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Eat Pray Love ~ Sweet Thoughts For The Holidays!

My animals’ wishes to you during the holidays:

Makia says,

“My wish for you that you have a home you feel safe and loved in. My wish is also that no matter how discouraged you become with life that you believe that even you have angels that are watching over you. If you lift your chin up and believe, life will get better. I have seen it with many people. So just try a little to be happier.”

Serafina says,

“My wish for you is that your heart stays warm and that when you are lonely you have good friends to keep you company. My wish is that you can find enough energy and strength to have compassion for animals and to help the world’s animals out of their suffering.”

Bean (Bunny) says,

“My wish is that all the animals of the world including humans that have been abused learn to grow out of those bad memories and learn to feel strong in the love that is around them now. It doesn’t help to hold onto those memories. Let them go and trust.”

Stormy (Aussie dog) says,

“My wish for you is that you know who you are so that you can know what your greatness is, so that you can amplify that greatness to help others. My wish is that you have peaceful sleep and good food.”

Luca says,

“My wish is that everyone has the opportunity to play everyday and there is no reason to fear. I wish that you will never need protection because the people who are around you have thoughts that are pure.”

Maia (wolfdog in heaven) says,

“My wish for you is that you believe that any space can change energy because energy is always moving. If someone tells you there is darkness in a space, just believe there are angels that can clean that up. You don’t have to pray hard. You just have to pray a little, give thanks, and believe. Everything changes. Trust that greatness can flow anywhere. Be the greatness you want to flow into your space.”

Joey (cat in heaven) says,

“My wish for you is that you allow your consciousness to grow and your feel comfortable with its growth. My wish for you is that you surround yourself with people that have something to teach you. My wish for you is that you accept love into your life and open your eyes to it when it arrives. My wish for you is that all your dreams come true.”

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We asked if Vito had seen the spirit in the house that his people are remodeling and moving into…

Here is what he said,

“Yes, I saw the woman in the nightgown who had flowers in her hair and she said she cant find her husband and maybe her husband would come back here and I said to the woman you are ghost and you should fly with a bird they know how to fly high. I know ghosts are suppose to fly high because I have heard you say it. This woman she said to me doggie dont get to much hair in my house and I said to her I dont have a lot of hair you should see some of my friends and she said to me that I am a nice looking dog and the house is changing and I said you are an air lady you should go higher and then she disappeared.”

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Ivory is 29 years old


This was written by Ivory’s person after our session. It is a good example how sometimes things do not make sense at the time of the session but can make sense to us later on 🙂

I enjoyed the reading done today by Laura for my cockatoo Ivory. Ivory identified many things that I did not recognize. Laura told me that animals see things differently than humans sometime and it may (or may not) come to me what he was talking about. One thing he mentioned he liked alot was lime green rings. I looked around the room and tried to find such an item, but no lime green rings were to be found. Later, the same day I was going over the notes of Ivory’s reading when the light bulb came on! Ivory had been talking about the lime green plastic chain links he chews on all the time! He viewed the “links”as rings. I can’t wait for the light bulb to come for some of the other things he mentioned to Laura! Thank You Laura!

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When asked what was wrong with Yanni he said,

“I want to tell you that I dont feel well. I feel really nauseous. My stomach hurts me a lot and I feel like maybe there is something not right in there. If feels like it is pushing on me and i have bad tasting saliva and I just feel really sick. Yes, I ate this it was this long stick thing, not it wasn’t meat but it was chewy. I found it. I found it by door. It was inside. It was near the garbage. It has been for a while now. “

Yanni’s person wrote me this email after our session:

Hey Laura, several weeks ago we had you speak to our Bichon Yanni whom had been acting very anti social and not eating or drinking. Based on the information (Yanni told us during our session) we found Yanni had eaten a Q-Tip while sneaking in the bathroom trash can. (We have closed trashcans in every room now) and the Q-Tip had irraated his intestines as it passed causing them to fill whith gas, swell, and put pressure on his stomach and giving him indigestion. there is no doubt your insight saved our little boy and we can never thank you enough. Yanni is back to his old loving self, feeling much better.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
D & C

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Relax Your Mind ~ Eliminate Static Interference

I have a situation going on that is taking up a lot of my thought process. It whirls around my mind and creates an unsettling feeling in my body. I worry; I create scenarios in my head about what may happen and I try and plan the best course of action.

Because my mind has been preoccupied I have missed two important moments. The other day, when I arrived home from dinner, my animals acted differently than normal. The cats were staring at me and rubbing up against me and Luca, my one-year-old poodle, was a little anxious when I came into the house. I didn’t ask them what was wrong because they seemed healthy. I assumed their neediness was because I worked long hours that day.

In retrospect, I should have sat down and asked them how they were, because I found out later that they witnessed something that made them very nervous. I won’t go into the details; suffice it to say I should have known something was up.

The next night, I was feeding all the animals when I noticed that Stormy and Luca (my dogs) were lying in the entranceway by the back door, whereas they usually lie in the kitchen. Stormy was staring at me. I thought his intensity was because he was straining to see me so I let it be for about an hour. When my cat Serafina didn’t show up for dinner I went looking for her, and found her locked outside the back door. Stormy had been trying to let me know.

Sadly, my mind has been so cluttered that I have missed important communication from my animals. Even for the average person it is important to take notice of your pets’ body language and behavioral changes. Then investigate to see if your animals are trying to tell you something.

Feeling guilty that I didn’t listen, I ask my animals now, “What should I do to be more conscious of your communications when I am stressed?”


Stormy, my Aussie, says, “When you feel stressed you should either write it out, meditate, or go for a run so it empties out of your mind and body. You know what you need to do about the situation, so do it and then you will feel better.”


Luca says, “You should know that when you are nervous I get nervous.”


Makia my cat says, I think everyone should make a point of being calm with their animals as soon as they come home. You would for sure have known then.”


Serafina my cat says, “I like it when you do animal check-ins and you make sure we are all okay, and you scan our bodies and ask us how we are. That way you always know. When you do that I feel safe.”


Bean, the bunny, says, “Mom, you get information from all over the place: from us, from energy in the environment, from angels or beings on the other side. If you don’t take time to meditate, all that information will just make you stressed. You tell everyone that everything happens for a reason, so have faith that there is a reason for this situation.”


Maia, wolf dog in heaven, says, “Sometimes dark energies may give you distractions from your projects so that you don’t bring light into the world. It is important to keep moving towards creating light no matter what. Do not allow your mind to get stuck worrying; move forward. When you are moving forward you are more alert and have more energy. You would have known instantly that something was wrong with the animals or that Serafina was outside.”


Joey, cat in heaven, says, “In your life so many worlds collide. It is important to have goals and to move towards fulfilling them. There are so many that are watching out for you and your animal family here in heaven. Breathe, and don’t allow any negative thoughts to bleed over the positive.”

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Saving Valentina

There is a true story of a whale conservationist who takes his friend’s family on a whale watching adventure in the Sea of Cortez.  This group of people comes across a young humpback whale entangled in a fishing neat.  At first they thought this whale to be dead but then the colossal whale took a breath.  The whale conservationist decides to jump into the water and try to free the whale.  He swims up to the eye of the whale first to let the whale know that he comes in peace.  His efforts to free the whale are futile.  The group of people decides to risk their lives and from the boat they make it a group effort to cut the neat from the whale.  It takes hours and when the whale is finally freed she breaches in elaborate displays.  The young child on the boat then announces, “Mommy, I know what she is doing. She is showing us that she is all free.”

Here I talk to that whale:

Laura:  What where you thinking when you were all tangled in the neat?

Whale:  I had been stuck in the neat for many days.  I could barely move.  I had a young one with me at the time and he had to leave with the others.  Other whales came to me but they could not set me free.  They couldn’t even try.  They called the dolphins.  The dolphins did not know how set me free. So in the end they had to leave me. Their songs of mourning and warning about nets went on all night and at daybreak I set myself to die.

Laura: What did you think when you saw the man swim to up to you and look you in the eye?

Whale: I knew instantly he was there to help.  His eyes where kind and although he was a strange creature I could tell that he came soft in the water and not abrupt like danger does.  I could feel his love and his sorrow for me.

Laura:  What was it like being so close to humans while they untangled you?

Whale:  I felt safe.  I felt their organization and I felt their determination.  I knew I needed to be patient.  I was very conscious of how I allowed my body to roll.  I knew that if I rolled the wrong way or flapped my fins that their boat could flip.  I know that boats keep humans safe in the water.  I felt as if we worked together to set me free.

Laura: How did you feel when you were freed?

Whale:  At first I was in shock.  I knew I had to drift slowly away from the boat so that I would not hurt the humans and I knew also that the net had to be safely away from the boat.  When I felt I was far enough away from them I danced.  I will never forget how my body felt against the water.  How good it felt to move and feel the stream of water against my body.  I wanted them to see all my body so that then knew for sure that there was not even a small piece of neat stuck to me. I breached many times out of the water showing them my strength and that I was fully alive.  I was thanking them for their kindness and their determination.

Laura:  Is there anything you would like to say to them now?

Whale:  I want to say thank you.  We are forever connected.  I feel their laughter sometimes and I feel their love of the whales.  There are problems in the waters.  The fish are not as healthy.  The temperature of the water is changing.  I tell other whales that there are humans that know our plight and are trying to help us.   Just as they tell humans about whales. I tell whales about humans.  The man that first swam into the water should know that as he learns about us I too learn about us.  I can hear his thoughts as if I can hear my own.  He is connecting me with the great unknown.  Thank you for saving my life.  We have named you.  There is call that speaks of humans who advocate for us.  Tell him in the waters he has a name. 

You can watch the video of the Saving Valentina at http://abcnews.go.com/2020/video/saving-valentina-14345624.

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Sadie & Boo

Sadie & Boo


Sadie and Boo are 7 years old.  We asked if they are fighting for real or play fighting. Here is what they answer and say about their relationship:


Sadie says,

“I am really fighting. He has me really annoyed. Sometimes I bat him on the head for play and sometimes I bat him because he has hit me too hard or kicked at me too hard to has told me that I am not smart and we all know that I am smarter than he is. Sorry Boo. I love you but I am more intelligent.”


Boo says,

“I am always playing. I never fight for real and it is true Sadie is smarter than me but it is ok I am more loving. I have more of softness in me. She is more hard core. She is like a fiery bug that keeps trying to get out the window.”

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Kochi is 2 years-old.  He says,

“Sometimes I am aggressive to other dogs because I think that they are bad. I think that they have bad ideas and I really have the best ideas in the park.”


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What the baby panda has to say…

What Does The Real Panda Think Of The Human Pandas?

Researchers dressed in panda costumes put a panda cub into a basket before transferring it to a new living environment at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center on February 20.
The panda costumes are part of a new plan to reintroduce captive giant pandas back into the wild. (Photo & text from Reuters)


I couldn’t resist.  I had to ask, “Little Panda, What Do You Think Of The Giant Pandas That Put You In The Basket?”

Little Panda says,

“I knew they were not real pandas because they smell different and their faces dont make the chewing motion that pandas make.

But I felt safe because they looked a little like me. Their fur felt and smelled strange, but I kept having a feeling that they were good and that they were going to make me safe. 

They brought me to a place that I now call home and I feel the best I have ever felt. 

I know that they are human because I know what humans smell like but I know also that I should only let humans that look like pandas pet me.  I think they were trying to tell me that.  I am thankful for them. 

Can I tell you that those humans… if they are helping other pandas than they should break the sticks of vegetation before they feed the pandas cause then it smells tastier and the scared pandas will eat more.”


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Bailey says,

“The reason why I don’t like to be kissed on my head is that I am sensitive to smells and it makes me dizzy sometimes…”


There are many reasons why dogs do not like to be kissed on the head – leaning over a dog in dog language is a dominant act and sometimes it makes them nervous, shampoo smells (ect…) can be overwhelming to an animal that has not been feeling well, dogs that are loosing their sight may also get nauseous because the blur is too intense and there are other reasons. 

Not to say you should never kiss you dog on the head, but it is important to be respectful of them if you notice they do not like it.

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