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Pet Psychic Radio 12-27-12

Previously Chained Dogs Run Without Being Held Back &

Boston Terrier Makes Us Laugh

On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio: Christmas Eve with Farm Animals. Madeline the corgi mix from tells her person from heaven that is ok to get another dog and why.  Laura talks about how she receives our pet thoughts in words.  Robin Budin of Dogs Deserve Better DogsDeserveBetter.org and RainbowRescues.org joins us with rescued chained dog Reeba the golden retriever and friends.  We find out why Junior the terrier mix is grumpy at night.  Marshmallow the Arabian mare says her heart feels at rest at her new forever home.  We laugh as Blue the Boston Terrier shares how he loves to practice stay and complains about how he cant get into his toy basket.  Yoyo the cat explains why he meows and circles at night.  We welcome Seamore, Laura’s parrot, for Words of Wisdom.

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:


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Reeba is available for adoption.
Learn more about her at:

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Pet Psychic Radio * Animals Tell Us How To Communicate

On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio:

*   Kingston the Golden Retriever calls into the show.    *  Nusha the speckled quail calls in from Israel.   *  Rescue Guest is Patricia Werre of Londoloza Dog Den & Cattery with Cupcake an adoptable.   *  Penny hears from her deceased black of lab of 15 years.  Her dog tells Penny to center herself in her heart to communicate with her.   *  Robert the cat talks about his medical issues and Aloha tells her words of wisdom.  Theme of the show: “How can people communicate better to animals.”

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Cupcake is 3 years old & needs a home.
Hear her story on this episode.

Cupake is at Londoloza Dog Den & Cattery. Contact them to visit her or their other rescue animals.

Londoloza Dog Den & Cattery ‘s website: LondolozaDogDen.com
Facebook page:  facebook.com/LondolozaDogDen
3416 Wesley St
Culver City, California 90232

Ai’s dog Aloha during Pet Psychic Radio.
Hear her words of wisdom on this episode.

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Pet Psychic Radio 09-27-12 * Protect Your Self From The Negative

Pet Psychic Radio 09-27-12: On today’s show: We talk about Bunny Festival.  Goose the dog wants to stay with Grandma. Maxwell the cat is fast in heaven. Shawn Hollub of  German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County tells us about German Shepherds and we speak to Poppy about her life before she was rescued. Bentley the English Setter is terrified of car rides so we talk him through it.  Luca’s words of wisdom.  Theme of the show: How to protect yourself from negative energy.

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County’s website: GSROC.org

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Poppy Needs A Home * Hear Her Story On Pet Psychic Radio

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Pet Psychic Radio 09-20-12 * All Cats and Lulu the Dog

Pet Psychic Radio 09-20-12 Today Viola the talkative torby tells us that everyone needs pretty flowers to smell.  Sunny the cat blames Buddy the cat for pooping on the stairs.  Our guest Robin Budin of Dogs Deserve Better with rescue dog Lulu tell us about how you can help chained dogs.  Friskie talks about his new home.  Nutter the cat stomach stomps on his fellow housemate and explains us why.  Dart the missing cat tells us how a neighbor took him on vacation.    Each animal also answers the questions, “What would should people do to bring peace and happiness into their lives.”

Dogs Deserve Better websites:   DogsDeserveBetter.org and RainbowRescues.org

Click On Arrow To Listen To The Show:

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Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box? Answers….

There is not a week that goes by that someone does not call me with, “Help! My cat is peeing and pooping out side the litter box!”  These cats do their excretions on piles of clothing, the kitchen counter, stovetops, the toaster, the bathroom sink, walls, in shoes, on paintings, and even on computer keyboards.  Just to name a few places.

This can be going on for days or for years and believe it or not after a few adjustments on the human’s part and / or a communication with me the behavior stops.  I have heard almost every reason for why a cat pees and poops outside the litterbox.

From a physical problem like a urinary track or kidney infection to

“I want my person to watch TV with me more (Dancing with the stars to be exact)”,

“I just want my person to say hello to me when they come home.” “I am worried about my persons health they need to go to the doctor and he is not listening to me.”

“I hate my persons new spouse please tell her to get rid of him.”

Because of this problem I have seen humans dump cats in a strange neighborhood, put them to sleep, find them a new home, make them outdoor only cats or send them to a rescue organization.

Here are the top eleven quick fixes for this problem. Please give your cat a few weeks to change their behavior. If you do these things there is a high probability that your cat may stop.

  1. Take your cat to the vet to rule out urinary tract infection and kidney problems.  These cats pee where they sleep, on cold surfaces like tile or in the tub, rugs and on clothing.  Feed your cat high-quality food so they do not get these problems.

  2. Take the top off the litter box.  Tops lock in the smell of cat pee and disturb your cat’s senses.  Have the litter box in a well-ventilated location.

  3. Use “World’s Best Cat Litter”.  It is dust free.  Many cats have a hard time breathing in the dust that is created by clay litter.

  4. Clean the litter box often.  Cats are neat freaks and hate to walk on their own poop and pee.

  5. Put out multiple boxes.  Have a litter box for each cat.  They don’t like to share or they use one for urine and one for poop.  If you have a large house or two stories put boxes in several locations.  Especially for the very young and the very old.

  6. Experiment with the depth of the litter.  Older cats with hip and knee problems like to have less litter so that their joints don’t have to work so hard when they squat.

  7. Experiment with the size of the litterbox.  Some older cats have a hard time stepping into a litterbox where the sides are tall.  Creating a ramp or another step into the box helps.

  8. Make sure litterbox is not touching a wall.  Some cats like to stand on the side so they need space around the box.

  9. Have at least a 15 min period during the day, at the same time everyday, that you give your cat your undivided attention.  (Pet, brush, play, talk to, give treats, look at, listen to).

10.   If you cat is only peeing when a certain person is coming over, get rid of that person.  From my experience concerning this issue, cats are usually 98% of the time a good judge of character.

11.  Most important:  Explain to your cat, “When you pee & poop outside the litterbox it makes me upset.  Please pee and poop in the litterbox.  I am trying to figure out what is wrong.  Can you give me another sign to show me what is wrong?”  Then watch your cat closely.  Watch how they walk.  Are they sore around their hip area (kidneys)?  Do they strain to pee? Watch with no judgments and you may figure out just how to correct the problem.  Often cats use this behavior to communicate that they want to tell you something.

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Pet Psychic Radio 7/21/11

On this weeks show we talk to some animals in heaven, a little dog that  ran way, a scared growling doxi mix, and our featured pet for adoption: Bofum a rescue Golden Retriever who has two broken legs. Steve introduces Bofum from Southern Golden Retriever Rescue


Click On The Arrow Below To Listen To The Show:

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Featured Pet For Adoption

Listen to what he has to say in the last 20-min of Pet Psychic Radio



About Bofum: This is Bofum.  He was a stray and in six weeks,  nobody  has claimed him.  He was turned into rescue because he was having a difficult time walking.  We took him to the vet and did some x-rays and Doc came out and said, “Well he broke both of them.”  So we named him Bofum.  He is about two years old and dog, child and cat friendly so we assume he was with a family.

Questions for Bofum on Pet Psychic Radio: We would love to know what happened to him.  He was not hit by a car because the legs bones are not shattered.  How did he get into this condition and how did he get lost.  And of course who wouldn’t make every effort to find him.  What does he want in a family for his future?  Children, cats, dogs, stay at home parents.  Can he stay alone while someone goes to work?  And is he in any pain.  He needs to let us know when something hurts or he thinks its time to change the casts.

To meet Bofum or to inquire more about him or other Golden Retrievers For Adoption Contact:

Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue click here






Thursdays 12 pm pst.

Call in: 917.889.2693

Listen: http://bit.ly/jhCFEz


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Daily Routine For Wellbeing With Your Pet

I have heard that 80 to 90 percent of the thoughts running through our heads are negative, and that 98 percent of the thoughts that we are having today we had yesterday.

Animals pick up the thoughts, feelings, and images in our minds. Our thoughts greatly affect their lives. There is an enormous amount of suffering in the lives of the world’s animals. Some of us have animals that are either sick or have been abused, exploited, or neglected. Changing our thoughts in our daily lives is an enormously powerful way to improve the health and well-being of our own animals, and the health and well-being of the world’s animals.

This is my family’s basic routine. If you follow it, you will notice positive changes not only in the animals’ lives but in your lives as well. If an animal is not in your presence, you can take a few moments to look at the animal’s picture and send messages, even if your friend is far away. This will work for animals that are at shelters awaiting new people, for animals who wait at home while you are on vacation, and for animals you have seen in the news, such as the elephants that are exploited for entertainment.

1. Wake up and say “good morning” to each of your animals, whether they are present or at a distance.

2. Affirmations set the tone for the day. These affirmations were written by my two dogs, my three cats, my bunny, and myself. Repeat affirmation three times in one sitting. It takes three times to be imprinted in our consciousness.

My body is body is well-balanced, healthy, and calm.

I am strong and flexible.

I have healthy teeth, gums, skin, and fur.

I digest life easily. I always feel nourished.

My future is bright and positive.

I forgive others for my past. I am safe.

I am loving and accepting toward others.

I am brave and trusting.

I am caring, loving, and peaceful.

I am happy.

I am beautiful and useful.

I am good enough.

I have healthy relationships with my family.

I have many friends.

I calm myself and communicate with others by licking, yawning, or looking away.

Creation starts in the moment.

My family loves me.

I am right where I am supposed to be.

My life is exciting and fun.

My life is divinely guided.”

3. Do some form of exercise every day. Play with your cat or walk with your dog. While you are exercising, tell them, “This is good for your heart and for your whole body. This helps you to stay healthy.” Say the affirmation, “I am slim, toned, strong, and flexible.”

4. Play every day. Even with the older animals. It is extremely healing to smile with your pet. While you are playing say, “Oh, we are having so much fun. It is so good to smile. We are happy.” Then say the affirmations, “I love to play. I have so much fun. My people love me.”

5. Feed the best food and supplements you can, and when you feed the animals, say, “This food and these supplements are the best. They help support your body.” Then say the affirmation, “I digest food easily. My body is nourished. Thank you, food, for making me strong and healthy.”

6. At nighttime, before you go to bed, repeat the morning affirmations three times and add the affirmation. “I have had such a wonderful day. I am loved. I sleep peacefully.”

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Animal Consciousness

I ask my animals, “What is the most conscious element of our relationship with one another?” They respond:


Makia, the 15-year-young cat, says, “Everyone but Luca is conscious of each other’s bodies. We know where each of us has pain. We also know which foods we like and which foods we don’t like. If Joey doesn’t like a food and I do, he will let me know when he has some left over on his plate. We also keep each other safe by telling each other that it is nighttime and we all need to go inside. We look out for one another.”


Serafina, the 10-year-young cat, says, “We have been learning that if we don’t understand something we ask questions. We never make assumptions. Like when Makia used to hiss at me I thought she was just being mean, but when I asked her why, she said she was scared I was going to jump on her body. Now we pay more attention to each others’ feelings. We talk to each other with body language and with our minds. We respect each others’ sleeping areas and rarely sleep in the other one’s space. We are not afraid to ask for help.”

Joey Joe

Joey, the 17-year-young cat, says, “I think that we know each others’ past story, and we realize that we have lived together for many years and experienced the same situations, but the situations changed us differently. We realize that what made one of us brave and strong may have made the other one nervous. We are conscious that we are different in a good way.”



Bean the rabbit says, “I think it is wonderful that I can speak to my family about things that no one else would know I was concerned about, like how rabbit meat is sold at the Ojai farmers market. The place where we get my veggies and carrot tops allows people to sell rabbits who were killed at slaughterhouses. This is very sad to me. I don’t think that is a humane and conscious way to kill rabbits. I think rabbits should die naturally. I am glad that I am able to voice my thoughts.”  *

Stormy At A Speaking Event

Storm, the 12-year-young Aussie dog, says, “I think what is most conscious about our family is that we value our friends. We love our friends and they love us. We pay attention to our friends’ feelings, and we tell them we love them when they have had a hard day.”


Luca, the 7-month-young poodle puppy, says, “I think consciousness is listening to you when you call my name. It is also listening for noises to bark at. It is knowing how to get home from the park. It is also knowing that I have a family.”

My late wolfdog Maia

Maia, wolf dog from heaven, says, “The most conscious element of our family is that we can talk to each other through dimensions. We are never separate and we are always a part of one another. It is also that each and every one of us knows that there are angels, ancestors, and a higher power wanting us to be happy and healthy. We have voices no matter what dimension we are in. We value and love each other.”

* Thanks to Gloria Morgan’s tireless efforts and Bean asking me to fight for the end of the sale of Rabbit Meat at the Ojai Farmers Market we succeeded!  No More Sale Of Rabbit Meat! For those who wonder why Rabbit Meat is different than any other meat sold at the market.  It is simple.  Rabbits endure inhumane confinement during their lives and due to lack of regulations at the slaughter houses rabbitx suffer brutal inhumane slow deaths. Please do not support the sale of rabbit meat.   Bean and I will thank you 🙂

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Pet Psychic Radio 07/14/11

On this weeks show we talk to some pets people had as children, a young poodle who lost control of his sphincter muscles, a dog that itches, what Mayhem the cat wants to make her life better …

Click On Arrow To Listen To The Show:

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Featured Pet For Adoption

Listen to what he has to say in the last 20-min of Pet Psychic Radio



Thank you to our Guest this week Robin Budin for bringing Titan on.

To find out more about Titan and others animals available for adoption in Chicopee, Mass click on: RainbowRescues.org

Titan’s Info…

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Color: Gray/Blue/Silver/Salt & Pepper Age: Adult
Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg) Sex: Male

I am already neutered, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, and good with kids.

Titan’s Story…
Titan is our special guy who will need a very understanding home. Titan is very sweet with humans and loves to go for walks and give hugs. At about 5-6 years young this guy has had a rough life and is really looking for a place and a family that will love him even if he isn’ perfect. This poor fuzzy guy is completely Deaf and will need a home committed to working with his hand signals and completing the training and attention that he needs and deserves. This handsome man would do best in a one dog family where he will get attention and affection as much as possible and will be reassured that he is loved and wanted. Are you the home this poor pup needs? Note: Please fill out an application and a volunteer will contact you within 1-2 business days. We do not have a central office facility, all of our pets are housed in foster homes until they are adopted. Your first step in adopting a furry friend is to go to our website www.rainbowrescues.org and fill out an application.



Today 12 pm pst.

Call in: 917.889.2693

Listen: http://bit.ly/jhCFEz


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