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Eat Pray Love ~ Sweet Thoughts For The Holidays!

My animals’ wishes to you during the holidays:

Makia says,

“My wish for you that you have a home you feel safe and loved in. My wish is also that no matter how discouraged you become with life that you believe that even you have angels that are watching over you. If you lift your chin up and believe, life will get better. I have seen it with many people. So just try a little to be happier.”

Serafina says,

“My wish for you is that your heart stays warm and that when you are lonely you have good friends to keep you company. My wish is that you can find enough energy and strength to have compassion for animals and to help the world’s animals out of their suffering.”

Bean (Bunny) says,

“My wish is that all the animals of the world including humans that have been abused learn to grow out of those bad memories and learn to feel strong in the love that is around them now. It doesn’t help to hold onto those memories. Let them go and trust.”

Stormy (Aussie dog) says,

“My wish for you is that you know who you are so that you can know what your greatness is, so that you can amplify that greatness to help others. My wish is that you have peaceful sleep and good food.”

Luca says,

“My wish is that everyone has the opportunity to play everyday and there is no reason to fear. I wish that you will never need protection because the people who are around you have thoughts that are pure.”

Maia (wolfdog in heaven) says,

“My wish for you is that you believe that any space can change energy because energy is always moving. If someone tells you there is darkness in a space, just believe there are angels that can clean that up. You don’t have to pray hard. You just have to pray a little, give thanks, and believe. Everything changes. Trust that greatness can flow anywhere. Be the greatness you want to flow into your space.”

Joey (cat in heaven) says,

“My wish for you is that you allow your consciousness to grow and your feel comfortable with its growth. My wish for you is that you surround yourself with people that have something to teach you. My wish for you is that you accept love into your life and open your eyes to it when it arrives. My wish for you is that all your dreams come true.”

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1 thought on “Eat Pray Love ~ Sweet Thoughts For The Holidays!”

  1. these are so deep and wonderful! thank you for your wishes Laura’s pack! Love to you all. You have really been a big help and part of my spiritual path.

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