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Why Astro pees outside the box & how Phyllis got Astro to speak for her!

Phyllis (in back) & Astro

Astro has people who adore him!  Trust me I am sure of it!  When we asked him why he is peeing outside the litter box this is what he said,

“I pee because I am not sure if they love me.  Can I ask my  mom to sit with me everyday.  When I yowl in the morning I feel like it is time to get up and I don’t understand why they are sleeping so much.  I saw a raccoon once.  And another cat.  I want a window open so I can smell.  I like my sister a lot but she is the perfect one.  No it doesn’t hurt my knees to get in the litter box.  I am bored.  If I pee outside the litter box sometimes I feel like I am really cool.  I feel powerful sometimes.  Can you ask my sister (Phyllis) if she would like to look out the window with me during those times”

This is from an email that their people wrote me aftewards.  This is how I know they are adored!

“He has only peed once- it was the usual way, on a shopping bag that had fallen on the floor…but he hasn’t again fingers crossed there.

We have followed your suggestions!  We are telling Astro everytime we get a chance how handsome & perfect he is… we’ve rearranged our deck, added the hummingbird feeder, attempted to buy a bird bath but we are having trouble finding one, surprisingly- but not going to give up there….we do think it was Phyllis who was telling you all of these things though, as she is the one who constantly is looking out the window & would LOVE for Astro to sit with her!

During the consultation we only talked to Astro.  Sometimes what happens is that the other cat in the home tells the one with the consultation what they want so that they get heard as well.  Astro must of been saying what Phyllis wanted.  Good friends these two kitties!”

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2 thoughts on “Why Astro pees outside the box & how Phyllis got Astro to speak for her!”

  1. Maybe that’s why I peed on the floor when I was in high school…I was just trying to be cool. Lol! J/K!! Great post, but it reminds me of when I see human beings reprimand their animals harshly for misbehaving or breaking the house rules. Sadly, people pass animals off as stupid when they usually have a reason for everything they do. I wish more people were aware that animals are sentient, complex beings.

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