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VLOG #2 ~ Meet Laura’s Animals


I introduce my five animals.

Two dogs: Stormy and Luca

Two cats: Serafina and Makia

and bunny Bean.

Hear them talk about the beach, what they smell, their lives before Laura, their relationships and hear their advice to you.

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3 thoughts on “VLOG #2 ~ Meet Laura’s Animals”

  1. Love your blogs! This one today, getting to “meet” all your animals – what a treat! I love hearing from each one, and getting a “taste” of how each one communicates with you. I realize I’ve been communicating with my cats for years. Now I am even more aware – will leave a window open for Angelo (short for Michaelangelo, my beautiful black/silver Turkish Angora lookalike with huge golden eyes.) I have been trying to decipher whether Angelo wants a younger sister, either 6 months old, older, or just slightly younger than him (5 years.) He’s VERY playful still, so I think a kitten who is partly grown would work.

  2. My Sophie, a Jack Russell Terrorist had been in a puppy farm during Katrina and she was mean as hell. I am also a Katrina euacvee and lost my dog in the storm. When I was evacuated to Arkansas, I decided to stay and I wanted a dog. I went to the shelter and there were all kinds of dogs looking to go home with someone but not Sophie. She was in a corner all by herself and very anti social. They told me that if I wanted her I would have to spend four days visiting so she would get used to me which I gladly did and then we went home. A few weeks after that I was walking her when she broke from me and ran into a yard where a German Shepherd was tied up and Sophie, knowing no better, teased him and he attacked her, picked her up in his mouth and threw her around. I could not go into the yard because he would have attacked me but Soph eventually straggled out covered with blood and broken. She was almost dead by the time I got her to the vet but she survived after a two week stay. Now she is strictly a one man hound. I remember that after I first brought her home, I was still having nightmares about Katrina and when I would wake in the middle of the night, she would look at me and I knew that everything would be fine.And. by the way, I love this movie.

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