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Snowball’s Thoughts

This is Snowball II. He is three years old.  He recently started to bark at other dogs on a walk.  I asked him why. He responds,


“When I see another dog, I want to bark at it. I have a strange feeling that takes me over. I think, ‘Fight that dog.  Fight that dog’ I am not a fighter, but that is the voice in my head. What the heck? …I don’t think I can control myself. I have tried, and I have failed. … I need them to help me in that situation because I need their touch and focus on my eyes. If I see their eyes, I do better.”  


What I find neat about Snowball is that he is aware of his behavior and how it is undesirable. What most people need to understand is that the animals need help to control the behavior.  Too many people ignore it.   The longer you ignore it, the more it becomes habitual behavior. 


Seek out a professional trainer to learn how to keep your dog focused on you.   Your animal may feel confused by their behavior and want help.

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