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Sweet Pea

Sweety Blue Bonnet

Sweety has a friend in her pack named Angel.  Angel is just above Sweety in the pack dynamics.   Sweety has spoken to me about “Good Angel” and “Bad Angel”.

Sweety says, “Bad Angel…is a scary dog sometimes. I love Good Angel and Good Angel would never hurt me and would like to play with me. She is learning play bow more. That is Good Angel.”

I told Sweet Pea that she should use her calming signals messages in her head to Angel when she senses Bad Angel

Sweet Pea says, “You know what? I am really good at those signals. Have we come to one another to help each other through problems? I love this idea! I am going to tell her that next time. We can be of help to one another.”

Dogs natural way to communicate to one another is through calming signals or body language.  Just like with us, their communication can be on reactive mode.

We want our animals to be conscious of everything they are communicating.  So often I tell the animals to be conscious of their body language and to use their mind / telepathy as well.   I also tell animals to help other animal who are forgetting to use their calming signals.  This empowers them in becoming more confident and conscious beings.

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