your child find his/her way safely into this world.

      When we are younger our psychic skills are much more advanced so I am sure that your 3 year old is seeing Princess. I do not think that is crazy at all. It is so neat. You will have to let me know if you think your new baby is Princess! How exciting! take care and be well!

  9. Aww! Thank you. It def helps. Even at 4 wks of being pregnant my son kept telling me he has a baby sister in there. Wishful thinking and then it was confirmed. I work in the vet field. And it’s really hard sometimes. I felt like I was shorted. I got princess when I was 16 and she’s all I ever wanted. I took her everywhere and she was there through some really rough times. I just hope she knows how much I love and miss her! And how important she will always be to me. After I deliver baby Madison in may.. Ill be getting a portrait done for her. I’m going to have the ink mixed with some of her ashes. That way she will literally be with me forever. I’m so happy I found this website. I can’t wait to share it with you all later

  10. I guess that was another thing I’ve been worried about. If princess is ok. I was always worried and just wanted to know she doing good

  11. Hello,
    I’m struggling with the loss of my cat and i have a question that may make me sound crazy. first i’ll say a bit about him , he was a very unique being and it’s hard for me to refer to him as a cat because he was unlike any animal i had ever been around and i am a socializer and former foster. i know everyone must say that but for a week before his demise i would be woken up suddenly around 230-330 every ninight for no reason, i am pregnant so i’d try to go pee and he could be in a dead sleep but he would always follow me. I am very spiritual and the odds of his demise were 11%- is it possible he wanted to leave his current form and reincarnate as my child? please help asap

    1. Hi Bri, It is very possible that he is reincarnating as you child. I personally have not seen it happen in my work. Though, I believe it to be possible. There are many reasons why beings leave this earth. I have found there is always a reason why a being dies at a certain time. You should have a private session with me or call into the radio show. It would help you gain clarity and peace of mind. I hope to hear from you!

  12. my friend cat passed away in may.been misdiagnose.i keep seen her in my dreams.you open door she runs in.then when I wake up I hear her cry but it is way from a distance.i think this cat is alive.she cant find us.my friend buried her he said she was stiff..i went to bed I keep seen her hearbeat.she telling me she coming back.i will look for her and be happy have her back.

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