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Tuffey has had a hard time since Chaser, his sister,  passed away.  He says to me, “I want to tell you something. It helps to talk to you, because then I feel like now I don’t really have a problem I actually have comical life.  Chaser is just doing what is best for all of us. I am going to play more but can you tell mom and dad to sometimes get Addie to stop when she is harassing me for too long.” You can find his new sister Addie on this blog too.  She is a bundle of energy and the reason for some of the comical life!

It takes a while for an animal to adjust, morn, and recovery when another pet in the house passes away.  They can find great comfort in talking with me.  Some of them need to hear it from me to know that their animal friend is ok and that they can still talk to their friend that passed.

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