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This is Madison. She is 13 years old. We have been friends for a long time. She talks about how I have given her some ideas over the years. She is pretty special! Madison says, “I think what is important is the dream board idea. My mom (person) should have something that gives you a …

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This is Juno. She died at eleven years old. She says to her person from Heaven, “Here in heaven is this bright blue star that has twinkling energy. When I am around it, I feel more vibrant. I feel full of energy. There is a grandma woman here who loves to wear necklaces. She has …

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This is Wilma. She is nine years old. I had to tell her not to wander far away from home. She answered, “I feel this feeling of joy when I take long walks. I know that my mom is like, ‘hey Wilma stay here’, but I feel this wonderful feeling of exploration. I know how …

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This is Leroy. He is eleven years old. He says, “I like dad’s tv video game that has superheroes. You can play for money.” We had no idea what he was talking about so we asked him to give us more information. He says, “You sit in front of the tv, you play, and then …

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This is Daisy. She is eight years old. She says, “I like to see colorful objects above me. I like flowering bushes. I love clover-type plants, sunlight, and dappled shade. I love driving in the car. That is relaxing to me….I want to walk more and climb on a big hot rock. Tell my mom …

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