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Daily Routine For Wellbeing With Your Pet

I have heard that 80 to 90 percent of the thoughts running through our heads are negative, and that 98 percent of the thoughts that we are having today we had yesterday.

Animals pick up the thoughts, feelings, and images in our minds. Our thoughts greatly affect their lives. There is an enormous amount of suffering in the lives of the world’s animals. Some of us have animals that are either sick or have been abused, exploited, or neglected. Changing our thoughts in our daily lives is an enormously powerful way to improve the health and well-being of our own animals, and the health and well-being of the world’s animals.

This is my family’s basic routine. If you follow it, you will notice positive changes not only in the animals’ lives but in your lives as well. If an animal is not in your presence, you can take a few moments to look at the animal’s picture and send messages, even if your friend is far away. This will work for animals that are at shelters awaiting new people, for animals who wait at home while you are on vacation, and for animals you have seen in the news, such as the elephants that are exploited for entertainment.

1. Wake up and say “good morning” to each of your animals, whether they are present or at a distance.

2. Affirmations set the tone for the day. These affirmations were written by my two dogs, my three cats, my bunny, and myself. Repeat affirmation three times in one sitting. It takes three times to be imprinted in our consciousness.

My body is body is well-balanced, healthy, and calm.

I am strong and flexible.

I have healthy teeth, gums, skin, and fur.

I digest life easily. I always feel nourished.

My future is bright and positive.

I forgive others for my past. I am safe.

I am loving and accepting toward others.

I am brave and trusting.

I am caring, loving, and peaceful.

I am happy.

I am beautiful and useful.

I am good enough.

I have healthy relationships with my family.

I have many friends.

I calm myself and communicate with others by licking, yawning, or looking away.

Creation starts in the moment.

My family loves me.

I am right where I am supposed to be.

My life is exciting and fun.

My life is divinely guided.”

3. Do some form of exercise every day. Play with your cat or walk with your dog. While you are exercising, tell them, “This is good for your heart and for your whole body. This helps you to stay healthy.” Say the affirmation, “I am slim, toned, strong, and flexible.”

4. Play every day. Even with the older animals. It is extremely healing to smile with your pet. While you are playing say, “Oh, we are having so much fun. It is so good to smile. We are happy.” Then say the affirmations, “I love to play. I have so much fun. My people love me.”

5. Feed the best food and supplements you can, and when you feed the animals, say, “This food and these supplements are the best. They help support your body.” Then say the affirmation, “I digest food easily. My body is nourished. Thank you, food, for making me strong and healthy.”

6. At nighttime, before you go to bed, repeat the morning affirmations three times and add the affirmation. “I have had such a wonderful day. I am loved. I sleep peacefully.”

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