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Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind

I came across a Japanese newscast YouTube video of a Brittany Spaniel dog that survived the earthquake and tsunami flood.  There is devastation as far as the camera can see.  The dog approaches the news people. As soon as I see the dog’s eyes I break out into sobs.  The Brittany retreats back to what looks like the corpse of another dog. The Brittany sits next to this companion dog (another Brittany Spaniel).  I see a leg move and wonder if it is from the Brittany pushing at his friend.  Then, the Brittany paws gently at his companion’s face.  To my surprise, the companion dog  lifts his head.  Tears stream down my face – the dog is not dead.  He, too, is a survivor.  I cannot understand the Japanese newscast but the YouTube video headline states “Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind.”

3/17/11 7am pst

Here I talk to the Brittany who watched over his friend:

The Brittany Spaniel says, “We are both safe. I feel many people thinking about me.  I have food and water and veterinarians have treated my paws from the sores that I have.  I will tell you that for many days before the quake I felt my head hurting and a ringing in my ears.  I felt anxious.  It was so bad that my friend and I ran far away from home. That is why we survived.  I have never run away from home before, but the rumbling noise in my head was so intense that we needed to get farther away from the noise.

I still do not know if my kids are alive but I feel my mom and dad’s hands on me petting me and telling me it will be ok, so I know they are now Angels in Heaven.  There are so many spirits trapped and wandering around not knowing that they are dead.  They look for their houses and their loved ones. The animals and people who have died and crossed-over are coming back in Angel form so that they can lead their loved ones to a safer world.

I was knocked over by a wave but we scrambled up a hill and on to some debris so we did not get the full impact of the wave.  The aftershocks are frightening and there is a terrible smell in the air. The people are thinking about transporting us out, but it is taking longer than they would like.  I know I am going to be ok because so many people are taking care of me.  They are sharing their food with us.  I know they are starving and thirsty themselves.  When I close my eyes and try to sleep I hear people screaming, the ringing in my ears, the rumble of the land and water, and the collapsing of buildings.  I see faces filled with much fear.  I am brave because that is how I survive.  I would not leave my friend because my friend is the only thing I have left and he would not leave me.  Loyalty and love are what is at the bottom of my Being when everything else has been stripped away.”

This is what animals in the U.S. have said to me since this tragedy:

Sunny James

Sunny James (14 year old orange cat in Santa Fe): “There is a toxic wasteland making mass amounts of people suffer.  This is in not even funny.  This toxic wasteland that is out there in these peoples’ worlds are going to kill off species of birds. I know this for a fact because I read a spiritual newspaper that floats around in another world. I am very distraught about this.  Many species will die off. If you want to look into the ocean, you will see lots of little species dying too.”


Dante (Dog California): “I feel strange now. I feel like I can’t get it back together.  How you can say everything is going to be fine when animals and people have all gone out to sea? The sharks are eating them and the sharks are getting sick because they have never eaten them before.  There is a feeding frenzy there.  I know this because of Izzy.” (see Izzy below)


Izzy (Cat California): “I really think there is going to be a sink hole.  They are going to have problems there.  A hole is going to open up, you will see.  I heard about this tragedy in the minds of humans so I traveled there in my mind. When I got there I realized that there is so much destruction that many animals died.  The animals in the sea are very, very sick.  They are sick because the in-charge people in Japan are leaking things out into the ocean that they are not telling anyone about.  This is a serious matter and many species will die. This will affect generations of those people and animals.  It is very sad.  Our world will never be the same.  The earth will have to work extremely hard to get better.  I know this because I am wise.”


Subject: Arahama Translation

My choice of words were not so elegant but it is a direct translation of what the reporter is saying:

We are now in Arahama and we’ve found a dog. It looks dirtied and it must have survived the tsunami. It is wearing a silver collar so it must be someone’s pet. It seems a little alarmed. There is another dog. Is the other dog dead? There is another dog that is not moving. The dog is protecting the other dog. Perhaps telling us not to approach them. I cannot watch this, this is too difficult to watch. The other dog is moving. Its still alive! Seems like the dog is really sick. I wish they could get help right away. The dog woke up! This is great! Seeing these dogs survive the tsunami and earthquake is very heartwarming.

(at the end off camera you hear someone say)
Do we have any food for them?}

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4 thoughts on “Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind”

  1. That story broke my heart. I hope his friend is okay. I don’t know what I would do if such events happened here and my babies Princess and Fiona were seperared from us or each other. Keep us updated.

  2. Thank you Laura for talking with the Brittany Spaniel in Japan. As most of us we wondered what happened and appreciate you telling us. We are so blessed to have you and that you love the animals so much. Thank you Laura for being you. wanda

  3. Alene LaDelle Brown

    I am truly amazed at what the animals here in this country had to say about
    the tsunami and the earth being in such bad shape. The story of the Brittany
    tears at my heartstrings. I wonder if the second, ill dog will survive. I hope they both do and that they can have a home. LaDelle

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