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Banjo is back

Do our animals reincarnate back to us? YES!

This is Banjo. He died in July at 7 years old.


The man in Heaven is his person’s father. Often our relatives meet our animals on the other side. They did not need to know our animals in life in order to meet them in Heaven.

The new puppy is Banjo reincarnated. He is pictured here meeting his person again.

The Puppy says, “I know my mom (person) from her smell. I know my mom from all that she is. Its like I could feel her coming to me and when I saw her I was not surprised. I feel like my wisdom is deeper than my behavior….Mom, I want to tell you that when you bring me home, Banjo and me will be with you and your wont be lonely anymore. I know this to be true. I know this to be true”

Reincarnation is extremely complex but it is not rare. Often times our animals find us again.

* note in the pictures that in one photo his person is touching his ear and in the next photo he is touching his person’s ear.  The first photo may be one of his person’s favorites.  So the universe creates the opposite to happen in their first photo.  When our animals come back, the universe gives us little clues and confirmations.

For more information on reincarnation or to order a private session speaking with your pets click on the order-services tab in the toolbar.

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Laura’s Family Quote Of The Day


Stormy says, “Being productive is about thinking about what you want to do. Then doing it with love and your full attention.”

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Radio Show Testimonials!

Gav Meets Cowboy

New Friend

Hi Laura,

I called in on your radio show about my horse Sultan, now Gavilan. He had some issues with donkeys and communication with a mustang. Well this weekend I put him out with 3 other horses and the little red mini that he asked to be out with. He took to the 17.2 hand Oldendberg gelding quickly and followed him around for 2 hours! The big gelding took him under his wing and showed him the ropes of turnout in a small herd. When the Oldenberg dropped to roll Gavilan was right behind him, copying what he did. He was so relaxed and calm with his new friends. At one point Gavilan and the gang were in the far corner looking up in the top pasture and talking to the herd up there which included a donkey. That donkey’s ears were twitching back and forth but Gavilan only backed up a few steps behind the Oldenberg but did not take his eyes off the donkey and did not panic. THANK YOU for talking to him about his communication skills and helping me with ideas about helping him become more confident. It was amazing to watch him interact with other horses. He has only been a gelding for a year and a half and was a stallion for 10. As you know, stallions don’t get socialized with other horses for the most part. I will try to download a pic or two of him and a couple of his new friends.

Thank you again…you are awesome.



Cats Now Getting Along 🙂

Hi Laura,

Wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Eli and Bella are doing. It is amazing the difference in Eli since you spoke to him last week on the radio show. He is trying to be very careful on how he “touches” and several mornings I have woken up to Eli gently licking Bella and she was loving it!
I have also caught them playing together and Eli instead of jumping on her like he did before, he jumps then jumps away so not to be too aggressive. He still has some moments when he “forgets” and when I scold him he either lies on the floor with his head down or climbs under a chair to hide. He looks at me as if he is embarrassed for his behavior. I mentally say to him “remember what Laura said, you are not smarter than everyone else” and that everyone needs to get along in “harmony”… Thank you so much for your assistance and helping everyone (including myself) see things a lot clearer

Thank you again,
L. R.

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Buddy & Sonny

Buddy & Sonny

Buddy the Tabby and Sonny the black talk talk about love…

Sonny says, “Of course I know my mom loves me.  I think love is when you care about someone’s needs as well as you own.  I think love is being patient while the other works out a problem. Love is the feeling of contentment when you snuggle up with someone.”

Buddy came into the house after Sonny lived their alone with his person for many years.  They had issues at first but they worked it out.

Buddy says, “Love is what Sonny and mom have for me and I have for them.  Love is knowing who is going to feed you and knowing someone will miss you if you get lost.  Love is music.  Love is playing.”

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Empathy For Elephants

I have been brought to streaming tears watching the two videos that American Defenders International (ADI) have released of the company Have Trunks Will Travel allegedly training and handling elephants inhumanely, although the company denies it. Have Trunks Will Travel supplied the elephant, Tai, for the movie Water for Elephants, which was, ironically, about the mistreatment of a circus elephant.

Here I talk to some anonymous Asian elephants that reside in the U.S. about how they are treated.

Elephant #1: “I have learned that people are different than elephants. Elephants care about each other. They care about their feelings and their state of health. People do not care about each other or other species. When they abuse us by poking us and hitting us we have damage to our bodies. We have ringing in our ears from the electricity. We have throbbing in our heads and sides from the deepness and intensity of the bull hooks. We have pain in our chest and genitals from the abuse. People are not kind. We are gentle to them because we know the pain they can inflict on us. Some say they love us but their love comes with pain. Elephants do not love the same.”

Elephant #2: “I have gone almost blind from all the shocking they have done to me. They have stuck electric prods up my ears and pounded me on my head. I cannot see well. They beat me when I miss a step. When visitors are close they stroke my trunk as if they love me. They are cruel. I only know sorrow. When I rest my head in one of the younger trainers’ hands she thinks I love her, but I am really praying she will help me and take the suffering away.”

Elephant #3: “I once knew a human that was filled with love and would never abuse an animal. There is something in a human’s eyes that go angry and cruel when an elephant does not understand. I know there are people speaking out for us. But where are they? Why are they not here?”

Elephant #4: “I have been sick inside for a long time. I have witnessed and endured so much. Just a few people have stroked me gently. I came into this world knowing that people do not understand animals. They abuse us in ways that give me nightmares. We are smart. I understand why elephants go angry and kill their trainers. I understand it because sometimes I have dreams of hurting them. But I am not brave enough to follow through. Where would I go?”

Elephant #5: “It is hard to find joy. They do not even allow us to hang out with each other. The oldest human teaches the other humans to be cruel. The humans may come in with love but the older one destroys it in them as he destroys any sense of comfort we may have.”

Elephant #6: “I hope that everyone who cares takes us away from our abusers and puts us at sanctuaries where we do not need to work or be forced to do tricks that hurt our bodies. I feel a mass amount of people who care. I know there is a better life. I can see it in their thoughts. Please help us. Please take us away. The abuse has not stopped. We are still suffering. It is worse than everyone thinks. Do you see happiness in our eyes? Elephants know how to express joy. We are unable to experience happiness here. Please help us.”

News Cast Of Have Trunks Will Travel Alleged Elephant Abuse:

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Lorenzo says from heaven, “Pappy is here in heaven too.  He running in the wind and loves laying in the flowers.”

Lorenzo person says that Pappy is another one of her late chows and Pappy’s ashes are covered with flowers..

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I asked Bunny why he sleeps at his persons feet and he responded, “It is warm and soothing. Sometimes I imagine her feet are another bunny and we are both bunnies together.”

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Moxi is doing great!

Dear Laura,
we feel very grateful for the time you spent with Moxie. We have felt closer to her and I believe she feels closer to us. Amazing news, since you both spoke- she uses the bathroom outside! There was one accident, which was at night-  it was not a worry.

I have been speaking with  Moxie and visioning things to communicate. I had an experience early in the morning of Moxie barking to get my attention and then she turned into a big dog barking in my dream, I was sure Moxie was trying to tell me she needed outside to pee. I got up- she needed out.

Because she is potty trained, she is able to be in the house and we are all enjoying her personality more and her delightful ways. Your gifts have helped us bring this family closer, thank-you so much.

You asked about a quote- please use any quote you think works best to promote what you do. I picked one- but I trust that you will find the one that is most helpful to animals and their owners.


“I get nervous in my body where I cant think about what I want to do.  I like to be smart but sometimes I have a hard time finding that part of my brain. I’ll ask my brain a question and I cant always find the answer.  I ask my brain how not to be nervous or what I should do.”

We will look forward to speaking again. I have told so many people about you- they have asked for your name after hearing about this experience.



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Nittany says, “My family now talks to me all the time and when they come home they wonder where I am. I feel like I have heaven in my house.

I like my dad he makes the kids laugh. I like laughter.”

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Pet Psychic Radio Show 6/23/11

You can also get our podcast “The Pet Psychic Show” on Itunes.

This week we talk to Aloha – a dog who was kicked repetitively for barking at a stranger at her local park, a cat who mysteriously disappeared 9 years ago, a dog who pees on her persons bed, a cat who has a visitor and this weeks featured guest Pierce a beautiful German Shepherd – He talks about what his old owners use to do to him, why he has the scar on his muzzle and what kind of home he would like.

Click on Arrow To Listen To The Show!


Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio

This Weeks Featured Adoptable Pet

Pierce – 2 year old German Shepherd



Pierce is not for the faint of heart. He is a very intense shepherd with a strong prey drive. No small dogs, no cats and no kids for this macho male. Clearly, who ever had Pierce before we rescued him from a shelter treated him very harshly—he has a burned impression of a muzzle on his face and this scar will never disappear.

Pierce requires a very experienced handler who does not intend to interact with a lot of smaller animals or kids. Someone looking for an overprotective dog, or someone reclusive would be his ideal human. He has shown NO aggression toward people at all—quite the contrary, he is athletic and affectionate. He is bright and will learn with leadership, but he is headstrong and athletic as well. We have enrolled Pierce in an intensive one-on-one training program to help him get off to a fresh start, and he is learning some agility moves, too

For More Info on Pierce or other dogs available at

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

Click Here


Thank you Shawn for bringing Pierce on the show today and for all that you do!




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Fred says, “I actually think I am many lives old. I think mom and I lived together a long time ago in a place that was Buddhist.  I feel this cause I feel my mom is very connected with breath and with being mindful. I feel like I knew that with her. I almost think we were temple cats.”

Fred has since transitioned to heaven.  May he soar with the angels and visit his person in every breath she takes.

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BobKitty says, “I will tell you something about my moms bad news. Its not bad news, it just words. Words don’t have to mean anything. You can choose to not hear them. “ (His Mom/person had just found out that she couldn’t have a baby)

Bobkitty was picking fights with Boots another cat in the house, so I asked why.

“Boots didn’t want me to be here and I have never forgiven her for that. If Boots becomes my friend where do i put all the toughness I have? Maybe I could play? I don’t like to hunt as much as I used to. But, if there are people who can hear animals then I must be able to change and be nicer to Boots. I will try. “

From Boots & BobKitty’s person! No fights since we talked in November! Thank you Laura!

Great job Boots, BobKitty and Milissa!

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I asked Boots if there was anything she’d like to tell her person about life, and this was her response:

“Sometimes the world spins around and you dont really like where you are but it keeps spinning and eventually the scenery changes and you love where you are. So, some times you wait and sometimes you just turn around and look somewhere else.”

I then said to Boots, “Wow Boots, you are very wise!”,

to which she responded, “I am wise, aren’t all cats?”

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Maia is back… Energy Flows Both Ways

My animal family and I have decided to keep the six-month-old poodle. His name is Luca, meaning light in Italian. It is hard to imagine that my Maia, a 115-pound wolf dog, would come back as a 30-pound poodle.

In the wilderness I am a bit worried that Luca is coyote/mountain lion bait, where Maia was my protector. When Maia was around we had certain rules around the house to keep the neighborhood safe from her unpredictable (for a mere human) behaviors. The dogs had to wait on the front porch until the hatch of the Jeep was up and I gave them a sign to run and enter the car, and when they got out of the car they were under strict orders to run across the driveway, across the front yard, and up to the front porch to wait for me. Stormy, my Aussie, is not aggressive, so since Maia’s passing I have been more lackadaisical about this rule with him. But Luca does it naturally, still following this routine with prompting from neither Storm nor I.

When I look at Luca out of the corner of my eye, I sometimes see Maia smiling. But I still miss my wolf-dog. I don’t know what I expected from reincarnation, but it is bittersweet to me. It is a wonder they can come back to us, but I wish they lived longer in their bodies.

I ask my animals, “What have you learned about reincarnation?”


Serafina, my youngest cat, says, “I learned that if you suffered in life, when you come back to life you can come back more playful and with no pain in your body from your past.”



Joey, my oldest cat, says, “When you come back you forget memories of your old life. It must be odd when others remember you, and you don’t.”


Makia, my whitest cat, says, “I learned that in heaven you can become more tame. I believe Maia did a lot of work in heaven to come back the way she did. I am proud of her, but I also miss her old self.”


Bean, my bunny, says, “Sometimes when Luca looks at me I see Maia. I remember being your bunny once before. I believe his memories of being Maia will come back to him slowly.”


Stormy, my 12-year-young Aussie says, “I have learned when you come back you have to start friendships all over but they grow faster. You have to learn to trust each other again. Maia learned how to be happy around people by watching me in her old life. She brought back that wisdom into her new life as Luca. I see my friendly eyes in Luca now.”


Luca, the new poodle, says, “I vaguely remember places and people and I greatly remember being agile. When I came to this family I instantly felt more smart and aware. If I lived with you before, I hope I remember. There is an angel around me that says that I will remember my old life and my life in heaven when I am a little older. They say I must have new experiences first. I feel special but I also feel young compared to the other animals in the house.”


Maia in heaven says, “Every moment the family enjoys Luca I feel more vibrant. Every time Luca learns something I too have more wisdom. There is a flow of energy between us. Right now it is mostly only directed one way. Luca’s experiences flow to me. It is too early to let my wisdom completely flow to him. I have been integrated with all my past lives. I remember them all. As Luca lives, my higher self becomes greater. Once he has a solid basis of learning and being an individual in the world, my life as Maia and all our past lives will integrate more with Luca in your world. Luca is me. I am Luca. This is our path toward enlightenment, awareness, and expansive consciousness.

“I do laugh when I see how he is not that familiar with the forest. Mom, do not worry. I will make sure he remembers to listen, smell, and see like a wolf. All things in time. I will be back even more.”

How strange and wonderful for us all. Maia stretched my awareness in her last life; it seems she is my greatest teacher in her new life as well.

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Taz says from heaven, “I am glad I died the way I did. It was as if a rose came down from the sky and lifted me up in its petals. Though the rose smelled like a meat I like. Hamburger. It was really nice.

Heaven is the sort of place where you can be home and rest while you start to understand what is happening. I have a place here that if I go into shock about where I am I can go to sleep and rest.  The place looks like mom and dads bedroom.  I can live in the house the way it used to be when I lived there and that gives me moments of a break.

I will always love my mom too. We will always be connected. Mom I promise we will be connected. “

Every animal / being enters heaven in a different way.  Taz was carried by a rose smelling like a hamburger.

Sometimes when animals are not fully prepared to die they find themselves in a realm in heaven that looks and feels remarkably like their home on earth. Often at this realm there are mirror images of their humans.  I like to think that this is our higher power or our over-soul comforting our pets.

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Pet Psychic Radio! 6/16/11

Some of the animals we spoke to in this weeks radio show are a black standard poodle whose puppies went missing, a dog about his pain level, a young male Savannah cat about why he bites the female cat in the house and Sadie our featured pet for adoption.

We also talk to Bean my bunny about what she thinks of Bunny agility youtube videos!

Click on arrow below to listen to the show!

Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio


Featured Adoptable Pet SADIE:

On this weeks show Sadie answers the question, “What do you think is causing the pet overpopulation crisis in Los Angeles?”

Sadie is 5 year old pitbull weighing about 70 pounds. She needs a home! Sadie could lose a few pounds, but she is an energetic, sweet girl. She needs a bit of leash training, but generally walks pretty well on a leash. She’s been without love for a long time (in the shelter for three months and in boarding for a month) and longs to hang out with a human. She gets along very well with medium and larger dogs and all people. Sadie was rescued from the shelter with her best friend/companion, Bella, who is a 1 year old partially sighted mixed breed. They were apparently raised together prior to being at the shelter. If you are looking for a pair of dogs to adopt, look no further!

Sadie aka Peaches


Sweet Sadie introduced by Phillip Gharabegian

You can meet Sadie at Animal Advocates Alliance Click here for more info and to see a video of Sadie!

Phillip, one of Sadie guardians, speaks of the Jason Heigl Foundation. Click here for more information







The Video Ai (my co-host / producer) sent for Bean to watch.


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Is Our New Puppy Maia Reincarniated? Day 2

Maia, my late wolf dog from heaven, told me that she was coming back into body. She told me where to find her, how she would be cared for, when she would come back, and what she would look like. I found the pup. He is a six-month-old poodle. He is smartest six-month-old puppy I have ever worked with. In two days, he is housebroken, walks on leash, and knows the commands “off” and “wait.”

Though he doesn’t know he is Maia, and after two days of having him home, my animal family and I are confused. We are tired and torn. We don’t want give back “Maia,” but we want to be happy. He has a lot of energy for this older household, and he takes me away from work. We have until Sunday to decide. Here my animals tell what they think:

Stormy, my 12-year-old Aussie says, “I like him. I think he is very intelligent but it is hard to have him in the house because he plays with all my toys, wants to eat my food, and is always following you around. He is faster than me and it makes me feel old. Sometimes I think he is Maia, but it makes me sad that it is not the Maia I used to know. It is a different dog, but I see her in him. It makes me miss Maia even more. I don’t want him here cause it makes me feel old like I am going to die soon.”

Joey, oldest cat, says, “I think it is definitely Maia ’cause when he runs around he reminds me of Maia but more graceful. I can hear Maia saying she is him. I think we should keep him, but I am going to stay up high until Serafina, Stormy, and you train him not to bother me. It’s Maia. I see it.”

Serafina, youngest cat, says, “I am not sure what to think. Maia was more intense and I had to look out for her teeth, and this dog runs away from me when I hiss at it. I have to hide a lot because I am worried that he will open his teeth; but he doesn’t. I think we should keep him because if he is Maia and Maia becomes more conscious in that body, she will be very sad we gave her away. What if we want to come back one day? We wouldn’t want you to give us up just because it is hard and confusing in the beginning.”

Makia the cat says, “I think that it is Maia and that it is going to take us time to get used to her in a new body. I keep getting scared he will hurt me, but I have seen that he has not hurt me. It is strange because he doesn’t talk to us like he is Maia and that is very sad to me. I can hear Maia from far away and I want to hear her from in his body. Will that happen?”

Bean says, “He does not look anything like Maia. Maia was much bigger and Maia chased me sometimes and also lay with me sometimes. When he barks he makes me nervous, but when I am outside with him loose, I feel safe. Maia knew more about nature. He just knows about the house. I’m fine with him being here as long as he is quiet.”

The puppy says, “I want to stay here really badly. I have been trying hard to be good. I think that older dog is very wise and I want to be like him. I didn’t know animals could talk so much to each other. I feel like they know me and I know them but I don’t know how. I wonder if this Maia was smart. I don’t know how I could be one dog and then another. How does that work?”

Maia, from heaven, says, “There are many parts of our soul. He is just one part of mine, but we are all connected. If the part of my soul that is “Maia” goes into his body, I will have to bring the fears and territorial wolf behavior in with me. Right now only the best of me came back into that dog. He has to grow and experience life in a new way, and then I can be more integrated. It is truly me inside that dog. I am scared you are going to give me up. I am scared that you all don’t love me. But I can see it is strange. The more he is happy with you, the more me as “Maia” is happy here in heaven. It is like we feed each other. I am in my over-soul. Please trust the process. Stormy and the cats and Bean will be okay. Please trust that it is me.”

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Do Animals Reincarnate?

Hi Laura,

A question that haunts me: Do animals choose the circumstances they end up in just like humans do before reincarnating?



– – –

Let’s ask my animals this question.

Makia the cat says, “I am not sure if I choose it or if it was chosen for me. I remember being in heaven and wanting to live someplace tropical with beautiful flowers, butterflies, and birds. Then I remember this big tabby cat telling me I had to go and meet you and you don’t live in a place like that. I remember being disappointment but saying okay. I am happy I live with you because I feel like I am wiser than I would have been anywhere else, but I still wish we lived somewhere tropical.”

Serafina the cat says, “I don’t remember heaven, but I bet I did because when you found me, I thought, ‘There is my mom. She’ll take me home now.’ So I am sure I did choose my life. I don’t remember choosing being thrown out of a car but it led me to you so maybe I did.”

Joey the cat says, “Yes, I remember it well. I said I want to be brave in this life, so that big tabby cat Makia talked about said to me, ‘Then we will put you in a home with crazy kids to create fear and then we will put you in a good home so that you can become brave.’ I am very brave now. I also remember deceased human spiritual masters telling me that I would teach people that animals have thoughts and feelings. They said it was a big job.”

Bean the rabbit says, “I don’t know why I would ever choose to be treated roughly by people. That sounds ridiculous. God must have been mad at me. I am sure I chose to live with you—someone that gives me treats and salad mix every night. Every moment I choose to be grateful and trusting rather than nervous and scared. Maybe I chose the first experience so that I know the value of trust and gratitude.”

Storm the Aussie dog says, “I remember looking at people and choosing you. I remember talking to a being about living with a wolf dog and being her teacher. I remember how the angels told me I would be a dog that would help many beings smile and feel complete. I know I chose my life. I didn’t choose every experience because I think we all have free will when we are here, but I definitely chose my life and what I would learn and give during it. I always strive to make others happy. That is my job. You have to make wise decisions once you are here.”

Maia wolf dog from heaven says, “I have chosen all of my lives. The reason why I chose to be beaten and abused during my past life is because I had to learn that someone would not give up on me and that I could transcend anything. It was a test in faith and perseverance for my person and myself. I had to endure a great amount of suffering so that my spirit would know great pain. My spirit needed to know this so that in my next life I can spread hope and the image of a much greater life for those who suffer. My person had to experience that as well. We may not choose every incident, but we choose our general lessons. Storm is right. Then it is up to us to make wiser decisions and grow—otherwise our suffering will continue for lifetimes. It is important to value good teachers and your own inner strength. Our lives once we get to earth are we what we make of them.

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The Return of Banshee

by Donna C. (Cobi & Beemer’s Person)

For those of you who are curious about reincarnation in dogs I am passing along revelations from my recent experiences with Laura……….

Banshee, my dear friend’s 7 year old black tri aussie, passed away unexpectedly this past March.  Banshee was an amazing dog.  She was the only dog born from her mother, Molly’s, first breeding.  No, there were no others that were stillborn, she was THE only puppy.  Banshee, however, possessed all the talent, personalities and craziness of an entire litter, within her strong, agile body.   During her lifetime she became an agility champion and produced many champion show dogs, agility, service, therapy dogs and wonderful pets.

About a month after her passing I brought a picture to Laura and asked if she could contact Banshee.  The first thing Banshee said was to tell her owner that she did not get sick from being attacked by a wild animal (something her owner suspected, but that I did not share with Laura).  She said that it was her time to go because she had other work she needed to do and that was to help other dogs who did not have all their legs working.  She said that there is a little handmade blanket on the bed and that when her owner holds that blanket she will be holding Banshee.  Finally, she said one of her daughters who looks like her will now be in charge of the other dogs.

I called my friend and told her what Laura said.  Sure enough, there is a little handmade baby blanket that Banshee slept with on the bed in the master bedroom.  Banshee would not let any of the other dogs on the bed, but since she has passed, her daughter, May, who looks like Banshee, now sleeps on the bed and has assumed the alpha dog role.  I asked her if she knew any dogs with leg trouble and she said there is a dog with 3 legs they do agility with, but that Banshee didn’t really know that dog.  Banshee is a service dog, so it is in her nature to be helpful to others.  My friend was happy to know that Banshee was not attacked and that she is doing something helpful.

The following month I came back to Laura with my dog.  He had torn his ACL and was facing surgery the following day.  He was very depressed and upset about spending another summer laid up, as we had just been through this procedure with his other leg exactly a year earlier.  After his surgery we went back to see Laura and my dog told Laura that Banshee has been with him though his entire ordeal and that when he is feeling weak and discouraged Banshee gives him strength to get through it.  My dog has had an amazing recovery and is weeks ahead of schedule from this time last year.  A few weeks later my dog said he still sees Banshee and she told him she is ready to come back, maybe this time as a silver colored dog.

Banshee’s daughter, May, produced a litter of pups on July 5th.  I was going to see Laura to check in on my dog’s progress and asked my friend if there was anything she wanted me to ask on her behalf.  She said that the Ski Patrol at one of the resorts in Colorado has requested a puppy from this litter and said to ask which one, if any, would be the best candidate.  I never really got around to asking that question.  Instead, I asked, since Banshee said she was ready to come back, if there was any chance that she may be in this litter just born.   It took what seemed like a long time for Laura to answer, but when she did, in a rather confused sounding voice, she said that there is a black tri male with a white right paw and on it’s behind, not where the tail is there is a crescent moon shape.  I said, that doesn’t make sense because Banshee wanted to be a silver colored dog.  Banshee said that this dog has a much stronger more powerful body and she is happier there.   I asked if that is because she is going to be the dog to go to the Ski Patrol.  She said she wasn’t telling because it’s going to be a big surprise.

Thoroughly convinced Banshee was in this new litter and destined for the Ski Patrol I anxiously called my friend.   I didn’t tell her I asked about Banshee.  When my friend said there was no pup fitting the description Laura gave my heart sank in disbelief – Laura is never wrong!  My friend cautiously asked why I wanted to know.  I told her Banshee said this is how she is coming back and that it will be a surprise.  My friend said, wow, this explains a lot……..

Banshee has a daughter they call “Cue”.  Cue’s name is “Behind the 8-Ball” because when she was a puppy she had two white spots on her hips near her rear that if you looked at them together they looked like an 8 Ball.  As she matured and filled out the spots grew apart and turned into little crescent moons.  This very unusual marking was considered overmarking for a black tri so the dog was not able to compete in the show ring but demonstrated an amazing talent for herding.   Cue got certified in herding in record time.  She loved it and was being prepped to compete in a huge competition.  About two weeks before the competition Cue shut down and would not cooperate.  She was suddenly no longer interested in herding.  Her personality began to change so much that both my friend and Cue’s owner said she was not the same dog.  In fact, they both commented that if they “didn’t know better” they would swear it was Banshee!  I said, but Laura said it is a male.  My friend said that Cue is very strong and powerful, and not at all feminine.

When my friend called Cue’s owner to pass along this information she asked how Cue was doing.  Her  owner said that she was trying to find something else for Cue to do since she was no longer interested in herding.  Cue had very limited agility training on a few obstacles, but not on a course. Her owner put her on a course to see if she would like to try training for agility.  With little to no direction Cue did the course perfectly, even the difficult obstacles– Surprise!!!

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