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02. Articles / Dear Laura

Fireworks And Pets – Advice On How To Help Them

In the photo, you can see my sister’s dog Obi enjoying the fireworks.   Obi says, “The smell is obnoxious, the sounds are scary but they look happy like my kids do playing. The fireworks are wild and pretty to my eyes. They remind me of birds flying out of the bushes and autumn leaves …

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Behavioral Issues – Pain in the Body

Have you ever wondered if your animal’s undesirable behavior may have to do with pain in their body?     This article explains how to understand how your animal is feeling in their own body using telepathy / empathy.   Enjoy!      This article is published in my book Voices of The Animals.  You can …

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Animal Communication

Click Here to Schedule Appointment   During an animal communication / pet psychic session, I very often talk about Animal Communication in the form of body language. I believe that every animal owner and professional should know about how animals communicate using their bodies and how using your own body can affect the animals around …

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Every wonder if animals can have nightmares? In this post, I give you an inside look at my book Voices of the Animals.You can read about a cat who was so frightened by a nightmare that he bit his person.  What could frighten Bug so much? A CAT’S NIGHTMAREAn inside look at:VOICES OF THE ANIMALSA …


Crane Wife and This Miraculous World

First Published in the Santa Barbara News-Press 2019-06-05 Many months ago, I fell in love with a painting at the Primavera Art Gallery.   It was thousands of dollars above my budget, but I snapped a photo of it anyway.  The painting was of a small box shaped house that reminded me of a lighthouse. …

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