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A Friend Of Elephants ~ Pat Derby Passes Away

Animal Rights

Animals & Animal Lovers Have Lost An Amazing Woman

Performing Animal Welfare Society:

Patricia B. Derby
June 7, 1943-February 15, 2013

Pat Derby was a partner, leader, mentor, teacher and friend. She was the first to champion the cause of performing animals, and today, because of her work and her fierce determination, most animal protection organizations have captive wildlife programs that address the issues of performing animals.

Click To Visit Pat’s Organization
To Learn More about her and her life’s work.

May we all take a moment to thank Pat for her dedication and love of the animals.

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Animal Love Advice

Love Advice

What Do They Know About It?

Animals often bring me to wonder with their level of consciousness. They talk about their basic needs, and then surprise me with gems of wise insight. They often notice what makes us happy and what makes uncomfortable, frequently giving their people advice to be happy.

In honor of Valentines Day, I ask my animals their views on love.



Serafina, gray cat, says, “Love is listening to someone even though you do not feel like it. Love is being open to being wrong so that you can learn and grow with someone.”




Luca, medium poodle, says, “Love is finding friends that you enjoy playing with and love is learning when you are hurting someone and stopping it.”




Makia, white cat, says, “Love is being comfortable. Love is making sure others are comfortable. Love is compassion. Love is taking care of yourself and eating good food that will make you healthy.”




Bean, black bunny, says, “Love is helping someone through their fear. Love is being patient and kind even when you are in a hurry. Love is noticing when someone else is having a problem and taking a moment to ask if they are okay.”




Stormy, Aussie dog, says, “Love comes from the center of your heart. It is calm and caring. Love is feeling safe and comfortable in someone’s presence. Love is a sense of trust. Love is magical, because it can heal old wounds.”




Seamora, blue and gold macaw, says, “Love is welcoming someone into your home even though you weren’t expecting them. Love is feeling safe. Love is speaking quietly and calmly.”


Jubilee and her new friend Jose

Jubilee and her new friend Jose

Jubilee, young horse, says, “Love is being excited to see someone. Love is talking. Love is communicating so that you understand each other. Love is being grateful for what you have.”

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How To Listen To The Animals

Watch Your Mind

Thought Television

Saturday, February 9, 2013

People receive telepathic communication from animals in about four different ways.

1. Images. Images can flash into your mind’s eye. It can be one picture or it can look like a film. For instance, if a dog is telling you they like string cheese, you will see string cheese in your mind’s eye.

2. Feelings. Sensitive people very often pick up the feelings of others in their own bodies without even realizing it. If the person next to them is feeling anxious, they too may become anxious. Animals can send these feelings to us to help us understand where they have pain. All of a sudden, your stomach or your shoulder may hurt when you are near an animal. It may be their pain reflecting in your body.

3. A sense of knowing. Some people just know what their animal is thinking and feeling. They can’t explain it. They just know.

4. Words. Some animal communicators hear words in their mind when an animal is talking to them. This is the main way that I receive messages from animals. Somehow my mind translates the images in my mind, feelings in my body, and a sense of knowing very quickly into words. It sounds as if I am whispering to myself except it has a subtly different feeling to it. It doesn’t “feel” like it is coming from me.

The average animal owner can receive messages telepathically from animal companions. It just takes the knowledge to recognize that a thought, image, or feeling in your body was not yours and came from your pet. Often it is so clear there is no denying it. But more often than not it is very subtle.

A person must do a lot of self-exploration in order to be extremely accurate. You must study your mind and body and constantly be asking yourself, “Where did that come from?” It is like tuning a radio dial. Once you know the station your animals are on, it becomes a bit easier, but even for an experienced communicator the lines can get blurry. You must be dedicated to exploring your thoughts. The thoughts in your head can come from many sources. Below are a few.

1. It can come from the animal.

2. It can come from your own associations or assumptions. For instance, your dog hides when there is thunder outside so you think say your dog is telling you they are scared of the loud noises. This may be true, but it could also be the electricity in the air or other reasons.

3. It can come from you reading your animal’s body language, rather than the animal telling you.

4. It can come from a higher power or a guide.

5. For people who study the occult, or dabble in other psychic realms: It can be a spirit tricking you.

So how do you start knowing which is which? Dissect your mind. Pay attention. Always ask yourself where that thought, image, or feeling came from – not just when you are with the animal but all the time.

When you are standing in line at the grocery store, what are you thinking, feeling, and seeing in your mind’s eye?

You will start to notice things. Like on your drive to dinner, you were feeling really good and energetic but when you got to the dinner table and sat next to your friend’s husband you all of sudden felt depressed and lethargic. Perhaps that is not your feeling but his.

Or maybe, when you are falling asleep at night, all of sudden you see an image of your dog’s water bowl raised. Where did that come from? Perhaps your dog wants you to raise his water. Did you have a feeling in your body when you saw that image? Does his head, neck, or back hurt when he bends his neck down to drink?

You can also free-write. I love this exercise. I have been doing this with my animals since I was a little girl. You can ask your animal a question and then for six minutes just write. Don’t judge what you are writing or correct spelling, just write, and at the end of the six minutes, read your writing. In there will be thoughts from both you and your animal. Which is which? When my childhood dog died, I wrote a letter to my dog and then I wrote a letter from him to me. I know I channeled him in that writing. It can be a very powerful experience.

Meditation and yoga are also wonderful ways to free your restrictions and start knowing your mind.

The most important thing is to have fun with it. There are times when watching your mind is exhilarating and extraordinary as you watch your consciousness grow. Other times, it is frustrating, such as when you find again and again the same negative thoughts, or when you realize that an event that happened 30 years ago is still bringing up unhappy feelings. But the more you acknowledge your mental processes, and start focusing on what you want to learn, the more the “negative stuff” is weeded out.

Your animals will help you with this. Ask them to send you images, thoughts, and feelings. Sometimes you have to be clear to your animal about how you want them to send their thoughts.

Makia, my 17-year-old cat, is extremely tough. She has a very high pain tolerance. This year, she had an infection in her jaw but I did not know it. I could tell that she was not feeling well, so I asked her, “Makia, how are you feeling.”

“I am fine.” She responded.

I knew she was not fine, so I asked again.

“Mom, I am fine really. I am just tired.”

But I could see it. She was off and her eyes looked like she was in pain. I asked her, “Makia, send the feeling in your body to my body.”

She did, and it hit me hard. My jaw hurt so bad that I didn’t think I could open it. I felt dizzy, feverish, and nauseous. Makia was in the car to the vet in minutes and operated on the same day.

Why didn’t she just tell me? She doesn’t want to worry me, she doesn’t want to go to the vet’s, and her pain tolerance is high.

Experiment with your animals. Ask them to send in different ways. Know that they do not have to be looking at you. They can multitask just like us. Tell your animal to send you the image, feeling, or thoughts over and over again. Tell them to be really clear.

If you don’t get anything back, know that it is possible that you maybe trying too hard. Its okay: Your mind will save the information you receive and play it again when you are more relaxed. It may pop up when you are in the shower, meditating, or falling asleep. Pay attention when it does.

Have fun with it. Now go watch your thoughts and talk to the animals.

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Pet Psychic Radio 2-07-13

Animals Talk To Their People

Resentments, Trust, and Health

On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio: Anita-Shepherd Retriever mix is with person’s grandpa. Popsickle is back. Teja black lab tells mom “Stop crying”. Wednesday the cat teaches his person a lesson. Layla staff terrier updates us on her new adoptive family.
Doug the white terrier mix tells us about why he gets sick in the car. Joey the cat went to the vet after Laura said he felt dizzy last week.  We get and update.
Storm King says “everyone should trust themselves.”

We listen to pets and their people and find answers to these questions: Will our animals see us again after they die?  Is there such a thing as a walk in?  Can a spirit switch spaces with a being who is already living? Do are pets hold resentments to us after they die?  Why are training and boarding situations hard for a newly rescued dog?  Do animals always want to find a diagnosis to their illness.  Do animals believe in positive thought and prayers? and more…

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:

Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio
The Late Teja & Her Brother Buddy

The Late Teja & Her Brother Buddy

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Animals, Dying, Death & The AfterLife * Vlog #6

Stories of my animals and their passing.

All you should know about

animal death and dying and the afterlife.


Part One:  Laura tells us about her animals and their amazing stories around death.  (I am not sure what you will all think of these stories.  Would love some feedback.)

At 27.55 Part Two Starts (Feel free to skip to this part.)

What to tell you animal before they pass.
How you will know they are ready to go.  
What to look for after your animal passes.  
How are animals come around us after they die.  
Why dreams are hard for them to appear in.
Why you should trust and acknowledge signs of our deceased animals.  
Who meets our animals on the other side.  
Can our animals be with us in heaven.  
Are with them in heaven?
If our animals were scared of people and dogs will they be ok on the other side / heaven?
Do animals learn on the other side and much more…


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Money and Animals


Is It from the Angels?

I spend more money on my animals than on myself. My animals get the best of everything. They have the best veterinary care, with routine blood work; the best herbal doctor, who sees mostly humans; a massage therapist; pet sitters/dog walkers; and the best food and supplements on the market.

Often my clients’ animals will talk to me about their people’s finances. “Tell my mom she should stop worrying about money. Her grandparents are proud to help her get through school,” one calico cat said to me during a session. “Tell my dad he spends way too much money taking other people out to dinner. Let them pay for their own dinner.” A Jack Russell terrier once spoke. I am curious about what my animals think about how and where I spend my money? So here I ask them, “What do you think about all of this?”

Makia, my pure white cat, says, “Well I think that you could spend half the money on the pet food that you do because we don’t eat all the food you put out. Some brands are bad. I think you should just feed us the raw meat. I also think that if you saved money you could go on your Africa trip. I know you don’t like to leave us, but I think you need to see wild animals where they are happiest. Also, if you enjoyed your money more, you would like earning it more.”

Serafina, my gray cat, says, “I think you should grow your own food so you don’t have to spend so much money on vegetables. When we have medical issues or a an operation, I think that you should say thank you to yourself for being able to make enough money to help us when you need to. I don’t think people should ever complain about taking care of their animals. I also think that our doctor deserves the money you give him because he is smart and caring.” (Serafina needs to go in for mouth surgery next week. – update.  Her surgery went well!)

Bean, my bunny, says, “You spent a lot of money on flying me to New York and back, and I want to say that money was very well spent. I also want to say that I think buying my vegetables is money well spent, because it makes me healthier and my carrot tops are for free. I think that if you saved more money you would be happier because you could buy a piece of land and help more animals feel loved. When you spend money on your own food, I worry about you, because I don’t know if the food you are eating is the best food for your body.”

Luca, my young poodle, says, “I think that when you spend a lot of money to help animals, the universe makes more money come to you so that you can help more animals. I think that people should respect money and count money so they can say thank you better to the universe. Money is helpful to do things that you love to do. If you save it, then you can use it to have fun and help others.”

Stormy, my Aussie, says, “I think that when something doesn’t work out for you, you should return it instead of giving it away. I also think that if we saved more we could be in a house with land. I think money is important. I am happy you spend money on us, but I think you spend too much money on us. I say this because I don’t need this ultrasound today, because I know I am healthy and I don’t care what the doctor says. (Stormy is getting an ultrasound today because of elevated liver enzymes.) I also want to say that I think you are scared of making money because you had people that took advantage of you and stole it from you in the past. I want you to know that I know you will never let that happen again. I also want you to know that you should value what you do, because you talk to animals and people wouldn’t understand their animals without your work. There are a lot of people that give a lot and then feel tired and sad afterward. Seeing others suffering is hard on the heart. Money is angelic reward. It is the angels saying we know that you are doing good; now you can afford land where you can refuel to do it all over again.” (I have been looking at land to buy and thinking how expensive it is in SoCal.)

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Big Boy

Big Boy

When I told Big Boy that he needs to wear a collar so that people know he has a family

he replied, “My hair cut says I have a mom and dad.”

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Lily's Last Picture

Lily was 4 years old when she dies.  She says from heaven,

“I would like to come back to my mom because I feel like my mom and I are a big part of each-other and I feel like life is fun. I was not old and hurting and ready to go. The old lady said to me not to worry that there are many lessons that people need to learn and I am helping them learn the lessons. The vet and the vet techs needed to learn a lesson.”

Lily sadly died during a routine teeth cleaning.  The old lady she mentioned is a woman that met her Lily the other side.  This could either be an either an ancestor of Lily’s human family or an angel of some sorts.  Often when a being passes there is some lesson to be learned.  Perhaps the animal hospital had to learn a lesson or a vet tech needed to experience death for the first time, the list of lessons is endless.  Lily in heaven may or may not learn why exactly she had to pass early.  The longer our spirit resides in heaven or on the other side the more knowledge comes to us.  Perhaps she will know in time.  She also can come back.  Just like she says.

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During a pet psychic phone consultation session. Africa relayed this message to her person,

“I want to tell my mom that here I can see her and I can tell her which way to walk if she stumbles. I feel like I left mom a lone and I dont like her feeling lonely but I want her to know that although I miss her in body I dont feel the intense loneliness because I can feel my mom as strong as if I was in life with her. My mom has a strong connection to this side and here on this side my moms spirit is really healthy and it jogs a long side of me when I run and she washes my face here with a cloth and she kisses my forehead and she holds my paws and legs when we are sleeping and she strokes me. I live in that place with her all the time.
I want her also to know that her intelligence is really accurate and bright here. IT means that here she is never nervous about what she is going to say or how it is taken. It is very clean and my mom has a pure confidence about her.

I want to thank her for holding me and I want to tell her that my death was not frightening to me. It was a lifting out of a body that was getting heavier and heavier when mom saw my body rotting in a dream I tried to show her the brightness of the air and the cleanliness of spirit but it was hard to show. Like a fast moving birds (small, fast agile, birds).

I feel like I do want to come back to mom but I feel like I still need rejuvenation. Well I have a imprint of my left elbow and the back of my neck hurting on the right side. I want that to all go away. I want to come back but my spirit needs to rejuvenate a little bit more. I had this thing that I did to my mom where I moved my head forward to her and gave her a little lick. It will be like that. Yes, I will be very young. I think that I would like to be a similar breed but I would like to move faster. I would like to be able to fit more places.

I want to tell my mom to let go of some of her anxiety. Sometimes it holds her back from moving forward. I want her to know that she is loved by a lot of people and sometimes in-order for her to get around her own head she needs to write in a journal for more than ten minutes. the first ten minutes she is just getting the junk out of her system then her truth comes in. There is a man. I want her to know that she is valued by him and he feels very secure around her (younger brother – sweet looking).

I want to tell my mom that her sister is laughable friend. It is a great time with her sister but her brother needs her because he is really sensitive.

I want to tell my mom that I am with her every day and if she just takes a moment to breathe and feel the air she will notice I am around her. she may feel me in the air like heat first and then I go straight to her heart. when she feels pain in her heart tell her I am healing it and there is love and abundance on the other side of that pain.
Tell my mom that our love will always live on. And I will be with her again (in body.).”

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This was written a week after Maia died…

Maia a few months before her passing

I had thought that since Maia was old, ready to go to heaven and that I could talk to her that this would be easy.  It really is not.  There is more room on the bed, which I find awkward instead of relaxing.  Feeding of the animals takes half as long because I don’t have pills in cat food meatballs to feed, syringes of aloe, and long conversations of “Please.  Why wont you eat? You are wasting away”.  Maia was over 90% wild.  She was as domesticated and calm as a high percentage wolf dog could be.  Strangely our lives are drastically different.  Places that are not suitable for me to relax and not pay all of my attention to my wolf dog are now opened to Stormy to accompany me.  He has lingered off leash in town, at the beach, to the dog show, and at the stables as Lilly the filly gallops in the arena. I hear Maia.  She has told me she is learning about wolves and about people and why she hated to go into town.  She learned that calculating all the stimulation was not fun for her and it was hard for her to act appropriate/domesticated when strangers came to close.  Maia was well behaved but she was trapped between two different worlds.

I feel her licking me when I cry, or poking me with her nose when I am not paying attention.  I see her running and digging at the beach and pacing around me in circles in the mountains.  I hear myself tell my clients about their animals, “You may think it’s your imagination but it is not.  Believe it.”  “Mom, I am never leaving you until I come back to you.” I hear over and over and I remember how when Lala, my dog before Maia, died I prayed for her to come back and how I looked for her.  Maia informs me, “Lala never wants to come back.  Mom, she is happy and busy here.  She helps so many people.  She is done with Earth.” I want Maia back badly, but I am way to busy for a puppy.  Maia says, “When it happens the timing will be perfect.”

Storm my Aussie says, “Maia is only gone from her body. But her spirit runs beside me.  Sometimes I am jealous that she is young again.  I am exhausted from all the fun things I have been doing.  The car is the hardest because I am alone sometimes and have no one to talk to.”

Makia my cat says, “Maia has talked to me and she has told me that it is remarkable that we were friends considering she was such a large part wolf.  She told me she is sorry for hitting me too hard with her nose or when she used to chase after me.  She says I should stop fighting with Serafina because when you get to heaven all the reasons that you fight with others don’t make any sense.  She also told me that I will not need to be brushed everyday to have my body feel good because there is not extra fur there or any pain.”

Joey my oldest cat says,  “I feel a little less safe because she was our protector.  The house feels empty even though we all are still here.  I have seen death before but this time I feel a little lonesome.”

Serafina my youngest cat says, “I see Maia laying in the front yard sometimes.  That is something she was not allowed or ever wanted to do.  When I asked her why she said she is practicing for when she comes back as a dog.  She says she practicing not caring when non-threatening beings walk by.”

Bean my bunny says, “I miss that giant dog.  Sometimes I see her spirit. Once she asked me why I eat hay.  I didn’t know what to say.  I just like it.  She said she would find out for me why bunnies eat hay.  I am still waiting on that answer.  It is hard not knowing what to do with sadness.”

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More On Maia’s Passing. No Particular Order…

On the car ride home, Storm my Aussie sat in the front seat and Maia’s dead body laid peacefully in the back seat.  “What did you think?” I asked Stormy.  He replied, “I think it was more scary for me than it was for Maia.”

“Did you feel her spirit leave her body?” I asked.

Storm replied, “Mom, I thought ‘what is this beautiful feeling?’ and then I realized it feels like Maia.” Then he asked, “Mom will anything else use her body?  Will another spirit take it over?”

I explained to him that her body was old and dying and that is why her spirit had to leave.

Later on that night he told me that he had seen “a gray foggy staticy entity try to enter into Maia’s body.  It scared me.  Maia’s spirit growled at it and then I zapped it with my brain until it went away.”

Before we buried Maia I took her body home so that Joey, Makia, Serafina (the cats) and Bean the bunny could all get into the backseat of the car and see her body without her spirit.  This, I feel, is very important for the other animals in the family to see.  They all remarked that “Maia looks like she is sleeping?” Serafina had told me earlier in the day that she did not want to see Maia’s dead body because, “One time I found my kitty friend dead in the bushes and she smelled bad and her skin was mostly gone.  It was terrifying.” I made Serafina see Maia’s body so she would know that is not how you look right after you die.  Serafina says now,“I feel good that I saw Maia’s body at rest because now I know that you don’t always have to die with out anyone loving you and taking care of you.” Now Serafina says, “Maia tells me she is wonderful and I should be better friend with everyone because I will feel sorry I wasn’t after I die.  I miss her so much.  She had the best energy.  She taught me it is important to watch the rhythms of nature.  She said that if I start to recognize natures patterns I will be able to know when it is the best time to catch a bird.” I have to remind her we live in a no kill zone.

Bean the bunny remarked, “I was wondering why you took me out to the car and then I saw Maia and she looked like she is sleeping and now I miss her staring at me when she is lying in our room.  Maia was my giant dog friend and often she would tell me that wolves usually eat bunnies but she knows better so I never need to be afraid of her.  Now in spirit she tells me that I must let mom tame me more and the more I listen to my mom the more I can run around the house and sit on her lap while she is on the couch.  Maia still cares about me now even though she lives far away in another part of air.”

Makia has said to me, “Maia has talked to me when she is gone and she told me that it is remarkable that we were friends considering she was such a large part wolf.  She told me she is sorry for hitting me too hard with her nose or when she used to chase after me.  She says I should stop fighting with Serafina because when you get to heaven all the reasons that you fight with others don’t make any sense.  She also told me that I will not need to be brushed everyday to have my body feel good because there is not extra fur there or any pain.”

Joey tells me, “Mom, I want to go and join Maia.  My eyes hurt from the seizures and I can not see at all anymore.  My neck hurts and I can no longer play with out feeling dizzy and nauseous.  Mom we are still family whether I am here or there.  You can let me go now.” I tell him there is no way he is going and we are going to get him better and I can not handle another animal passing.  I have seen it many times before animal after animal in the same family leaving the psychical world one after the other.  He says, “Maia says that she will meet me there.  Maia says that I can come back as a child if I want.  She says I am very wise for a cat.  She says that you will be OK.  I think I am going to die in my sleep in a couple of days.”

We all know Maia was in a great amount of pain.  The house is different.  It is not just the empty space but it is not having something wild anymore in the house.  The sun rise and sun set go by with out much of an event.  Feeding time is not governed by when the pacing in the house starts.  Everything is more domesticated.  Maia was a very docile domesticated wolf that slept a lot in her old age, but even that energy gone is a huge change.

I can hear Maia now saying she wants to come back to me.  Saying she wants to be an Aussie from Stormy’s family.  She says I need someone to run with.  I want her back but need some time.  She says it maybe soon but it will be perfect.  I fantazize of having her and Stormy as puppies.  She says it maybe sooner.

Stormy says, “mom, I want Maia back too and if she comes back as a young puppy what ever it is we can handle it.  I miss her but I know she is ok.  I know where she is is really special.  Right now I want to mourn her.  But if I see her again, I will know it is her.  I am sad right now.  Life has already drastically changed.  I thought I would enjoy my freedom and it is nice to be able to go to more places but I miss her company.  I miss her insights.  I miss her.  That is really hard.”

I remember times when I thought that when Maia died I wont have to spend so much money on meat, that I can lift all the rugs off the floor and it will be easy to sweep that I will be able to go downtown with Stormy that I wont have to worry about her health all the time.  Now all that stuff seems so silly.  I wish the carpets where still there and I had Maia walking around and had to give her all her supplements.  But I know she is at peace and she doesn’t want me to feel guilty of those thoughts.

Last night my friend Jim had a dream of Maia running in an open field playing with a Charub baby.

My little angel.

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Maia’s Passing

Storm and Maia last year

“Mom, I am ready to go.” Maia, my 14.5 year-old wolf dog, said to me one day.  “I want to hear it three days in a row.” I replied.  Day 2. “Mom, I am ready to go.” I was stalling and replied, “I want to have your picture taken. Can you wait?  It will be on Day 4.”  Maia agreed saying, “I would love to have our photo taken. I want to be in your book that changes the world. That I can wait for.” On Day 3, I avoided the subject and I said things like, “I don’t mind lifting your hind legs so you can walk around.  We can do this for years.  I don’t care if you poop in the house.  I am just glad you are pooping.  Maybe we will try the heavy muscle building pharmaceuticals.  Maybe that will help.”  Day 4. Stormy (my Aussie), Maia and I meet Grace, the pet photographer, at Griffith Park.  A coyote scavenges for food in our general vicinity.  Maia and Stormy walk side by side.  Maia smiles and looks in the camera.  She tells Grace, “I can tell you capture everyone’s soul.  Thank you.” Grace says she hopes Maia lives longer.  I say she probably will.  On the car ride home I hear, “Mom, I got my picture taken, now I am ready to go”.  I cry.  That night I take her to my friend Caroline’s so Maia can eat horse poop.  At home Maia says, “That was a perfect last day.” Then she asks if her doctor can be the one that euthanizes her.  At 4:15pm the next day, I drive her to Carpinteria to a park by the beach.  Our appointment is at 5:10.  “I have been to this park before” she says and refuses to get out of the car.  “This is perfect here,” She says about the blue comforter I laid across the dog beds in the back of Jeep. “I am just going to tell the doctor, ‘I am not moving.  This is where you have to do it and tell him thank you for being my medicine man.” Storm and Maia ate cat food and my friend Jim brought them a hamburger.  At 5:30 Dr. Otto gives Maia the sedative with Stormy lying beside her and her head cupped in my hands.  As Maia falls asleep, for 15 minutes I send her telepathic affirmations about how perfect she is, how brave and conscious, and how she has overcome so many obstacles.  I tell her I owe all of what I know to her.  I tell her I love her.  I tell her to drift out of her body and that we are connected by a golden ribbon.  To my surprise I can still hear her. She tells me of dog friends she is seeing.  She tells me she loves me.  She tells she is scared.  She tells me of the golden ribbon and how she is no longer frightened. Right before her soul leaves her body she says she sees my grandmother holding a gigantic beef bone.  She says my grandmother is telling her that her teeth will not hurt her when she eats it. Storm and I feel her beautiful strong soul lift and engulf us accompanied by a gentle breeze.  We are sad.  We take her body home so her three cats and bunny (Joey, Makia, Serafina, & Bean) can see her body then we wrap Maia in a white sheet and bury her at Caroline’s pet cemetery.  There Maia once said, “Here it feels like heaven.”

Remarkably, I can still hear her now.  She is very distant.  She says she can watch us but she is not yet allowed to come closer.  She says it is amazing that I can hear her.  She says of the others that she is with that their loved ones on earth cannot hear them.  Maia says she is learning. When I feel bad for times I got frustrated with her or feeling like I could have done more I hear her faintly say, “None of that matters.  You were perfect.” She tells me, “I will always look out for you.”   She tells me she is reviewing parts of her life.  She looks at the abuse, the wolf in her vs. the dog, how she has known love, and how she feels “smart” in heaven because she had a human that could talk to her and could hear her thoughts.  She says she is learning quickly and is moving up dimensions.  She assures that in a few days she will feel closer. Here on earth, my animal family and I are so grateful that we can still hear her, but the empty space in the house brings us often to deep sadness.  Maia in her physical form will be missed greatly.  I am so honored to have been her caretaker.  Maia, we miss you and love you.

Maia and I * Oct, 1 2007

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Maia Passed Away Peacefully

Maia Has Journeyed To Heaven

Maia has made her journey to heaven peacefully on the full moon early evening of 08-24-10.  We all miss her terribly.  She said she had a “Perfect Last Day”more of the story later…

Thank you Jim, Caroline, Dr. Otto, Grace, & Arthur for all you have done for me and my animal family during Maia’s last days.  With much love and gratitude.

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Here is the story of Maia and the Eddie’s Wheels cart.  In less then one month, Maia makes a rapid decline and had to be helped to heaven.  My feeling is the cart played a huge part in it.  This is our story:

It starts off in late July:

Outside of the cart Maia has limited use of her hind end.  Her muscles have atrophied and her toes turn over.  She is wobbly but she gets around with some falls.  Her front end is strained but still pretty strong.

I received the cart on Thursday from CARE in Santa Monica.  To make a long story short they tried to send me home from there with the cart not fitting correctly.  I was very concerned Maia would be injured in it and insisted on calling Eddies Wheels.  The people at CARE where nice but had no idea how to fit the cart properly.  We (care and I) sent Leslie at Eddie’s wheels pictures and video of Maia in the cart and then Leslie told us how to readjust it.  When I got home, I called Leslie again because I still did not feel comfortable with the way the cart was moving and she gave me further adjustments.

It is almost impossible to get Maia in the cart as a single person.  I have to lift her hind all the way up and down into the saddle.  If Maia struggles a little bit I am worried I am going to hurt her badly.

The cart is heavy for Maia to pull.  It bangs back and forth (sideways) on her while she is walking.  When her hind legs are in the stirrups they make her hind go in an awkward position and throws off the balance of the cart throwing the weight on her shoulders.  The wheels are at a very strange tilted angle.  When Maia comes out of the cart she can barely walk.  She is hunched over and tilted drastically to one side.  It takes about four hours for her to be able to walk normally or walk at all.  Her back is also in pain from trying to keep the cart from not banging into her.


Video of Maia walking in Cart Day 4:


Video of Maia walking crooked after getting out of cart:


Video of Maia walking Day 2 of cart:

Video of Maia Walking in Cart Day 1.  This is how CARE wanted to send us home before I said I wanted to call Eddie’s Wheels:

At one point I was worried the wheels were going to run over Maia’s legs.  You will see this if you watch closely.  The bars are slanted and it is not tall enough for Maia.  This forced her body into a hunched position instead of being straight.


Video of Maia Talking About Her Cart:

EDDIES WHEELS REFUSED TO TALK TO ME! Carole was helpful in the beginning but then Leslie the owner never called me.

ON SAT AUGUST 21TH I paid a canine physical therapist that works closely with a veterinarian to work with Maia and I and the cart.  She brought her engineer friend.  They worked with us for 1.5 hours and thought they had it fitted correctly.  Since everything is welded they adjusting height to the finest measurements and added cushion.  They were very caring and concerned.



Maia’s Last Day






I had the fully Counterbalanced Cart for Maia.  It is for dogs that have serious physical problems and will be degenerating.  It was not supposed to be as heavy as it was and it was not supposed to cause her as much pain as it did.  I know with all my heart Maia was not worse than the dogs they describe.  Maia’s cart damaged her.

From Eddie Wheels:  All standard carts can be upgraded to counterbalanced by the acquisition of new axles, brace bars and a support strap. For pets with serious forelimb deficits will remove up to 40% of the weight borne on the front legs.   For dogs with advanced DM,  cervical IVDD, osteo-arthritis.


If you are looking to buy a cart:

Do not spend your money on Eddie’s Wheels. Custom fit is not better.

They have a no refund policy which means they will not help you.

And if you beg for help they say it will cost another $150 or more.

What I learned:
You have to lift a dog high to get them into the cart. This can create great pain in the spine if issues are already present.

Very difficult to do alone if you have a big dog.

Yoke may poke dog on the side if dog struggles/wiggles a little bit.

The saddle can be very tight on the pelvis and is not always welded at the right angle.

Saddle needs more cushion.

The cart is heavy for dogs that are weak in the front end even though I purchased “counterbalanced”.

The front strap pulls on the shoulder too much. Similar to a “easy walk” harness. Which is working against a dog that is trying to move forward.

If Maia moved fast, this cart would lose balance and sway from side to side making the wheels come off the ground. I was afraid it would knock her over.

The side rails would slam into her side as she moved. Which created a great amount of stress on her spine and the muscles on her side. I would like to have seen them padded.

I would also like to see a belly strap on all older dogs carts. This would give extra support on the delicate spine.

This cart can come with stirrups. When I placed Maia’s legs in the stirrups (I was careful to follow directions) the weight of the cart would be thrown forward and rest on Maia’s shoulders. Making it impossible for her to walk forward with ease.

If I put her in this cart for 10 minutes she could not walk for 4 hours afterward and when she did she was crooked from the cart banging into her.

Many dogs that use these carts muscles are in the beginning stages atrophy. The muscles get bruised from the slamming.

The company will tell you that this pain is normal when they are getting used to the cart. I believe that if the cart was a good design Maia could be more active in it, making her more tired. But her pain was from bad design and a bad fit.

Maia was measured and fitted by CARE in Santa Monica, CA. One of Eddies Wheels Authorized facilities. I paid an extra $150 for this service. This did not guarantee a custom fit.

I was very unhappy with this cart and with the customer service.

* I would like to offer my pet psychic services to any other company that would like to know how their pets are feeling in their carts. I would like to honor Maia by helping other dogs. This offer stands know matter how much time goes by.


When I contacted Eddie’s Wheels to tell them about Maia’s passing.  Eddie’s wheels was insensitive!  I received this email:

From: “Leslie DeGraff-Grinnell” <leslie@eddieswheels.com>
Date: August 30, 2010 2:20:53 PM PDT
To: “‘Laura Stinchfield'” <laura@petpsychic.wpengine.com>
Subject: RE: from laura stinchfield

Our sincere condolences on your loss.  Unfortunately, had we been informed that Maia had a heart condition before we accepted your order, we might have advised against purchasing a cart.  However, you neglected to give us her entire medical history.

As you can see days after I ordered the cart (after the weekend – and way before the cart even got started being built) I wrote this email to Eddies Wheels telling them about Maia’s heart:

from:  laura@petpsychic.wpengine.com
Subject:     from laura stinchfield – ordered cart for maia GSD / wolf
Date:     July 10, 2010 7:16:39 PM PDT
To:     leslie@eddieswheels.com

We talked on the phone the other day about a cart for my gsd / wolf Maia.  I was at Care in Santa Monica.

Maia’s weight alarmed me!  I believe it was 62lbs (at her prime she was 115lbs).  Because of it I took her to my regular vet.  There she weighed 69 lbs (still alarming) and got diagnosed with a heart problem. I am going to try and get some weight on her.

A few things:

1.   I wanted to let you know about the weight.  I dont know if it makes a difference.

2.  Also we walk a lot at a grassy / dirt park and on dirt roads.  So it is important to me that Maia has wheels that are easy for her to walk on that terrain.  see below

3.  CONDITION:  Maia’s hind end is deteriorating rapidly.  Her hind muscles have atrophied and are virtually non-existent.  Her front end is very strained from pulling around her hind end but she is still strong in the front end.  She has started to compensate with her front by bowing her elbows in and her paws out.  She is amazing with her torso and can shift her body to catch herself going down a few stairs or if she goes to fall.  I am worried about her front end lugging around the rear much longer.  Her left rear is worse.

She has been diagnosed with that heart problem but she still has stamina for a 20 min walk twice a day.  Though now only on grass because she is dragging her hind so much and they will bleed.  It looks neurological with the flipping of the toe.

4.  How long do you think it will be?

5.   Please contact me when her wheels have been shipped.

Thank you!  We are very anxious 🙂  As I am sure all your buyers are.

All my best, Laura


Here is Eddie’s Wheels letter to AMEX when I tried to get my money back.  They not only mock me as a pet psychic but they also say:

“Caring for a disabled animal takes work and commitment, and despite our guidance and tutorials, Ms. Stinchfield is now too helpless to lift her dog into the cart and use it.”

Now if they think “I” (a Professional Pet Psychic, Animal Trainer & Behaviorist)- who dedicates my whole life to the welfare of animals is too helpless to help my dog use an Eddie Wheel’s cart, may I ask what about the average pet owner?  And exactly what “guidance” are they talking about?



Laura Stinchfield Has Been Featured On/In:

Laura Stinchfield Has Appeared In


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