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Winnie is two years old.  She talks about people,

“I understand a lot of what people say when they talk with their thoughts. Sometimes they talk fast and I loose the beginning so I only get a little bit. Sometimes I have to think a long time to understand what they said and then I need to ask a question.”

It is important when you speak to animals that you talk slowly picturing everything you say.  Try to hold an image for at least three deep breaths.  Make sure your thoughts do not wander to another subject.  When you talk to your pets make sure the beginning and end your talk is a clear boundary.

This is a note from Winnie’s person: 

(Laura, just wanted to tell you that at the end of the session when Winnie said to tell me to come home and we could have a group play session, Alisha said they were all playing with her with one of her cows. I think it made Alisha believe it a lot more because its something there is no way you could’ve known that. She believes, but she is skeptic. I think our sessions with you have really changed her mind though. Thank you so much. I hope, come June, your pup is back with you. From what I have read about when you share what you talk about with her; she seems so wise and caring. Im sure you’re together to help this world for the better.)

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