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Piglet says, “I find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time. Since I talked to you last I have become a better thinker. We all have and I think about who I am and I think about who I want to be and I noticed there is a big chunk out of my interactions with the other dogs when I forget to think. It worries me. When you watch other dogs talk to one another you realize a lot of fights happen from misunderstandings. If that is true with people too, people should watch other people to learn.
Mom, thank you. Mom, thank you. I know mom wants to keep me and I feel really blessed she has such a good home for me.”

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1 thought on “Piglet”

  1. I am so happy to report that in the time since Piglet told Laura that she was concerned there were gaps in her interactions she has learned so much and is quite the little master now! She knows exactly what to do, where the place herself, and how to hold herself to keep herself safe and communicate her intentions to the other dogs. Sometimes I still watch and offer suggestions, especially during times of excitement, but even then the need to actually say anything is rare: Piglet has done what she doubted she could do. She has learned all that she missed as a puppy left frightened and all alone and knows now how to communicate with her body and mind to keep herself safe. Some of this has been careful work on the part of myself and Piglet. But having Laura communicate with her has certainly hastened and expanded that progress! Thank you, Laura!

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