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Makia wants me home!


It is the Christmas Holiday and I am in NY visiting my family.  I was due to fly out of NY the day after the big blizzard.  My flight got canceled and resceduled for three days later.  I have tried over and over to get an earlier flight home with no luck.  I am told I am lucky I got booked before the new year.  My animals are at home with the pet sitter who was able to stay a few extra days.

I tell my clients animals that if they need to contact their people while their people are away to contact them in the middle of the night.  Then when their people awake in the morning they will know something is wrong and call home.

My pets knew my flight got canceled.  Though the night I was to arrive home I had a dream that Makia, my cat, was sitting on a pillar watching me.  In the dream, and in real life, she was exceptionally beautiful.  Her fur a cleanly pure white.  The tips of her fur sparkled like tinsel on a Christmas Tree.  “Oh Makia, what are you doing here?”  I asked her in the dream. “You shouldn’t have followed me all the way here.  It’s too crowded for you”  We were, in the dream, at Westchester Country Club.  The country club I have spent most of my 38 Christmas at.

I also tell my clients that when they are away to picture the places they visit and send the images home to their pets.  This I had done with Makia and the country club a few days prior.  Makia loves to travel and see new places.  Westchester Country Club is a place of fantasy for children (and I imagine for pets as well) with its pillars, corridors, checkered marble floors, stunning high ceilings and exotic statues.

I was surprised in the dream when Makia allowed to me pick her up from her throned pillar and walk with her through the busy corridor.

“Mom” Makia says to me in the dream, “Pack up your belongings, gather up your money and come home!”

And just as she finished her statement I was awoken.

Of course I immedietly got back on the phone with American Airlines – no luck.

Makia is a creative powerful little soul.  She was able to not only reach me in a dream, but create the magical backdrop, her shimmering fur, speak to me in words and wake me up so I would remember.

She also knew the practical aspects of traveling.  The trip costs money and perhaps with out me knowing it I had sent her images of the room I am staying in.  My clothes, books, supplements and computer take up most of my parents guest room/office.  She does not want me to get to comfortable in this space.  I am still not home.  Tomorrow Makia will get her wish.

Never underestimate what our pets receive from us.  Their understanding is just a thought away.

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