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hyperthryoidism in cats

Dairy / Update on Joey Joe & His Hyperthryroidism

Since Joey has decided to go off the Methimazole he has had one big seizure and one small one.  The big seizure was different then his last “drunken episode”.  This one was a tilt and ticking of the head and scratching at his face.  He made his lip and chin bleed.  As you can imagine, …

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Joey Joe & Hyperthryoidism

During the time that Maia, my wolf dog, started her transition to wanting to die my 15-year-old cat, Joey Joe, was having kitty seizures.  These look like episodes of drunkenness.  He would stagger, lose his balance, become ravenous and then fall asleep.  These seizures even caused his retinas to detach.  Joey has been diagnosed with …

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