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Is Our New Puppy Maia Reincarniated? Day 2

Maia, my late wolf dog from heaven, told me that she was coming back into body. She told me where to find her, how she would be cared for, when she would come back, and what she would look like. I found the pup. He is a six-month-old poodle. He is smartest six-month-old puppy I have ever worked with. In two days, he is housebroken, walks on leash, and knows the commands “off” and “wait.”

Though he doesn’t know he is Maia, and after two days of having him home, my animal family and I are confused. We are tired and torn. We don’t want give back “Maia,” but we want to be happy. He has a lot of energy for this older household, and he takes me away from work. We have until Sunday to decide. Here my animals tell what they think:

Stormy, my 12-year-old Aussie says, “I like him. I think he is very intelligent but it is hard to have him in the house because he plays with all my toys, wants to eat my food, and is always following you around. He is faster than me and it makes me feel old. Sometimes I think he is Maia, but it makes me sad that it is not the Maia I used to know. It is a different dog, but I see her in him. It makes me miss Maia even more. I don’t want him here cause it makes me feel old like I am going to die soon.”

Joey, oldest cat, says, “I think it is definitely Maia ’cause when he runs around he reminds me of Maia but more graceful. I can hear Maia saying she is him. I think we should keep him, but I am going to stay up high until Serafina, Stormy, and you train him not to bother me. It’s Maia. I see it.”

Serafina, youngest cat, says, “I am not sure what to think. Maia was more intense and I had to look out for her teeth, and this dog runs away from me when I hiss at it. I have to hide a lot because I am worried that he will open his teeth; but he doesn’t. I think we should keep him because if he is Maia and Maia becomes more conscious in that body, she will be very sad we gave her away. What if we want to come back one day? We wouldn’t want you to give us up just because it is hard and confusing in the beginning.”

Makia the cat says, “I think that it is Maia and that it is going to take us time to get used to her in a new body. I keep getting scared he will hurt me, but I have seen that he has not hurt me. It is strange because he doesn’t talk to us like he is Maia and that is very sad to me. I can hear Maia from far away and I want to hear her from in his body. Will that happen?”

Bean says, “He does not look anything like Maia. Maia was much bigger and Maia chased me sometimes and also lay with me sometimes. When he barks he makes me nervous, but when I am outside with him loose, I feel safe. Maia knew more about nature. He just knows about the house. I’m fine with him being here as long as he is quiet.”

The puppy says, “I want to stay here really badly. I have been trying hard to be good. I think that older dog is very wise and I want to be like him. I didn’t know animals could talk so much to each other. I feel like they know me and I know them but I don’t know how. I wonder if this Maia was smart. I don’t know how I could be one dog and then another. How does that work?”

Maia, from heaven, says, “There are many parts of our soul. He is just one part of mine, but we are all connected. If the part of my soul that is “Maia” goes into his body, I will have to bring the fears and territorial wolf behavior in with me. Right now only the best of me came back into that dog. He has to grow and experience life in a new way, and then I can be more integrated. It is truly me inside that dog. I am scared you are going to give me up. I am scared that you all don’t love me. But I can see it is strange. The more he is happy with you, the more me as “Maia” is happy here in heaven. It is like we feed each other. I am in my over-soul. Please trust the process. Stormy and the cats and Bean will be okay. Please trust that it is me.”

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8 thoughts on “Is Our New Puppy Maia Reincarniated? Day 2”

  1. Laura, thank you for your story about the puppy! It is very helpful to me. thank you for your blog, it is always so valuable. I will e-mail you something about this in our life.


  2. “I watch you from a distance to see how to fit in when I come back”. -Maia
    How difficult this must be for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Oh Laura, please don’t give up on the poodle–if anyone can make this melding work it’s you and your animals! All of us who have gone from an old dog to a puppy go through the ‘OMG what was I thinking of?’ stage and then the highs make up for the lows. ALL of your friends and followers will be cheering/praying/hoping for your success!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I think Maia is right — to come back with the same “baggage” would be more comforting for the family but wouldn’t help her grow into a more balanced dog.

    Whether Maia is reincarnated in the puppy or not is immaterial to another (greater?) point: that *this* puppy has come into your family very, very intentionally.

  5. I’m so happy to read Stormy’s comments this morning. I really think this is going to work out for everyone…..what still amazes me is how the animals can look at a problem and imagine themselves on the other side–that’s such a blessing!

  6. just like theo said to trust that it was him in my dream; you have to try to trust maia. u don’t think we will ever be able to grasp how this all works, but you know somewhere in you it is right. I know theo will be back. you just feel it. just like I can feel and know I’m not coming back here after this life. trust yourself. you know u can hear maia and she knows more than we do.

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