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Chaser died on 12/7/10.  She was four years old.  Yesterday we spoke to Chaser in Heaven.  Chaser would like her mom to take her dog friends on earth to the dog park.

She says, “The dog park can be found by her friend that goes there. It is a woman friend that she sees at the office. Mom you know who she is.  She really likes vegetables and has a yoga body.”

After a little thinking, Chasers person realized exactly who the person is.

Often our loved ones on the other side and our pets here on earth know more than we can imagine.  Our pets can tune into us psychically when we are away from the house and read our minds about events that happened during the day.  Our pets can know things about our co-workers even if they have never met them before.

I believe it is important to send our pets love and to explain to them when we will be home even from a distance.  They will receive our messages.

The first time I spoke to Chaser she told us about Heaven and how she got there.

“I am in a place that has every toy you could possibly imagine and it also has a feeling of mom and dads love.  I don’t want them to be scared for me or sad for me because I feel good here.  You know what happened is that I was sniffing near the gate and then the person came towards me with something big his hands and then I ran out of the gate.  I ran fast cause it clanked.  What ever it was and the noise made me scared.  I didn’t even see the car.  I didn’t see it and then all of a sudden I was floating and I thought ‘oh no’ and I went to get back in my body and this being that was like white air came and swept me away because she said it wouldn’t work to get in that body. Thank you mom and dad for scratching my chest and behind my ears.  And thank you mom and dad for wiping my face when it got gross and for making sure I am always happy.  I don’t know why I had to pass away.  I have not learned that yet.  But I am watching over mom and dad and Tuffey.  I walk with them a lot.  I spin around in circles when we are heading out the door.  I also ride with mom in the car.  I just going to make sure they are ok before I go and learn some more.  I don’t regret running out because I cant have that feeling here.  I do have the feeling of why is it so short?  Such a short life with them.  But you know what the white air being told me I will see them again.  I will live with them in many years and I believe them. ”

I think it is important for people to know that just because an animal dies traumatically it does not mean that they felt the trauma in their death.  Chaser had an angel come for her.  After their passing there is a transition period for some.  Chaser does not know why she had to die but in the future she may learn that.  It is also important to know that they can still be around us and they can still watch over us from heaven.

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