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Fireworks And Pets – Advice On How To Help Them




Talk to your pets

First published in the Santa Barbara News-Press



July 4th – Fireworks

It is fireworks season again! This is a stressful time of year for even our most confident pets. Random, unpredictable popping and sizzling occur without warning, deafening our animals’ ears and confusing their senses. The smell of burning alone can send our animals into flee mode.

Remain confident. When I was in college, I didn’t have the concept that animals could be scared of fireworks. My boyfriend and I would take out his sailboat on Long Island Sound to watch the fireworks up-close. We would stuff my two dogs’ ears full of cotton and they would sit with us happily all night watching the fireworks. They never once seemed nervous. If we felt safe they felt safe.

Knowledge is power. Explaining to your animals what is going to happen on the days leading up to Fourth of July and throughout the weekend can help prepare them for chaos. First, sit in a quiet place with your animals. Remember to breathe and empty your mind of any distractions. While you talk to your animals, picture everything you say as if there are clips of a movie playing in your mind. If you have a hard time visualizing, no worries! Just make sure your words are clear and your mind will create the pictures on its own. Try to feel every emotion and sense it in your body as if it is happening to yourself at this very moment. Then say to them, “I want to explain to you what will be happening in the next few days (pictures a few sunsets and sunrises). Every year on this weekend, adults and children play with toys (picture them with one of their toys and then a human with a firework). “These human toys make a lot of loud noises (hear sizzling and popping in your head). They also burn (remember the smell in your mind). They are safe (picture the burning only being around a firework). These toys are so wonderful for people because they fly high up in the sky and create beautiful colorful patterns in the sky or off of the toy. (Picture the fireworks and people in awe). This happens every year. People all over play with their own fireworks and then they go to a certain place on one night and watch a big display of fireworks. (Picture people playing joyfully at their home with fireworks and then traveling to where there are crowds and watching a big display).
“I know that it is scary (picture your animal scared), but you are safe, and you must stay home where you are truly protected. (Picture them confident, aware, and staying home on Fourth of July). There will be no more fireworks in a few days. (Picture it quiet again after the sun rises and sets a few times). This is what I will do for you on the day where the noise is the worst (explain where they will be and how you will help them.) I love you and want you to feel safe.”

This is what you must do: All outside animals should be contained in a safe place. Many animals that would never run away flee in terror on July 4. Please bring them into a safe shelter (garage, laundry room, house … ). Make sure they cannot climb out of windows or open the doors. At the very least lock yard gates, but inside is preferable.
Bring all your animals in at least an hour or two before nightfall. Once the noise starts it will be harder to find them. Close all windows, turn on fans or AC, leave the TV or light classical music on. Close shades so that the animals do not see the fireworks.
If your animal is frightened inside you can put a T-shirt on your animal. Safety-pin the shirt around the stomach so it is snug. This can give awareness to your dog’s body and can create more confidence. This is the same concept of the “thunder shirt”. Some dogs like to go under beds or in a covered crate.
Give your dog a light meal. Eating can affect the limbic system (the emotional center of the brain). If you have to sedate your animal, please tell them what you are doing and the reaction of the drug so they do not get frightened when they get groggy. It can make it worse, because they feel disoriented.

We love Young Living essential oils in my house.  Diffuse Peace and Calming or rub a little on their back.

You can give your animal Rescue Remedy a Bach Flower Essence. It has a calming effect on animals. You can purchase it at most health food stores.

or buy the best flower essences from Meg at http://blackwingfarms.com/

You can also give them CBD oil or treats to help relax them. You can find this at many local pet pet-stores. or buy from: https://cannacompanionusa.com/

T-Touch on your Animal can help too. T-touch is a special way to touch your animal. Practitioner Jodi Frediani says, “TTouch likely engages the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing muscle tension and allowing heart rate, blood pressure and circulation to slow, in effect bringing stress levels down. Bringing the stress level down may allow a dog (or person or horse) to have more body awareness, which can help if the body is compensating because of a past fear or pain”. Check out http://ttouch.com/ to see how to perform the T-Touch. Stroking the ears of the animal also helps.

Please think of your animal this week. Take the time out to explain to them what will be happening. Be overly cautious about keeping them safe. It can save their lives.
More animals end up lost, dead, or in the shelter on Fourth of July than on any other day. Some are never found.

Please take the time to take care of your pets and have an amazing 4th of July!


This was written by a friend of mine, Deb Norton http://www.debnortonwriting.com/, in a Facebook Post.

It is great advice to share:

This probably won’t work for adult dogs who’ve already decided that fireworks sounds are the devil, but if you have a young ‘un, try this: give them a positive intro by finding a fireworks video or sound file and playing it on the tv or stereo. While it’s playing keep a confident and upbeat attitude and play a fun game that gives them something to do and works out the worry. For us, hunt-the-hot-dog worked (Yes, I know how that sounds. Get your mind out of the gutter!) – that’s where they have to sit/stay while you hide hot dog slices or other tasty treats around the house and when you say go, they get to hunt them and eat them like Pac Man. Tug games or food puzzles would probably work, too, but I think it was something about the focused effort that made hunt-the-hot-dogs really successful. Then whenever there are real fireworks or thunder or backfires or whatever, repeat the fun. After a few playful experiences with bad sounds, our dogs don’t react in the least. They even had a Civil War reenactment in the town we lived in – with cannons – and a gunfight on mainstream ever hour on the hour, for several days leading up to the actual fireworks display. The girls could not have cared less. I know how hard it can be to watch your pals shake and pant and glaze over and not be able to help them and I’ve also known folks whose dogs break down or chew through doors and bolt which is super scary, so I hope this helps somebody. Happy, unstressed 4th! (Credit for this idea goes to Laura Stinchfield the Pet Psychic, who is a critter genius.)




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Pet Psychic Radio 02/23/12


On today’s show we talked to a rescue lab that bit a woman’s face, an older dog with a stomach ache whose human does Reiki on him, last weeks cat has relinquished his attacks on his person since he has been able to go outside, a cat that prefers to be in a separate room, and our rescue guest Ace the pit bull or is afraid of being drowned and is learning to be loved.

Rescue Guest: Jill Anderson
Website: http://www.shadowsfund.org



Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio


Date You Are Scheduled Thursday, February 23, 2012
Your Name * Jill Anderson
Your Email * info@shadowsfund.org
What Is Your Passion or Your Story
Co-Founder of Shadow’s Fund, a rescue organization and sanctuary for senior dogs and pit bulls. Our mission is to help those that seem to have so little hope get a 2nd chance at love, life, and joy.
Shadow’s Fund
Website http://www.shadowsfund.org

Lompoc, CA
United States
What Do You Want Us To Mention On The Show or Ask You
We really hope to inspire people to give pit bulls a chance. They used to be the #1 family dog in this country. They are exploited, abused and abandoned maybe more than any other breed, over bred and dumped and shelters, and the last to be adopted. They are so loving and eager to please and have such big hearts. They deserve for people to look beyond the myths.
Name of Animal
Pit Bull


History or Story
Ace was found as a stray, taken to a local shelter, bailed out by a nice family who could not keep him but did not want him to die. He was boarded at a very nice boarding facility and then came to our sanctuary. He is very distrustful of people and can only be handled by a couple of us. He actually bit one of our volunteers out of fear. We intend to stand by him and give him his bets shot at finding balance, trust, and love so that he can eventually find a home.
Questions You Would Like To Ask The Animal
What happened to make you so distrustful?
How can we help you feel more comfortable?
Do you know that you are safe now and that you are surrounded by people who will never hurt you, and want to make your life better?
What can we do to make your life better while you are with us?
We have been unsure about introducing you to other dogs because of possible aggression. Would you like to play with other dogs or do you prefer not to?
Is there anything you would like to tell us?
Anything else?
We would like him to know he is safe, loved and valued. We want to help him live his best possible life and we need to understand how to do that.
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ATLANTA 10/07/11!

Hi my friends,

If you are interested:

Here are the links to hear and watch me in Atlanta.  10/07/11  🙂

Q100’s The Bert Show –

Radio with audio and pictures: 

Click Here


Video of CBS morning news with Weather Man Justin Lock and his dog Maia: 

Click Here

Laura, Maia, & Justin CBS Atlanta

11am -2pm
Join Yogli Mogli and famed pet psychic Laura Stinchfield
for a one on one private readings with you and your dog (or bring photos of your other pet that does not travel well)
at Yogli Mogli Sandy Springs
6595 Roswell Rd NE
A $20 donation is requested and will benefit
Canine Companions for Independence Atlanta Chapter

Thank You, Atlanta! You are wonderful! 

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Pet Psychic Radio 10/04/11

 ON THIS EPISODE:  We talk about what to do if you encounter a mountain lion or bear (may or may not be good advice), about our time at the LA Pet Cemetery, a dog eating acorns, a Bengal cat about how to make his life better, a cat that has been attacked, our rescue guest poodle mix about how she got lost and run over and more…

Click On Arrow Below To Listen:


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Guest Today:  Joy Lee
She writes:
I am co-owner of Rover Oaks Pet Resort in Katy Texas, a resort committed to the highest quality care for boarding, grooming, training and doggie daycare.

I am also very passionate about animal rescue and giving less fortunate pets than those of our client base a chance for a loving home.

This means frequently taking in pups who are having a difficult time getting adopted and working with them on training or behavior problems to give them a better chance, or taking in dogs who are out of time at various shelters to foster them until adoption.

I work frequently with Citizens for Animal Protection here in the Houston area…Citizens for Animal Protection (or CAP) is one of the largest 501 (c) (3) organizations in the Houston area for animals, and is an awesome organization that has one of the highest adoption rates in the city – and the country.

We work with CAP on a number of levels…we take several dogs each week in need of grooming to make them more comfortable and more adoptable, we take dogs who are not doing well in a shelter environment and give them an opportunity for training and higher activity, and we occasionally foster dogs in need of a place to stay while undergoing medical treatment, such as heartworm treatment.

We also support them financially with fundraisers such as a popular Howl-o-ween Dog Walk. CAP is currently in the running for a $100,000 grant from the ASPCA, and the award is heavily weighted towards an increase in number of adoptions over prior year. They have a beautiful new state of the art shelter and are able to better help even more dogs than previously…and we would like to help them win this grant. So, we are fostering more dogs in hopes of helping them win.

Rover Oaks Pet Resort Katy & Citizens for Animal Protection Website
Website #2 :  http://www.cap4pets.org

24250 Kingsland Blvd (Rover Oaks) and 17555 Katy Freeway (CAP)
Katy (Rover Oaks) and Houston (CAP), Texas 77494

What Do You Want Us To Mention On The Show or Ask You

Primarily I am interested in helping to promote the wonderful work Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) does for dogs, cats and small animals here in the Houston area, and encourage people to adopt from CAP if they are considering a new addition to the family.

Rover Oaks Katy is a huge supporter of CAP and while we cater to a wonderful client base of pets and their owners, striving to provide the highest quality care for their pets, we also promote responsible dog onwership and pet adoption.

I am also involved (through friends) with helping to rescue dogs out of high kill shelters in both the Houston area and in Southern California, and have done several transports of pups in need from California to Houston to find new homes.

All of these dogs are fostered at Rover Oaks or with friends or staff and they are adopted out through CAP, so it is yet another way to help them raise their adoption numbers and hopefully win the ASPCA grant.

In general, we want to help individual dogs with good homes, but also raise awareness of the huge national problem of pet overpopulation.

Name of Featured Adoptable Animal:  Lulu
Age 3 years

poodle mix

Lulu Needs A Home


Lulu Needs A Home

History or Story
Lulu’s journey began in southern California, where she was turned into Orange County shelter in March 2011. She was adopted and returned several weeks later. As a return, she was not given as much time to be adopted the second time and was at risk of euthanasia when she was pulled from the shelter by dedicated rescuer Stacy McIlveen with Helping Orphaned Hounds Rescue. Stacy and I had been working on a small transport of dogs to fly to Houston in search of new homes, and Lulu arrived in late April. Within a few weeks, she was adopted out to a family and seemed to be doing well at follow up a few weeks later. On Saturday, September 3, I received a text from Stacy that her rescue had received word from the Houston SPCA that a 12 pound poodle had been brought in by doggie ambulance, hit by a car. The owners had never registered her microchip in their name, so the rescue was notified in hopes of tracing the local owners. We were able to conta ct the owners, who surrendered her to the SPCA as they were financially unable to cover her medical bills. I contacted the shelter manager at Citizens for Animal Protection to see if they could take custody of Lulu so that I could take her back for medical treatment and foster. She was transferred to CAP on Labor Day and I picked her up at the shelter, a little broken dog who had lost a quarter of her body weight in the four months since she was adopted. Dr Patrick Choyce of All Pets Animal Hospital kindly came in on the holiday to assess and treat her, but after looking at her x-rays and all the broken bones he referred her to an orthopedic specialist. Dr. Brian Beale of Gulf Coast Surgery, Orthopedics and Neurology (and host of weekly radio show “Your Pet’s Health” on KTRH here in Houston) saw her on Tuesday the 6th and scheduled her for surgery. She had a fractured tail which was amputated, and a fractured femur and pelvis. The pelvis was broken in pieces a nd luxated, so after four hours of surgery Lulu emerged with a plate in her femur and three plates and eight screws in her pelvis. She is currently in recovery, seems to have her nerve function and with a little therapy will hopefully be ready to find a better, more responsible and loving home within a month or two.
Questions You Would Like To Ask The Animal
Was life with your adoptive family ever good?
How did you become so thin?
Do you remember how you came to be on the streets, and what happened the day you were hit by a car?
Are you still in a lot of pain? And if so, what hurts the most?
What makes you feel good?
What kind of food do you like to eat so we can help you get some weight back?
What kind of home and family would be best for you?
Anything else?
Just to encourage everyone to spay/neuter their pets, adopt from shelters and rescues when considering a new family member, support their local rescues, support enactment and enforcement of tougher laws to end puppy mills!


Pet Psychic Radio Show!


Every Thursdays 12 pm pst.

Week of 10/04 Live Tuesday!

Call in: 917.889.2693

Listen: http://bit.ly/jhCFEz  

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 On Today’s Show:

We talk a lot about training, barking dogs, aggressive dogs, childhood pets, rescue dog Thunder, Stormy’s words of wisdom, Ventura’s words from heaven and more…

Click On Arrow To Listen To The Show:

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Pet Psychic Radio 09/20/11

 On Today’s Show:

I told a story about a haunted trailer and how I had to help a young child and a man to the other side, we spoke to a dog about their new home, some deceased animals and to Bambi the rescue dog who is learning to be compassionate to others…

Click On Arrow To Listen To The Show:


Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio

Guest Name *

Liesl Wilhardt

What Is Your Passion or Your Story

I have loved dogs my entire life, and always hoped to start a dog rescue. “Luv-a-Bull” was founded 12 years ago. I began with rescuing only Pit Bulls and Bully breeds. About 3 years ago, we added small breed dogs to our program. We are a non-profit, 501c3 organization. I have a Master’s degree from Harvard University. I studied religion and public policy. My own spirituality led me to the path of “dog rescuer.” I am inspired by the Buddhist philosophy of “compassionate action.” I believe I have an obligation to do what I can to end suffering, and saving dogs from “death row” in shelters is my way to do this. Many of them have been hurt, physically and emotionally. My sanctuary, Luv-a-Bull, and the wonderful people who work here, give these dogs the opportunity to heal and move on to better lives.

Rescue Name:

Luv-a-Bull and Luv-a-Little Rescue

Rescue Website:



Luv-a-Bull PO Box 50367
Eugene, Or 97405
United States
What Do You Want Us To Mention On The Show or Ask You
It would be great if we could mention that we are entirely funded by donations and would welcome any, and that donations are tax-deductible and can be made through our PayPal account!
I would also love to mention that The Heigl Foundation of Los Angeles has been extremely generous to Luv-a-Bull, and is the main reason we are able to save so many dogs from the L.A. shelter system.

Name of Animal Needs A Home:


2 years
Pit Bull

Bambi Needs A Person

Adopt Bambi

History or Story
Bambi is a Pit Bull who was rescued from a shelter in California in December of 2010and came to us soon after. We do not know how she came to be in the shelter. She was spayed and has not had puppies that we know of.Bambi passed all of her shelter-conducted temperament tests. They found her to be perfect with people and “good” with other dogs. Bambi is very gentle, submissive, trusting and loving with all people. Bambi loves everybody! When she first arrived at our facility, she was also friendly to other dogs, but this soon changed. Since her arrival here, we have introduced her to a variety of dogs belonging to people who hoped to adopt her, and she would lash out aggressively toward the dogs. She is also not friendly to any of the other large dogs here at the rescue, except for one female Pit Bull, and recently, after many weeks of slowly introducing them, a male Pit Bull. Bambi does not seem to be as aggressive toward little dogs. My feeling about Bambi’s aggression is that she is very afraid that the other dog is going to hurt her, so she attacks first, and goes on the offensive. Our problem is that nobody wants to adopt her since she is showing “dog-aggression.”
Questions You Would Like To Ask The Animal
I would like to know why Bambi is so fearful and distrusting of other dogs. I would like to ask her if another dog hurt her in the past. I would like to know what I can do when introducing her to a new dog to make her feel more secure, so that she does not have to immediately “assume the worst” and become aggressive and lash out at the dog. I would like to know how she is most comfortable meeting a new dog…what approach should we take? I would like to know what kind of a home she would like to have. Does she want to live in a home with another dog she can trust, or would she prefer to be the only dog? How can I best explain to potential adoptors what her concerns and fears are? And why does she love and trust people so much? She is soooo loving and submissive!
Anything else?
Our rescue organization has successfully adopted out hundreds of dogs over the years. We try very hard to make the best match of dog to person, based on factors of compatibility. We really try to understand the dog first, and then look for the best possible match in a human caretaker. We ask people to think hard about their activities and lifestyle and what type of dog personality and breed would best suit them. We give them as much information about each of our dogs as we possibly can. We believe that there is a person for every dog and a dog for every person, and that with some patience and time, we can make both dogs and people happy.



Pet Psychic Radio Show!


Every Thursdays 12 pm pst.

Week of 9/20 Live Tuesday!

Call in: 917.889.2693

Listen: http://bit.ly/jhCFEz  

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Pet Psychic Radio 09/15/11

Great Show Today!

we spoke to a dog about what the rainbow bridge is, a cat about the child in the house, a dog that lived with a homeless person, a rescue dog and more…

Click On Arrow To Listen To The Show:

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Date You Are Scheduled Thursday, September 15, 2011
Guests Name * Christine Sandberg
 RESCUE WEBSITE:  www.ruffliferescue.org
What Is Your Passion or Your Story
Like many rescuers, I have a white-collar day-job, and I spend my nights and my time off dedicated to rescue. I am determined to change the world of rescue as we know it.
Rescue Name
The Great American Rescue

Baltimore, Maryland
United States
What Do You Want Us To Mention On The Show or Ask You
1. What is so different about your rescue/rescue efforts?
Name of Animal
American Staffordshire Terrier


History or Story


Tug came to us after an Animal Control investigation. We know very little about him, aside from the fact that he took weeks to emerge from his crate, and for the most part: he seems to just want to be loved. He has been adopted out and returned to us twice.
Questions You Would Like To Ask The Animal
What was life like before you came to us?
Why were you so scared?
What was life like with the other families? Why were you returned to us?
How do you feel now?




Pet Psychic Radio Show!


Thursdays 12 pm pst.

Call in: 917.889.2693

Listen: http://bit.ly/jhCFEz  

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Baby Hawk

Early Mourning Try

Baby Hawk says after a few tries, “Will I ever learn how to fly?”

Baby Hawk & Zoey

Baby Hawk says to Zoey the poodle,

“Can you teach me to fly?”

Zoey the poodle answers, “I am not like you.”

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Pet Psychic Radio 09/08/11

On this show we talk to animals that have passed away and hear how they are showing themselves to people, ask a cat if they are ready to die, ask a dog why they are itching, listen to what kind of home our rescue dog Leo would like & more…

Click On Arrow To Listen To The Show:

Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio




Featured Guest:

Katya Lidsky

Katya’s Story:

Katya Lidsky did her undergraduate studies at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, then received her master’s degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her wonderful husband and rescue dogs, works for Adopt-a-Pet.com North America’s largest nonprofit pet adoption website. Katya volunteers with Tails of the City, at the South LA Animal Shelter, and helps out various other rescue groups. Katya is also founder of ShelterShopper.com, a free support system matching up shelter pets and people in LA and helping ensure adoption retention.

Rescue Organization:


Website http://www.adoptapet.com
Website #2 http://www.tailsofthecityrescue.com

Los Angeles, CA

Adoptable Animal:


about 4
Shepherd mix

Leo Needs A Person

Leo Needs A Person

History or Story
Leo a 4 years old Shepherd mix. He was found on the streets at three months old, but wasn’t caught for another 3 months! He’s being boarded at a dog boarding facility, so he’s very well socialized and gets along great with other dogs. Still, we’d love him to find his forever home. . .or even a foster. Leo’s a great guy and deserves so much more! He is housetrained, neutered, and up to date on shots. No cats please! Though he might be shy at first, he bonds so deeply and warms up to a kind hand. Leo is a smart, independent, loving boy who will make the best best-friend.
Questions We Will Ask Leo on Pet Psychic Radio:
What kind of home would you like to find for Leo?
What would it entail to foster Leo?
I heard Leo had a sister named, Dawn – is she still up for adoption?

Come Meet The Animals:

Tails of the City has adoption events every Saturday at the Petco on La Brea (south of 3rd) from 1 – 4pm. They save many great dogs and cats and are thorough getting the best care for each of them. Come out to meet your match, volunteer and lend a hand, consider fostering — they could use the support. Last but not least, if you don’t find your match at Tails of the City, check out www.adoptapet.com and see thousands of animals in need of homes…you can find any kind of pet you want to rescue and Adopt-a-Pet.com make it easy for you! There’s even a Search Saver feature that will email you matches that come up in the system so you don’t have to remember to search yourself.







Pet Psychic Radio Show!


Thursdays 12 pm pst.

Call in: 917.889.2693

Listen: http://bit.ly/jhCFEz  

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Contact With Joey 9/2pm – 9/4 * Diary of A Pet Psychic

Joey Joe

As you may know, Joey my cat died on Sept 1, 2011.

Late at night of 9/2 I had dreams that Joey and my childhood dog Jinx where one.  I have always speculated this.  In the dreams the feeling I had with both of them was exactly the same.  Joey was born three years after Jinx’s passing.

At 4:44am on 9/3 I was awoken by my cell phone.  Someone from New Heaven Conn. was calling me.  I didn’t answer my phone.  4 is the number of transitions (I know this cause like a Gypsy I can read a deck of playing cards as an oracle.)

I instantly felt Joey spirits present.  He snuggled up to me close and laid his head heavy on my head like we used to sleep.  Makia curled up with him too for a while.

Joey said, “I missed you so I came to you.  I come for as much as my lonliness as for yours.”  He did not say this as if it was really sad.  Just explaining that sometimes our loved ones on the other side also miss our earthly presence.

“Mom,” Joey said, “You know I brought the feeling of my bum knee here.  It’s imprinted on my spirit.”  This Joey was telling because it is something I have always been interested in.  Just because we die doesn’t mean all our issues go away.

I have known animals to reincarnate and to repeat their same illness, behavioral problems and life story in their next life. 

“I died early” Joey continued (I know you all dont think 18 years old is yearly but he was good shape before all of this) , “because before I came back to earth I said I wanted to die before I go blind and deaf.  It was not good in my last life when I was blind and deaf.” 

This is true.  If he was really Jinx my parents had moved to a strange home and would often get frustrated with his disabilities.  They were moving and under stress and they did not have the time to give him all that he needed and there is more knowledge now about what to do with elderly dogs.

I felt sad and then all of a sudden I had a frozen sensation and a man in a black t-shirt appeared in my minds eye.  He was strong, firm, athletic and creepy.  He had something to do with the military.  “Go away” I told him and pushed him out of my mind.  He left me with a chill.

As a medium this happens to me sometimes.  People spirits wanting to talk or tease from the other side.

“Did you notice him Joey” I asked.

Joey responded, “No, I didn’t even feel him.  I am in a different deminsion.  I was not connected to that one.” And that made me feel good that he is in a plane that is safe.  That was not always true for Maia my deceased wolf dog.

Day of 9/3.  I feel empty and cry when I see the spot on the bed Joey should be sleeping at or when I expect to see him under the chair or when I drive in the drive way or any other time it sneaks up on me. Though there is a strange peace that is around me. 

For the first time in a long time I am not worried about Joey. 

I think of myself as a positive person

who knows how to claim happiness instead of real despair,

but I realize now that I was living with a undercurrent of worry for Joey’s well being

and now that is gone.  It is freeing and empty all in one.

I am in a complete surrender to what is at the moment.  Or maybe it is peace, despair, or indifference and I just can’t tell which.

Joey tells me this day not to buy the horse I have been obsessed with because I need a rest from worry and taking care of animals.  This maybe true.  “I want a horse” I tell him.  “You need to rest and gain more energy.” Joey says.  This is true.

Everything the animals feel, think and see runs through me a lot of times I am tired.  This is why I believe most empaths or people in the service position get cancer. We take on everyone else’s stuff and dont always know how to filter it out.  I am working on it.  Things have been much better.

But maybe Joey is right.  Maybe I do not need that adorable filly right now…(Or do I?)

Should I Get Her?

Middle of night 9/3 11:30 is pm there are energy beings the size of cats but disc shaped flying over me.  I am awoken by them brushing up against me and giving me the feeling that I have just rolled over on one of my cats and suffocated them.

I jump up in a quick fear similar to when my brother used to jump out screaming at me behind doorways.  The discs fly past me taking the wind from my chest with out the punching feeling.  I flip on the light.  They are gone.

I am keeping myself too open for Joey to come and other beings are taking advantage of my psychic door being open.

I call for Joey to see if he is ok.  He does not come.  Instead Juliette’s spirit, my old cat and Joey’s old friend, comes instead.  He can’t come now mom.” She says.  “Why I ask” feeling a loneliness and longing for my “little man”

“Mom, he is in that space.  He is being and processing.”  Yes, I thought.  The three days of transitioning is not over.  In these three days, they are much farther away.  Juliette showed me the space briefly.  Omnipotent white light, emptiness, warm breeze with the feeling all over almost like tea tree oil on your scalp.

“Wow, beautiful and almost too powerful for me” I thought with a feeling of an open door way deep  in my heart that leads out to a never ending universe.


Makia and my other animals want you all to know they love Joey and miss him dearly.



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Joey’s Passing the 33 hours afterwards

Joey and Serafina behind him


I will try and write the highlights of the last 24+ hours since Joey’s passing.  There has been more said between me and my animals and more experiences though these are the ones that are coming to mind just now.  Thank you all for caring.

The day before Joey passed Luca said, “What is the big deal if Joey dies?  He will be a wind being.”  When I brought Joey’s body home Luca asked, “Why wont he wake up? I want him to wake up.”  I told him Joey is a wind being now.  Luca was silent.




After Joey passed Storm asked our veterinarian / friend Dr. Otto “Are there some days where work makes you sad at night? If so you should take a salt bath like my mom does when work makes her sad.”

Later Storm asked me, “We all die dont we?  I know Joey is happy cause I feel him happy but I am sad to have him gone. He was here when I first came to you.  I have always known him.”



Makia had me cut a piece of her fur to put in Joey’s grave.  Makia said today, “If I was a human I would cry.  Why don’t cats have tears?”  Later she said, “It is so empty with out Joey but I feel him grooming me sometimes and then I feel a warm feeling all around me.  I even see him out of the corner of my eye. I miss him.” 



Joey had asked me to put some catnip from the plant out front and Serafina’s favorite rainbow catnip toy in the grave with him.  She hugged the toy for ten minutes before it went with Joey.  Serafina said after Joey died, “I saw his spirit fly to heaven and it seemed so high that only a little stream of light was connected to his body and than that was gone.  It left me feeling loved and sad all in one.”  Today she says, “I dont know what to do with myself.  I go to find him and then I realize he is not there.  I feel him grooming me and telling me he loves me then I feel a deep pain in my chest.  I feel him lying next to me sometimes then I just feel empty inside.”



Bean asked me to put one of her bunny treats in Joey’s grave with him.  Bean says, “It seems like friends die when you are not ready for them to go.  I feel him sleeping in here with me and I feel all the memories of him deep inside of me. I think he is telling them to me.”



Maia in heaven now says, “I am taking good care of Joey.  I greeted him and there is only part of my soul in heaven because the rest of my soul is in Luca.  I am more concentrated on earth now.  But I was there to welcome him and to love him and I will be with him when ever he needs me.  I am integrating more with Luca and soon Luca will have memories of his life as me.  There is so much to say. But I want you to know Joey is well and he’s not suffering and he is well taken care of by so many here.  He is not lonely.  He is in love and good company.”

Yesterday, I felt Joey strong.  Pretty much every moment I heard him say, “I love you.  I am ok.  You were such a good mom.  I am with lala and Juliette.  I am well.” Often I would have the feeling of him on my lap or snuggling next to me.  The feeling of him being close was strong.

My friend Jim was over for dinner last night and I noticed that there was something in the hallway.  I asked what it was and Jim said Luca was playing with it.  It turned out to be a candle holder Luca took out of the closet.  Just when I thought I better light a candle for Joey a text came through from a friend who said she just lit a candle for Joey.  I took it as sign.  At bed time I lit the candle and it stayed lit till 4am.  I felt Joey with me all night.  Right before the candle went out Serafina and Makia came to bed. We talked about Joey and when the candle burned out we all felt him leave.

Today, he is much more distant.  This is to be expected.  I hear him softly and when I ask him what he is doing and if he is ok he sends me images and feelings of moments in his life.  Snuggling with his paw in my hand, the ripples from the soft breeze of the lakes we lived on, the sound of falling leaves, the feeling of chasing chipmunks in the east coast rock walls, lying next to a fireplace, catching lizards or hearing the bamboo move in the wind.  This is where is. In the essence of all his life. 

I have always thought that Joey was a reincarnation of my child hood dog Jinx.  Right before Joey’s passing my mother texted me a photo of their puppy Ziggy sleeping.  I thought It was Jinx and took it as sign.  He tells me yesterday it is true.  We had lessons we needed to complete together.  I ask him if he died because our puppy, Luca is too much.  He assures me this is not the case and we are lucky to have this past year. He almost died the week after Maia and Dr. Han saved him with herbs.

I know that Joey is well and he is in a good place.  But I miss him terribly.  My experience with Maia not being happy in heaven has made me a little fearful for all the pets I know that have to leave us.  Some of them bring their suffering with them or miss us on earth and want to make their way back quickly.  This is ok because my work helps with this but the feeling that my animal would be in the predicament makes me heartbroken.  Though I should say most animals are in bliss.

I asked Joey if he will come back to me.  After one day this I know and tell clients it is way too soon to really know and the answer can change in any amount of time, but now Joey says he wants me to rest.  I have five animals in my small house and it feels empty with out him.  Though I feel him and have even more signs he is around.  A child calls to his friend Joey outside my window.  I cry and a lady bug appears on my chest.

I want to change the sheets on the bed but I hear over and over how animals mourn when the smell of the deceased disappears from the house.  Makia told me today, “I even smell him mom.  I even smell him.  His spirit comes to me with a smell.”  Where ever Joey is, he is in a good place.  A place with no sadness and he is no longer suffering.  In the days to come we will have more contact with him.  I dont want to bother him but I dont want to abandon him either.  People will say you can never abandon them when they are in heaven but that is not necessarily so.  The more we love them, remember them and live in joy ourselves for them the more they grow on the other side.  Maia was stuck in a dark place once.  That is not something I want to happen to Joey.  (though it turned out that is when Luca was in the womb.  That is for another post – reincarnation and consciousness.)

I know it must be easier for me because I can hear them on the other-side.  But I am human and I still miss my sweet Joey in body. (and the others…)

Thank you to all that have prayed for Joey.  So many people felt him speaking back to the them the day before he died.  I know all your prayers helped open the gates of heaven.

Thank you Caroline for being our good friend and opening up your pet cemetery to us.

Thank you Anna and your husband for digging Joey’s grave next to Maia and for helping me pile up the rocks.

Thank you Jim and Dr. Otto for giving me support and being present when I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends. Thank Dr. Otto for being the best veterinarian and for saying I am a good mom.  That meant the world to me.

This past year, Maia, Joey, five good friends (Chris, Kay, Jere, Donna, Josie) and my grandfather and my grandmother not long before all transitioned to heaven.  May they all reside in love and joy and shine it down upon us.

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People upset & Joey Update

Written 8/29/11 in the PM

Joey Update:

Thank you everyone for your support. Joey got an x-ray today. His heart looks good – we feared congested heart failure. His blood work shows kidneys and liver good. So we do not know why he has this edema. Both his vet and Chinese herbalist suggest giving Joey more time to see if he can pull out of this.

Joey says, “I can feel so many thinking about me. It all makes me feel really special. I’m sure the angels are listening. Maybe as I sleep they will heal me.”


Written 8/29/11 In the Am:

It seems my newsletter & posts have upset a few of people.

Here is my response to one email that can also be a response to others.  I was so upset by Cindy’s email as was Joey.  I had a hard time with it.  But we feel much better now.

Hi Cindy,

I thank you for your concern. I will address this on my blog

Though I must say that this too is my field & I would never suggest to a client to help an animal pass before they are ready. That could be very dangerous to their experience in the after life.

I am completely confident that joey and I will make the right decision to help him pass at the right time.

This is not about me or my ego or my fears. I have helped & buried many animals. I have a strong connection to the otherside. It is not something this family fears This is about Joey and his life. He is very capable of telling me when he is ready.

And he may surprise us. We are open to miracles. If not he will die knowing he was heard and his wishes were understood.

Thank you for joeys concern.

All my best, Laura

On Aug 29, 2011, at 10:25 AM, Cindy wrote:


While I sympathize with your love for Joey and his unwillingness to face death, as a human you have the power (through your actions and medical tools) to release him from his pain. As a psychic, it is your duty to face your own fears and begin doing work that will ultimately help thousands of humans and animals by example. Joey is very old. Hanging on under the pretense of ‘waiting for him to be ready’ is silly. Show everyone how you can ease a loved pet’s transition to the next life. Contact your own oversoul and understand where your fear comes from. We love you, but your message is becoming very self-serving, now.

If you want/need to talk about this, please call.

-=Cindy (pretty psychic, herself)


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Please Help Joey


Joey the cat asks,

“I dont feel well & my mom thinks I’m dying but I want to live. So please think of me healthy.  You can say to the angels, ‘please help joey’s body be well-balanced & healthy.  He believes in your power & love so I am sending this out for him.’ & then know that I’m saying thank you for talking to the angels for me.”

I wrote this article about Joey in September 2009.  Joey is now 18 years old.

My former boyfriend and I adopted Joey from a rescue organization at the Westchester, NY County Cat Show when Joey was 6 months old.  I remember walking him in a cardboard box carrier across the Bronx River Parkway and thinking that I was some what grown up.  I was 22 years old and still in college.  Joey is a charcoal gray tabby cat with a white chest and white paws.    Joey has been with me two years longer than any other animal in my home.  That is 14 years.  I believe these to be the highlights of his life:  Before he came to me someone cut his whiskers and kicked him.  He even now can get a little skittish at the sight of legs.  When we lived on the shores of Peach Lake, Joey would go canoeing with me everyday.  He once fell into the lake and actually swam to me to pull him out.  He went on a four-mile walk with my former boyfriend.  When a set of golfers showed up my boyfriend left him on the 8 hole.  Joey waited three hours until I came home from work to search and rescue.  He jumped out the car at gas station somewhere in Kansas where I almost lost him.  He has bum knee from falling out of tree house on the property of a Montecito Horse Ranch.  One day in Upper Ojai, my wolf dog was barking frantically because a coyote had Joey pinned between a rock and a chain link fence.  Joey survived with only a few punctures.  My ex-husband wrote a song about him.

When I ask Joey what he remembers he says,

“I remember the Bad Lands and all the hotels we slept in and how the country looked and smelled different as we traveled and I remember when we didn’t have a home and Boomer the Bunny couldn’t live with us and we slept in a tent and in friends’ houses.  I remember how we lived with a Seymour the Blue and Gold Parrot and how he knew when there were coyotes outside before I did. I remember the pigs, Jezebel and Simon, and how they were so grateful to live with us and eat juice pulp.  I remember all the pet sitters we had and how one of them would go into your closet and wear your dresses.  I remember being scared that a fire was going to burn our house and I remember not being as smart as I am now.   I remember Juliet, cat, and how her spirit taught me how to hunt the day she died and I remember all the types of music you would listen to and I remember how we had a huge organic garden with three different types of catnip and how you put a big net up so that the deer wouldn’t bring their babies into he garden and eat all the food.  I remember eating puzzle pieces and you wondering where the pieces went.  I remember not understanding why I couldn’t go to the bathroom in the potted plants. I remember the smell of wine and all the different kinds of food and treats you would feed me. I remember walking on top of snow and how beautiful it was when it would fall from the sky. I remember how we lived where there were hundreds of stray cats and some of them would want to fight for nothing.  I would hang out in the upstairs of the house in the room that had doorways that opened to the sky and I could see and smell the ocean and the watch the white waves crashing.”

I ask Joey, “What have you learned over the years?”

Joey answers, “I have learned that no fear is worth having, because if you are patient it goes away.  I have learned that the ocean, the forest, and the lands from here to NY sometimes suffer and it is up to humans to make it better.  I have learned that good friends of ours walk slower in the house.  If someone is a guest and they walk quickly they usually are selfish.  I have learned that you can live in the country or he city and either place resides coyotes, but there are no deer in the city.  I have learned it is cooler under the house on hot days and that eating mice makes my body feel healthier.  If you kill a bird mom will be really sad.  I have learned that if someone is mean in might just be because someone hurt them when they were little.  Most of all, saying I love you with a touch of my paw is the most healing for mom when she is sad.” 

Joey adds today 8/29/00,“I have learned that thinking about what you want to create and how you want to be in your body actually helps.  I have learned that I am special and so is everyone else that cares about what animals are thinking and feeling.  I have learned that suffering is temporary and I believe I will know when it is the right time to surrender to death and I do not feel it is the right time yet.  I believe in the power of health and I believe in the power of friends good thoughts for you. That is why I would love it if you could imagine good things for me.”

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Dolly the Border Collie says,

“Sheep herding is not a good sport for me ’cause I want to spread the sheep out and run with them not put them all together and walk slow.”

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We talk about why I do not talk to lost animals, Laura talks to a few dogs that have been rescued, how a dog feels in their old age, a dog that has passed away and if their person could have done more for them, why a dog doesnt like other dogs… and our resuce guest Cody from http://www.shadowsfund.org

Click On Arrow To Listen To The Show


Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio




Shadow’s Fund
Website http://www.shadowsfund.org

Lompoc, CA 93436
United States


LuLu needs a home

Name of Animal
Pitbull Terrier/Lab mix
History or Story
Lulu was a stray found in San Luis Obispo County. Emaciated and infested with fleas, she ended up at an automotive repair center. The staff took her in, but it was clear she had not had very much human interaction. She went home with the manager, but with already having 4 dogs, Lulu could not stay. They brought her to Shadow’s Fund where she has lived for the last 8 months. It took her a long time to trust us, but she has opened up so much to us over the last few months.

Pet Psychic Radio Show!


Thursdays 12 pm pst.

Call in: 917.889.2693

Listen: http://bit.ly/jhCFEz  

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Joey update


People have been asking for an update on Joey. The vets have thought his progress to be a miracle. There is no longer fluid in his lungs.

Though on Friday night I noticed joeys front legs were swollen. My vet was off this weekend & by text message he said it could probably wait till Monday. Joeys legs are very big now. I speculate fluid but truly dont know. They are very sore when he walks & has that feeling of when you have a rubberband around your arm too tight. He is very hungry & thirsty – a sign his hyperthyroidism is kicking back up

Of course I have been worried! I am hoping it is some strange reaction to his herbs & we just need a change of them. His herbalist is back in the office today.

I have a funeral to go to today of my good friend Josie. So I will probably drop joey off at the vet for a good chunk of the day :-(. A lot of driving. I may even take him to the funeral with me.

Joey wants to say, “I trust my doctors & I am going to be better & enjoy life. Moms not ready to let me go she says I can live in my 20s. I believe her because there have been angels keeping fluid out of my lungs. And I’d rather be sore when I walk then not be able to breathe. I’ll be happier when I feel better.”

Oh it’s hard to see my little guy suffer. He is so amazing!

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Stormy’s Dream



Stormy my Aussie woke me up and said,

“I had a dream I was flying in the stars. I asked myself ‘is this heaven?’ and I then heard ‘no this is the heart of the universe'”

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Pet Psychic Radio Show 08/18/11

Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on Blog Talk Radio


We talk to a cat that pees in her food dish, one that pees on the couch, a deceased pet, a dog with allergies, a dog that humps other dogs at the beach…

Featured Rescue:  http://www.hartofmcintosh.org

Featured Pet:

Queen Deanie

About Queen Deanie:

This was written by Queen Deanie’s Foster mom, “For the sake of expediency, I am copying and pasting the first narrative I wrote about Queen Deanie shortly after I rescued her in December of 2009:

“When I was born, I’m sure my mother thought I was a little princess and would grow up to be a queen one day. Neither of us knew then how hard the first couple years of my life would be!

My story adds a new dimension to the definition of an old holiday greeting – “Happy New Year”. On December 20th, 2009, I was “discovered” by a kind lady named Ms. Deanie who’d spent decades in the world of theatre. As a former professional dancer and actress, she spotted my star quality despite my frightful appearance! I was a mess – rail thin, missing much of my hair, grieving for my missing babies and barely alive. Ms Deanie found me curled up in a ball at the edge of thick woods, in brutally cold weather, waiting to die. Not one to shy from a challenge, Ms. Deanie recruited two other caring ladies, Ms. Frances and Ms. Hannah, and the rescue began. Although I was terrified of anything on two legs, after more than an hour, I gave in and they whisked me away to my first foster home where I began my recovery.

Twelve weeks and two foster moms later – Ms. Leslie and Ms. Kate – How Do You Like Me Now?? I’m a new woman, a real Lady – no more babies for me to worry about ever again – and my coat just shines. At 40 pounds, I’m a petite girl and don’t want to gain another ounce! I’ve a very sweet temperament, have learned to walk nicely on a leash and every day of my life is like Christmas morning! If you can lead me to the life I deserve, please call my surrogate Mom, Hannah Tostensen, at 912-437-6169 or 912-617-6564, or e-mail gavoters@darientel.net.”

Since that time, I have updated Deanie’s narrative and it appears on her Petfinderlisting at HARTofmcintosh, zip 31305. We are still fostering Deanie but I want with all my heart for her to have a home where she will be the apple of someone’s eye. I will continue to foster her until the right home comes along but playing musical dogs is very, very stressful for me and my husband, who will be 84 years old next month.”


Pet Psychic Radio Show!


Thursdays 12 pm pst.

Call in: 917.889.2693

Listen: http://bit.ly/jhCFEz  

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Cousteau the horse says to his person,

“I am not worried. When the time is right everything will be ok. I’m sure of it.”

I find often it is the animal that soothes the people when there is fear and worry.

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Just For Fun

I talk about an experience I had when I was 12 years old with fish and a higher power.  I also give listeners a tip on how to talk to animals.[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB20NjIiGlI nolink]



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