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This is Theodore.  He died at 3 years of age.  He had a severe aggression and even turned on his people.  He says about heaven:

“I have been learning a lot. I have been in a world that has both people and other dogs that are treating me well and I am learning to stop any type of reaction. Well the world looks a little like my old house.

My moms and winnie (other dog in home) can be there.  What happens is old situations are played out and I have to change my behavior and live it another way. That is one place that I go to.

The other place is new situations like the dog park and in town. I go to those places with a big strong masculine angel. The angel puts this buffer of energy around me that teaches me to think.”

I have learned that in heaven we are still are learning if we want to.  Very often our animals practice living in body in heaven.  This makes it easier on the soul when it has a body again.

I believe that our souls hold an imprint of each life time.  So it is important to keep growing no matter what realm your soul resides.  Some animals (and people) choose not to learn.  They can “just hang out”, sleep, or travel around.  In my opinion the most advanced souls want to continue growing.

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