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Addie – Thoughts Of A Seven Month-Old Puggle


Addie is a 7month old Pug / Beagle mix.

She said to me, “Tell my people I am going to start reading their minds now and maybe one day I can call you if I have a problem telling them something.”

I told her that it might be hard to reach me.  That my higher power has put a block up unless it is a emergency. I told her that if I did not have a block up there would be too many animals contacting me all the time and I will get exhausted.

Addie replied to me, “You should get a doorbell!”

My consultation with Addie was hysterical.  I was telling her that “the smartest animals in the world are conscious of their behavior.  They know what they are doing at all times and why.”

I was telling her that her people say she is being destructive and that she should start to pay attention to what she is doing.  She tore up the irrigation system and I was telling her that the irrigation system has a purpose and she should not destroy it.

Addie answers, “Does destructive mean finding treasures everywhere?  I think you are saying destructive is finding things that humans have hidden.”

Then she says, “I was wondering if I am suppose to know what I am doing at all times and I don’t think I do.  Where does that information go to? I lost it somewhere.  I am wondering If I store information in my head or my chest (heart).  You know what?  I love this home. I want to understand more. I thought I was already smart.  You make me a little bashful like I should hide my head under a blanket.”

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