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Well Wishes From My Animals

My animals offer well wishes to my friend who is battling cancer. For the sake of this article, we will call him E.


Stormy, the 14-year-old Aussie, says, “I want to tell E that all day long we think of him. He is always in our minds and hearts. We and many others have been lighting a candle for him. This is important because it reminds the angels in heaven that E needs special care. I want him to know that we are all picturing him strong and healthy so he can go for a walk at the park with us soon.”


Makia, the-17-year-old, pure-white cat, says, “When you are sick, it is hard to think about your body healthy because your body feels bad, but it is important to think of your organs as clean. When you do this, smile within, and when you smile within it helps the doctors have faith in your recovery. That is very important. Your attitude helps the doctors heal you. E, I have seen your cats in heaven, and they are working very hard for you to get well. They want me to tell you that. They say they miss you, but it is not your time to see their world yet. You have many years on Earth first. That is what they are telling me. Believe it.”


Serafina, my 8-year-old cat, says, “I want to say to E that my mom has been asking angels to help you, and the angels say, ‘We hear you.’ E, I know what cancer looks like. It is dirty-looking, and it is like mold growing, but when I think of you, I think of sunlight and bright energy. I think that cancer is going to be gone fast. I think you will live long.”


Bean, the bunny, says, “I know you eat a lot of green vegetables like me. You should make sure they have no chemicals on them. Mom says you do. Then, I say, get your vegetables from farmers who love to be healthy. Know that when you eat your organic vegetables, all the love of the farmers — and even the fairies that help the plants grow — are going into your body. Know that even a bunny loves you. I say even a bunny because you have a lot of family and friends that care about you a lot, and we don’t know each other that well.”


Luka, one-year-old poodle, says, “I know what it feels like to be trapped in place where people are doing things to you that they think are in your best interest, but you are not sure. I think you should know that, when that happens, it is to teach you something about life. And when you get out of there, you will be smarter, and you will be able to play more. I know that when you get out of the hospital, play is going to be more fun than you can imagine.”

Joey Joe

Joey, cat in heaven, says, “E, we want you to know that God has not decided to take you to heaven. He just decided to challenge you with a hurdle so that you can grow. God hasn’t decided to raise you up to heaven yet. So, know that you fighting to live is a good idea. E, there are teams of people and animal angels in heaven helping you. When you feel lost and alone, know that you are not.”


Maia, the wolf dog in heaven, says, “E your spirit is much greater than your body, and when you allow your spirit to fill you up, your cancer will begin to disappear. It is already disappearing. Sometimes doctors need to learn lessons from their patients. You are going to be one of their greatest lessons. You take care of your body, and you healing will help many others heal. People are watching you, and you are amazing them. Everyone who meets you loves you. E, believe that you are better and you will be.”

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3 thoughts on “Well Wishes From My Animals”

    1. thank you for your concern! E is doing great. He had brain surgery and a kidney removed and is slowly getting his energy back. He doing much better. Thank you for thinking of him. I know that it means a lot to him and his family.

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