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The Pet Psychic: A Client’s Animal Reincarnation Story – Trust Your Intuition

This video was taken by a client during a pet psychic session. He wants to know if his dog has reincarnated. What do you think is Charlie Koobeh? Will Yanir trust his intuition? You can follow Koobeh’s and Charlie’s person, Yan Dekel, on his blog, instagram and youtube.

Animal Communicator talks with deceased dog Mikey – Animal Zone – Bonus Season, Episode 6

Watch Laura talk with Mikey a beloved dog now residing in Heaven. In this episode of Animal Zone, The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, talks with Mikey, Arthur’s deceased dog.   Arthur Von Wiesenberger is the host of Animal Zone   We hear how Mikey is doing in Heaven, some of his memories, and how you …

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The Pet Psychic Special on Animal Zone

 Animal Zone – Season 3, Episode 13   We talk a little bit about how our animals travel to Heaven and reincarnation, Laura has two new books published (Get them on Amazon or order from your local bookstore), and we talk with cats and rescued raccoons. Featuring Community Cat Coalition of Ventura and Santa Barbara …

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Joey On Love

March 5, 2012 I asked all my animals, “What is love?” Joey my cat from Heaven said, “Love is respecting your body, mind, and spirit. Pure love is to believe in yourself and then having discipline to rise to your fullest potential. When you believe in yourself and rise to your fullest potential then the …

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Talking to Animals

Talking to Animals Asking What My Pets Love About Life I ask my animals, “What do you love most about life?” Here are their answers. Luca my three-year-old cream-colored poodle says, “Friends. I love friends. I don’t care if they are dog, cat, bird, donkey, person, or another species. I love to learn how to greet others and share …

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A New Home

A New Home How Does Relocating Affect Your Animals? We have recently moved to a furnished ranch in the Carpinteria foothills. We are living with more animals and people. Here I ask my animals, “How are you doing?” Stormy, my 14-year-old Aussie says, “I like it here a lot because it is cooler than Ojai. Though I miss …

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Asking Questions

Asking Questions The Importance of Clear Communication I used to be a shy person who was scared to ask questions. I thought, unconsciously for while, that asking questions meant that I was either not paying attention, was not intellectual enough to be in the conversation, or just plain stupid. It is not that I didn’t seek answers. …

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