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animals and the afterlife


  Penny was over 16 years old when she died! She said from heaven, “We poop golden bars that nurture the land.” Penny’s person emailed:  Thank you so much Laura. I am comforted knowing that Penny and Smitty (their other deceased pet) are together, running around and playing in the park. Penny said that they […]

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Voice Of A Laboratory Chimpanzee

There are an estimated 2,000 chimps held in captivity in the United States. These chimps are used for entertainment, invasive biomedical research, and as exotic pets. More often than not the chimps suffer in these environments. I have contacted one anonymous chimpanzee. Here we will call her Faith. Faith lived for 20-plus years at a biomedical

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Katie says from heaven, “I want to tell my people that I am happy where I am. I have been learning exercises on how to help animals with joint problems. I have been learning that people should stretch their animals’ legs after every walk. It will be helpful to the animals…. I have been going

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Contact With Joey 9/2pm – 9/4 * Diary of A Pet Psychic

As you may know, Joey my cat died on Sept 1, 2011. Late at night of 9/2 I had dreams that Joey and my childhood dog Jinx where one.  I have always speculated this.  In the dreams the feeling I had with both of them was exactly the same.  Joey was born three years after

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