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    In this picture Clovis was 19 years old. She says about her person, “I have always felt loved by him.”   Clovis has since passed away. May her spirit fly high and may her person feel her when she visits him.  Many blessings to Clovis and her dad.

Stop Elephant Rides At The Orange County Fair

Fair Meeting  March 22nd  Orange County Fair Board voted 6 to 1 to ban elephant rides at the fair – effective immediately! Thank you Alison Stanley & all that spoke!   Fair and Tender Elephants by Laura Stinchfield Animal Trainer and Pet Psychic at On Thursday, March 22, there will be a meeting of …

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Are Animal Communicators the Same as Pet Psychics?

There is an animal communicator who teaches her students and generally broadcasts that that an animal communicator and a pet psychic are very different. She claims that all animal communicators talk directly to the animals, whereas pet psychics may get some information from the animals, but, according to her, they all also talk to spirit …

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Laura’s Animals On Love

What Is Love? It’s Good for Everybody   I ask my animals, “What is love?” Here are their responses: Storm King, my 12 year-old Aussie, says, “Love is when a human notices an animal is suffering and does something to make the animal happy. Like telling them how wonderful, smart, and brave they are. It is important to …

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Serafina my cat says, “Love is when everyone learns to communicate with each-other in way that helps build a relationship strong.  Love is knowing that when there is a problem you are probably a part of the problem too.  Love is learning to let go of angry feelings in-order to feel better. Love is also …

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