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Update on Joey

Joey Joe

It has now been a week since Joey’s last drunken seizure spell.  He has been more lethargic, hungrier and needier than normal.  His toxoplasmosis test came back negative.  When my vet gave me the results he said, “So now you don’t have to feel guilty about giving your cat raw meat.”  Isn’t that the truth!  Joey has been to the chiropractor three time, he is now on medication for hyperthyroidism, and he has been to our tuning fork healer.

This is what Joey has to say, “I feel better than I did last week, but my body still feels weak and confused with itself.  I still get dizzy spells but they are not as often and they don’t last as long. I want to sleep more and can not find the strength to play with bugs which I like to do every morning.

My mom has been wonderful.  She cares so much about all of us.  When we think of dying we get sad cause we wont have her to touch us all the time.  I have two good friends in heaven and they tell me they will take care of me and show me around but I don’t feel like going there soon.

The tuning forks help to clear the bad energy out of my body, the chiropractor helps to make my body feel more stable and the medicine tastes gross and I don’t know what it does.  But if mom says I should take it to be better I will.

Don’t give up on your pet ever.  That is what I want to say to who is ever reading this.  Unless your pet wants you to.  But if your pet still wants to move and still wants to be around you than you should do what ever you can to figure it out.  If you don’t have money pray that you find some good people who will help you for little or for a trade.  That is what my mom does.  She helps other animals so that I can be helped.  It seems to work out well for all involved.

My mom prays even though sometimes she gets mad at God and confused on why he allows us to suffer.  I don’t try to figure out what God’s plan is because he is more complicated than me.  I never understand why we have hardship.  We have a good friend who is suffering with his business and this man wants to do good things with the world.  He never gets tried of trying.  I hope that he starts to see more wealth coming his way because if that happens he will make sure he makes good choices with it.

Oh my good friend Lynda did a healing on me when I went to visit her at her house.  She is really powerful in spirit.  She made my eyes be able to see better.  She also gave me a good night sleep with wonderful dreams.  Do you know all that love and the desire to help others helps more than you probably see.  I haven’t been able to tell Lynda thank you until now.  Thank you Lynda. We love you.”

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