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Otter is an older dog.  His people wanted to check in with him to see how he is doing and if he has anything to say to them.

Otter says, “I love mom’s gently hand massages. You can tell dad that when he talks to mom tell him to talk softly. You can tell dad I love him.  You can tell him thank you for taking care of mom when she gets upset. I am glad he can do that.  You can tell mom thank you for talking to dad and telling him what to do.  I mean helping him figure out what to do.  I would like really chewy treats several times a day.”

I always think it is special that when animals are towards the end of their life they will talk about things that they are grateful for.  Animals know that in many ways they take care of us.  They like to reassure people in the home that they can take care of each other when they (the animal) passes away.  This is what I believe Otter is doing for his people.

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1 thought on “Otter”

  1. Alene LaDelle Brown

    I listened to the show from Las Vegas = Steve = Loved it. The whole time the
    show was on my rambunctious Buddy was sitting on my computer table and
    was very cuddly and loving with me. I KNOW he heard your voice and recognized it. He stayed thru the whole show, even tho there were other voices most of the time. But he KNEW you were there.

    I read what Maia had to say from Heaven. IT was very touching.

    It always makes me feel better when I hear you, too. Love, always. LaDelle

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