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Update on Maia

Maia in Cart






So many of you have been asking about Maia and her new cart.  We had been so excited to receive it! Many of you have seen the password protected blog post.  I am sorry it was such a tease for you all!  I was unaware it was going to be posted on the site.  I thought it would have a private link.  It is for other animal professionals who I trust to take a look at the way Maia is moving in it.

So far our cart experience has been very difficult.  Some of our problems are:  It is hard for Maia to pull, it smacks her in the sides as she walks, when I put her hind legs up in the stirrups it throws the weight of the cart onto her shoulders and when she gets out of the cart she has a hard time walking.

Today we have spoken to the makers of the cart Eddie’s Wheels.  They were very wonderful on the phone but express that the owners are away for another week and half.  Which means Maia has to wait!  We do not know yet what is the next plan.  But for now Maia is unable to use the cart.

The other day I told Maia that maybe this is happening because we have a voice.  And maybe what Maia tells Eddie’s Wheels may help other animals.  Maia replied, “Mom, I am sorry but right now I don’t care about the other dogs.  I just want my cart to work.” What can I expect for a wolf-dog who has been dog aggressive most of her life.

On day one and two of the cart Maia kept saying to me, “Mom, I am going to figure out how to work this thing.  I promise.  I will figure it out.” She is very determined and despite her pain kept on moving.

On the night of Day 2.  Stormy, my Aussie, pawed me before bed and said, “Mom, I wish I could help Maia learn that thing.  It is so nice to have her moving next to me again.  She is telling me she is dreaming of making it run smoothly.”

Today Maia says, “I want to say that I hope those people who make the cart help us.   I hope they ask me what I think.  Cause if they ask me I have some ideas.  I think my back needs more support because it is hard to hold it the way it is in the cart.  I also think the wheels need to help me more and also my chest needs less pressure on it.

I want to say that I love your friend Caroline who helped us at her house that day.  I felt like if she was an engineer her carts may fly off the ground.  I bet they would be light as the wind.  She loved me and I thought to myself, ‘Caroline, I don’t think you have a clue about how beautiful you are.  You are so special to so many beings.  I could tell that because her heart glowed with love and she is a really smart person.  Her brain works very fast.” Caroline is the writer/creator of Edward Scissorhands.  So I bet her carts would fly off the ground.  Caroline is also the person of Evie and Lilly (the pony and filly in a separate post).  Maia is right she is a beautiful person inside and out!

* I just remember that our friend Jim was talking about how cool it would be if Maia had a cart that hovered over the ground and didn’t hurt her spine.  He talked about how it is too bad there is not an engineer that could do that for her.  Maia must of remembered this conversation when she met Caroline.


Storm says, “I want to say that it is nice to see Maia trying so hard to work that thing.  It is so odd but it would be really cool if it works.  It reminds me of a bicycle.  I hope that it gets fixed fast and then we could walk more.  I also hope Maia stays alive.  Cause it is so hard for her to get around and when she sleeps she sleeps really deep and I am worried she wont have a chance to enjoy that thing.  If something happens to her I hope some other dog can use it.  But I don’t want to say Maia wont live long.  Just every day passing seems like a long time.  I wish those people knew Maia and then they would come over and fix it fast.  Cause that is what people do for us.  I think it is because we animals talk a lot and people know us really well.  I hope I never need one of those things.”

Maia Day 2

In Her Eddie’s Wheels Cart.

trying but not such an easy ride

(turn down your volume – sound is loud at first)



Video of MaiaTalking To

Eddie’s Wheels

About Her Cart

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5 thoughts on “Update on Maia”

  1. ” I think she needs bigger wheels that are sturdier and perhaps a nice soft support underneath like a bandage thingy, so that it doesn’t pinch her shoulders…that’s what I think about that! Mr. Wiggles has spoken from across the pond!

  2. Alene LaDelle Brown

    I shared the Youtube with Mr. Solomen and also with Maia talking about the
    wheels with a friend who “would like to believe” (hmmmmoph) Dont think she’s
    convinced – sort of (to me) pat pat on the head, well that’s nice for you.
    But shes been like that before about something major, and has changed her mind. I guess I just get impatient with people I love who should just “get it”
    and believe because its so wonderful. I”ll be picturing Maia walking with ease and happy that the wheels work.

    Also both of my cats were in the room while I was listening to all of this and I’m sure they knew Laura’s voice and what she said. Sonny, the big black cat
    just jumped up on my computer, settled down immediately instead of walking back and forth to get comfy and is lying on my right arm and purring like crazy so I think he was glad to hear Laura’s voice.

    I”m also looking forward to seeing you, Laura, this Wed = the 4th. I”ll try to have things written down for you too.

    Meanwhile I send you and all your animals love and good thoughts of health.
    OH yes, Had to laugh about the comment in your blog about animals and people looking alike = yep = we ALL THREE of us need to go on a diet and lose
    weight. Laura, maybe soon(???) we can work onthat. LOve to all LaDelle

  3. I can’t believe it. Where is the damn engineering department? they should be able to fix this immediately. the owners really owe you. You are a kinder person than I am, I would be camped out on their doorstep. I just hate this, for both of you.

  4. I am stunned and saddened for Maia, who I’ve been quietly rooting for, and infuriated that the ignorant fools at Eddie’s would behave with such arrogance and callous disregard for their customers. Instead of correcting cart function so it lives up to their claims and being pleased and thrilled for very valuable feedback they would never have access to otherwise, they chose to simply ignore the problem and the suffering it causes. Not just Maia, but all the other animals who cannot use this cart without pain and their anxious owners concerned that “something isn’t right” but hoping for the best. Caring owners purchase them for the sole purpose of making their pet’s lives easier. Eddie’s lack of remedial action has made it clear they care only about making a profit from misery of others and they expect to be able to continue to do business in such an irresponsible fashion. Wrong. The world has become a very small place and the world of pet owners needing such carts is even smaller, as Eddie’s will finally realize as Maia’s voice saves other animals and owners from a similar agonizing experience.

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