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Pet Psychic Radio 11/17/11

 Another great show today!

On this show we talk to a Chihuahua about why he doesn’t like to be picked up, a dog about his aggression, a woman who can not afford to get her parrot back from boarding, our rescue guest Crystal Kinham of http://www.vegaspigpets.org and her adoptable pot belly big Pumba, and always we end with Stormy’s words of wisdom.

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Date You Are Scheduled Thursday, November 17, 2011
Your Name * Crystal KimHan
Your Email * crystal@vegaspigpets.org
What Is Your Passion or Your Story
I run a one person potbelly pig rescue and placement. I received my 501(c)(3) non-profit designation in Dec, 2008 to try and gain donations to help more pigs. My specialty in helping owners understand and train their pigs before they just give up on their unruly animal and turn them into a shelter. I also run a anti-teacup pig website to try and battle the lies breeders tell to run up the prices on the potbelly pigs they sell.
Website http://www.vegaspigpets.org
Website #2 if you have another http://www.teacuppig.info

3188 Redwood St
Las Vegas, NV 89146
United States
What Do You Want Us To Mention On The Show or Ask You
What do people need to know before buying any potbelly pig, especially a piglet?
Why are pigs such specialized pets?
What is all the hype over a teacup, micro mini, pocket pig?
Name of Animal
1 year
Potbelly Pig
Pumba Needs A Home

Pumba Needs A Home
History or Story
Pumba and 6 of his piglets were taken from an illegal backyard breeder (not zoned or licensed to breed). I took him and the 2 runt piglets and another rescue took the other 4. The owner had 30 days to spay his female and could claim Pumba back, but never did. Upon exam, the vet found that he has what looks like cataracts and so does Percy, one of his piglets. Pumba is almost blind right now so will need a specialized home that he can learn to navigate but also keep him in a routine as without sight, he gets easily confused. He is welcome to stay at VegasPigPets until that special home is found, but we hope we can find him a home that he can have a friend that will eventually become his eyes. He is sweet as can be but without sight a prey animal needs the protection of his herd.
Questions You Would Like To Ask The Animal
How do you feel not being able to see well?
How do you feel when other “new” pigs come into VegasPigPets and you don’t know them? Does it scare you?
What kind of new home would you like?
Are you afraid of dogs?
How do you feel about about Percy and Pip Squeak going to a new home together without you?
Anything else?
I would like to spend some time talking about this teacup pig craze that has resulted in so many pigs coming into our rescues and sanctuaries because they have “outgrown” their homes and didn’t stay as small as promised. I have run my teacup website on behalf of rescues and sanctuaries nationwide who are so frustrated with the lies but try to put the well being of the pig first. Space is already at a premium and if people would not fall for these lies, breeders would have to stop breeding! A regular pbpig breeder maybe gets $50 a pig, put a teacup in the name and they can get $1000 – $5000!



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1 thought on “Pet Psychic Radio 11/17/11”

  1. Great show, as always. Even though I’m working during your call in time I learn a lot from your show. It’s been very helpful to me and my dogs, thanks for the great tips and inspiring thoughts.

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