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Animals pick up the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and images that are in our minds. I have noticed my clients becoming better at communicating ideas in the positive to their pet. For instance they will say, “When you meet Grandma, we are happy when you have all four paws on the ground,” instead of saying, “Bad dog, don’t jump up on Grandma!” The first expression shows your animal the desirable behavior accompanied with a good feeling. The latter will have your dog confused and thinking it is okay to jump up. People are starting to truly understand this concept.

But what are you thinking when you are not talking to your pet? If you want your pets to be well behaved, happy, and healthy, it is imperative to watch what is playing over and over in your mind. When Maia, my late wolfdog, was young she was extremely aggressive to other dogs. I would walk out of the house with this concept on repeat: “I hope I don’t see another dog. Oh gosh. I don’t know if I can handle it. She is going to act crazy. I hate having a crazy dog. Why couldn’t I just adopt a well-socialized dog? This is hard. This is no fun.”

Maia and I Oct, 1 2007

This thinking not only made me more nervous, but it also caused Maia to be more aggressive. One day I was tired of it, so I switched my thought process. I began to say, “If we encounter another dog, we can handle it. It is a good opportunity to teach Maia to be confident. I have her on the right equipment. She is safe. The other dog is safe. I am prepared with the treats she likes to work for. We are going to have a peaceful walk.” To my surprise, each outing became enjoyable almost immediately.

Right after Maia died, Joey, my cat, got sick with hyperthyroidism. He told me that he would rather die than be on the pharmaceutical drug, because of its side effects. Holistic vets around the country told me there is no natural cure for hyperthyroidism. I tried some online natural products. He had a little relief but then got worse. I got scared and started thinking, “Joey is going to die. He is too young to die. Look at him. He is suffering. He is throwing up all the time. He is so uncomfortable in the early morning. His heart is racing. What if he has a heart attack? I can’t just watch my cat suffer like this.”

Then one day Joey said to me, “Mom you make me nervous when you think like that. Please stop. I am not scared to go to heaven and maybe I will live long. Maia cured herself of cancer.” Without delay I started thinking differently. I would catch myself whenever I went into fear-mode negative thinking and switch to positive thoughts. I now say, “Joey’s body is healthy. It is calm and well balanced. Joey feels well and happy. We have the best remedy to cure him.” It has been almost a year now and Joey is healthy, happy, and stable on a herbal remedy.


Although positive clear thinking is extremely powerful and a necessary element for change you must also do your work. Maia needed to be trained for her aggression to be peaceful around other dogs, and Joey needed some modifying of his herbs to become completely stable.

If you watch your thoughts, create positive images and feelings, and then become active in moving forward toward that new way of being, you and your animal companions will have a more joyful, healthier life together. Try it.


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5 thoughts on “WHATS ON YOUR MIND?”

  1. Cindy Condran

    Laura, this is such a great reminder of the power of our thoughts and the energy they carry with them. I’m struggling right now with our St. Bernard, Sierra, as she has been diagnosed with bone cancer and amputation, the only viable treatment for this disease, is not an option for her. I’m doing better each day, but sometimes the sadness overcomes me. She’s such a sweet spirit and loyal companion. Your reminder, however, will help carry me through the days to come with a more positive and joyful outlook. Thank you for everything, Cindy

    1. Carolyne Holland

      I read what you had to say about your sweet St. Bernard. We too, had our beautiful “Katie-Girl” (also a St. Bernard), who passed with cancer of her spleen. Thanks to Laura, we learned (from Katie-Girl) that her spleen was important to her overall health and did not want surgery; for it would have been a terrible ordeal for her. She later thanked us for not putting her through that. Laura was an amazing comfort to us and we’ve spoken to Katie-Girl since, who is happy on the other side. Whatever you decide, I wish you love and peace. I’m sure Sierra knows just how much you love and care about her…

      1. Carolyne, thank you so much for the kind and supportive words. I am confident that we are doing the right thing.
        Love and peace to you and your loved ones as well.

  2. This morning I woke up and my sweet pug Horatio was walking funny. Of course I was freaking out and had all sorts of negative thoughts. I got him into our vet straight away. He got an adjustment, acupuncture, and herbs. We arrived home and saw your newsletter. Perfect timing! I am now trying to keep my thoughts positive and calm to help his recovery.

  3. Carolyne Holland

    OMG….Laura….this newsletter could NOT have come at a better time. “Dilko” (my 12 yr. old Great Pyranees/Lab Mix — SWEET BOY) was just diagnosed (4 weeks ago) with hyperthyroidism and is now on meds, twice/day. I have noticed that he seems to be way more anxious and “clingly” on occasion. I’ve resorted to sleeping (sometimes) on my couch, with him on the floor, by my side, to bring him comfort. I have been thinking, the last 2 weeks, that his behavior might be due to the meds and I am concerned. Also, he has not lost any of the weight our Vet was concerned about (which prompted the blood test). He has an appointment with his Vet next week. I intend to inquire, more in depth, about his meds and their side-effects. Thank you so very much for your post and newletter info. on this matter. As usuall, it was VERY helpful.
    All my very best to you, girl,
    Carolyne Holland
    (Grass Valley)

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