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Zanny was diagnosed with Cancer in his Jaw.  He made up these affirmations to help himself heal,

“I love life and it loves me.  Energy is abundant and I accept all that I am able.  My doctors have faith in their new way of thinking.  my mom and I are courageous and we do fun things.   My body feels strong and healthy.”

Zanny also said,

I want to say that I have known that something was seriously wrong for a long time but I am very grateful for all that mom is doing. The doctors can be discouraging because they feel so guilty and bad for me. They feel guilty because they feel like modern medicine causes these problems. They do put me on that medicine because they dont know what else to do. They are helpless but I feel like my mom and I are not helpless. I feel like we have a lot of integrity in being. Yes, it means that we have this way about us that wants to live the kindness way in the world.

I was wondering could I have been bitten by something and then this caused this, cause I remember eating a long legged bug. I am sort of feeling that it is not cancer that it is poison from a bite. after we talked and after the doctor I have been thinking a lot about what else it is cause there was a dog at the hospital that says cancer makes you feel ravenous and it makes you feel like you are being eaten and I dont feel that way.

I am getting better.

When I die will I meet who every created me and gave me my body? I want to ask them why they gave me a body that had a problem. I think who ever it is needs to be there to explain it to me. I think it is important.

What will that being look like? How will I know him when I see him? I have a sense of knowing that I will grow old. Yes, i feel it. If it doesn’t happen then I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again – me get a damaged body.

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4 thoughts on “Zanny”

  1. I talk with Zanny’s mom on another list we’re on and I’ve admired her spirt in the face of a devastating diagnosis for her beloved puppy; and Zanny is still a puppy–I don’t think he’s more than about 15 months old. So now I know his Mom’s strength comes from the wisdom in her puppy–amazing! I pray for a long life together for them!

  2. Update: Zanny lived to be 9 years old without surgery or chemo. He and I worked that prayer daily. He was a gift on so many levels, even in the challenge of his health issues. Losing him last summer was crushing, and yet I still feel him with me. Thank you for the lessons Zanny, and the communications Laura.

    1. The Pet Psychic ®

      Aww Janine, Thank you for the update. You are such an awesome dog, mom! How cool is Zanny living that long?! I am so glad you feel him still with you. It’s a special blessing. Sending you lots of love!

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