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Radio Show Testimonials!

Gav Meets Cowboy

New Friend

Hi Laura,

I called in on your radio show about my horse Sultan, now Gavilan. He had some issues with donkeys and communication with a mustang. Well this weekend I put him out with 3 other horses and the little red mini that he asked to be out with. He took to the 17.2 hand Oldendberg gelding quickly and followed him around for 2 hours! The big gelding took him under his wing and showed him the ropes of turnout in a small herd. When the Oldenberg dropped to roll Gavilan was right behind him, copying what he did. He was so relaxed and calm with his new friends. At one point Gavilan and the gang were in the far corner looking up in the top pasture and talking to the herd up there which included a donkey. That donkey’s ears were twitching back and forth but Gavilan only backed up a few steps behind the Oldenberg but did not take his eyes off the donkey and did not panic. THANK YOU for talking to him about his communication skills and helping me with ideas about helping him become more confident. It was amazing to watch him interact with other horses. He has only been a gelding for a year and a half and was a stallion for 10. As you know, stallions don’t get socialized with other horses for the most part. I will try to download a pic or two of him and a couple of his new friends.

Thank you again…you are awesome.



Cats Now Getting Along 🙂

Hi Laura,

Wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Eli and Bella are doing. It is amazing the difference in Eli since you spoke to him last week on the radio show. He is trying to be very careful on how he “touches” and several mornings I have woken up to Eli gently licking Bella and she was loving it!
I have also caught them playing together and Eli instead of jumping on her like he did before, he jumps then jumps away so not to be too aggressive. He still has some moments when he “forgets” and when I scold him he either lies on the floor with his head down or climbs under a chair to hide. He looks at me as if he is embarrassed for his behavior. I mentally say to him “remember what Laura said, you are not smarter than everyone else” and that everyone needs to get along in “harmony”… Thank you so much for your assistance and helping everyone (including myself) see things a lot clearer

Thank you again,
L. R.

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Moxi is doing great!

Dear Laura,
we feel very grateful for the time you spent with Moxie. We have felt closer to her and I believe she feels closer to us. Amazing news, since you both spoke- she uses the bathroom outside! There was one accident, which was at night-  it was not a worry.

I have been speaking with  Moxie and visioning things to communicate. I had an experience early in the morning of Moxie barking to get my attention and then she turned into a big dog barking in my dream, I was sure Moxie was trying to tell me she needed outside to pee. I got up- she needed out.

Because she is potty trained, she is able to be in the house and we are all enjoying her personality more and her delightful ways. Your gifts have helped us bring this family closer, thank-you so much.

You asked about a quote- please use any quote you think works best to promote what you do. I picked one- but I trust that you will find the one that is most helpful to animals and their owners.


“I get nervous in my body where I cant think about what I want to do.  I like to be smart but sometimes I have a hard time finding that part of my brain. I’ll ask my brain a question and I cant always find the answer.  I ask my brain how not to be nervous or what I should do.”

We will look forward to speaking again. I have told so many people about you- they have asked for your name after hearing about this experience.



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Testimonials :)

My son Marshal died at 14 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  I had received a cassette tape from a medium in Canada mere months later, and it brought me some peace, but I was still in shock and it was overwhelming.

12 years later, my long time dog friend Sebastian died on the same day that Marshal had died.  Laura had helped us through this (he had reluctantly talked to Laura a couple times while he was still with us).  I asked her to help me talk to him after he passed, and she offered to help me talk to Marshal as well; I knew I felt him around me but had a hard time connecting.  I was very open to this.

First Seb told Laura things so I would know it was him, that it was true she was talking to him.  Seb said Marshal had been around for a few days before Seb died, and that Marshal brought him to heaven. On the other side, Marshal took him to see an older lady who loved records (I think my great grandmother) and they also went to see a man around a lot of cars, maybe at a racetrack (my father).

Seb said lots of people in heaven know me, that I am very supported.  He has a job to go do now, working with sea life, and he will be with me at night.  (This matched Seb’s love of the beach, and his total change of demeanor by the ocean, as well as an incident we’d had on the beach with a distressed young seal.)  He said many directed things particular to our relationship (he likes to give me advice).

Then Laura talked to Marshal.  He said he was sorry, over and over, that he made a mistake.  He said it was not his time to go, so he chose to stay with me, and grow with me – that when I learn a lesson, he learns it too, because we are so connected.  He talked about the circumstances surrounding his death, and things that have happened since.  He talked about my life work and how it is progressing.  Many things Marshal told Laura were on the first tape I’d received, so many years earlier.

This session brought me so much peace.  Not just in the words, but in the affirmation of all that I had been feeling!  Since this one session, I am closer to not only to Marshal and Seb, but to others on the other side as well.  My heart is more accepting and open.  My own personal skills of listening and trusting my Self and my experience has expanded ten-fold.  I began meditating more regularly, and slowing down to feel and experience my Life more completely.  Everything has changed.  It was not just the content that changed me – it was the opening of a door to my own experience, and learning to trust that experience.

Ironically, the very first time Sebastian talked to Laura he was very irritated with her, and tried to bite her.  He thought we were doing just fine on our own, and didn’t need her to translate!  He said to me (through Laura): TRUST YOUR SELF!  You know all you need to know, you just need to TRUST your self!!

Well, turns out that was really good advice.  He also told Laura, in that session after he passed, that now he understands why it was so helpful to me to have her translate.  Thank you, Laura!!


Laura, youre the BEST!

I just want you to know that I got back from the US a couple of days ago to find Georgette completely happy without a poop or a pee where it shouldn’t have been.  And I thank YOU for this!  She has never been this good when I went away before…

All the things I changed for her seem to make her so much happier and I even tried some animal communication with her before I left…

Thank you so much for all of your inspiration.  I read your blog all of the time and I tell people about you and how you have helped us — they all find you fascinating!

I hope to have you communicate with my other cats this year sometime.  But in the meantime, take care and keep on keepin on with all of the great things you do.

Lots of love,  Suzy


Hi Laura!
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Forrest. I’m in CA now and I left him with my parents about 10 days ago. He’s doing so well! He hasn’t destroyed anything or misbehaved at all (unless they aren’t telling
me). Their last dog (13yrs) died 10 years ago, and I think they really enjoy having Forrest around.  He seemed to adjust beautifully while I was still there with him. We played almost every day in the snow,
which I don’t think he had seen before, and he get to eat some turkey. Mom took some pictures of me and  Forrest in the snow, framed them and put them by his TWO beds (as per his request). They said that every
once in a while they catch him looking at them. He also got a soft ball for Christmas (which he knew was his before I even opened the bag) and I left him my red hooded sweatshirt, also at his request.
What I really wanted to tell you is that I went home and asked my dad if his hands were giving him trouble, since Forrest had mentioned it. He told me that yes, he was starting to get some arthritis in his hands, which I didn’t know at the time of the reading! Also, I was really confused about the comment he made regarding my legs, the right one in particular. Since I’ve been in CA, I’ve been running just about every day. After day three, my right hip was pretty sore and I immediately thought about what he said. Also, I took him to the vet a few days after we talked to check on his demodex (all clear!) and he really needed his nails clipped, but they had to muzzle him to get it done. Remembering what Forrest had told you, I bought a set of clippers from the vet so that next time I could do it myself. Before I left him in NC, I thought I
would give it a try on the dewclaw they missed. So, I showed him the clippers, clipped the tiniest bit off the tip, and he didn’t even flinch. Success! I asked my parents not to try it though. Forrest will let me do just about anything to him, but he really doesn’t like anyone else touching his feet or his ears.  We moved the day after we last talked to you and got away from the “bastard” roommate. Forrest was so
funny because as soon as the movers got everything on the truck, he was in the car like a shot! Like, “Let’s get the hell out of here!” Our new backyard is a bit bigger and has a tree and he loves to roll around in the
grass. I told him that when we returned in March, I would get a little bird feeder for the tree since he mentioned watching birds during our last conversation. I try to talk to him every day. I look at his picture and have conversations with him. Not sure if that’s working or if I’m making it all up in my head, but I do it anyway. I also want to thank you for what you do. We’ve talked three times since I got Forrest in May, and my main goal was just to help him adjust and overcome any
emotional hurdles he might have. I feel like that has been accomplished, and he is more well-adjusted than I could have ever imagined at this point. I wish more people had your gift.
Kindest Regards,  Jen B.


Thank you again for a wonderful reading. It has helped with the process, and I’m not as sad. Love and light, K. R.


Hi Laura
Thank you for yesterdays session. Although I am still broken hearted, it helps me to know that Lanko is doing ok. When I sat back to think, I understood what he meant now. We used to play a game
where when a bird landed n the yard, he used to go crazy amd want to chase it. Of course he never caught one. I would open the door and he would tear out of the house, then come back happy as usual. This was when he could run when he was younger. Towards the end he barely could go up a stair. I am happy he is playing his game. God I
miss him. I will be contacting you again in a couple of weeks so I can keep in touch with him.

The big kitty came and sat on my lap last night. I avoided petting her painful area and I just let him sit and I held him. He seemed to like that. He also climbed on my shoulders to sleep. He has never done that.
My other cat has an appointment with the vet on Monday for her teeth, so I can get her checked out as well. She has been talking to me alot today.

Sweetie just keeps licking my tears away when i cry. I am getting better, but it is so hard. I will talk to you soon.
regards, m.


Laura –

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed our session the other day.  It was nice hearing some specific things that Butterfly said.

Regarding her recent illness, you mentioned that she told you she had “hot heads”.  I didn’t get a chance to tell you, but her head had been very sensitive for several days and felt hot to the touch.  I’m so glad it was just a passing illness and nothing to be concerned about.

Also, the fact that you said she talks so fast and jumps from subject to subject – that is DEFINITELY our Butterfly!  She is so funny and always keeps us entertained.  It was amusing to hear that she wants “only white bowls”, that she “thinks the news is too violent”, and that she is annoyed when we “don’t always do what she says”.  There again, we already know how particular our little girl is, and how she is not afraid to voice her opinions!  I guess her strong personality is one of the reasons she was able to train us so quickly and effortlessly.

It was wonderful being able to check in with her and clarify some things and to get reassurance that she is getting her physical and emotional needs met.  Butterfly and her Dad and Mom can’t thank you enough!

Wendy & Roy

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Wise Words

Christy the human of canine’s Cupid, Lucy Liu, Ruby, Angel-Pup, Sweet Pea, and Piglet wrote to me about her sessions with me,

“It’s been so invaluable to discover animals largely do understand what we say around them even if I imperfectly grasp what they want me to know.”

This is my life’s work and she said it so beautifully.

Thank you, Christy!

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TESTIMONIALS * picking a few to share

Hi Laura:

I’m sure you are used to being told how amazing what you do is, but it probably doesn’t get old, so I will tell you again!  You are fantastic indeed! This whole aspect of  communicating with other species that we co-exist with is really exciting to me, I want to know more.  You are welcome on our show any time and thanks so much for being a stellar guest.

warmest hugs………..

PS  Jazz has been strutting his stuff all night, he’s so proud to have been consulted!


hi laura…thanks sooooo much for your time today…i absolutely loved every minute of listening to you and my animals…i cannot thank you enough….be


Hi Laura!
Invaluable as ever!
Thanks so much…

Thank you for your session with my four dogs and two fosters. I already made the changes they asked for and amazingly, Diamond immediately stopped pooping inside and behaves frustrated, not distressed, when I need to go out of sight. The “Dog in the Sky” was an amazing explanation and Angel had a strange expression the rest of the day, as if she wasn’t sure if she might be in trouble. She got lots of love and praise for sharing so we can help her and was reassured. I am also looking into dog training for Rexa–who already has excellent manners!–so she can be exposed to others who have dogs and will fall in love with her and take her home. As she asked.
Thank you so much. There really are no words that can express my gratitude adequately. I also sent your suggestions for Angel to her behaviorist/trainer so we can implement them. What a blessing your gift is, and how inspiring!  Christy


Hi Laura:
Thank you again for talking to my group.  I love hearing what they have to say.  You have such an amazing gift and it is so wonderful that you use it to help so many animals.  – Rebecca


Laura, I met you last Sat at Noah’s Apothecary. I just wanted to express to you how very right on you were in what you translated for me from my two cats.

I don’t know if you’ll remember, but my 12yo male cat asked what it was that I had hung in my window. And you and I couldn’t get it figured out. You asked me to let you know if I solved the puzzle. When I got home I looked at my bedroom window and burst out laughing. I had entirely forgotten I had hung a long fly paper strip! So from now on whenever I make any changes, even the smallest, I will be sure to explain to my family what I’ve done and why.

I also wanted to tell you that you said that my younger cat expressed that I should have a walking stick with me on the property. I should have taken her advice more seriously because the next day the rooster attacked me.

Thanks again! I recommend you to all my friends who have animal companions! – Joanie


Just wanted to tell you what a big change in BJ.  That very day he started using his litter box.  -PH

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Hi Laura,
What an amazing an enlightening experience we had with you yesterday! Now that they know there is someone who can hear them I’m sure we’ll be seeing you on a regular basis…
Thanks again for coming into our lives. You are truly gifted and wonderful!!!!!!!
Donna,Cobi and Beemer Cole

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Hi Laura,
Well, Maddi has been much calmer since you spoke with her. She doesn’t spend her time searching the skies for flies. I think your reassurance that we will not hit her with a flyswatter has done the job. I had been telling her that, but your words really meant a lot to her.
Thanks a lot for your help, Jere
Laura, She is doing great. She has been a happy cat again. We both LOVE the new cat litter “world’s best”. No spraying at all, it is so wonderful to live in my house again without the smell. I can’t thank you enough. I loving telling the story of how you helped us. Thank you so very much from both of us.
God Bless you
Tammy and Pissant
Hey Laura! I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate client referrals to me for Veterinary Acupuncture. (and the pets do too!). I hear your name all the time and without fail your reputation is somewhere between super-great and amazing w/ animal communication and training. I have your cards and never hesitate to give ’em out…
Thanks again,
Your friend, Dr. Andy.
*He is the best acupuncturist in Santa Barbara County. The Animals ask, “Do you know the Dr. with the Needles? Can you tell my people to have him back?” Dr. Andy Dainsberg’s phone number is: 805.895.4340
Dear Laura,
We met yesterday at Aloha Dog Grooming. You listened to Lammy for Eloise and me.
I have to tell you that I see Lammy in such a different light now… She really does have a mind and thoughts.
I know, duh!
But having you talk to her and watching you do it was very inspiring.
Thank you again for sharing your gift with us.
With love and blessings,
Hello Laura!
I just wanted to update, and thank you. After our appointment I had Will adjusted by a chiropractor, where he found 4 misplaced vertabrae in his neck.
I also feel that he and I are really starting to understand each other, now that I know what I’m listening for. He is trying very hard to be brave outside and focus in the show ring ( we just won our first recognized show and are preparing for the pinto world competition in 3 weeks!) While I am trying very hard to focus on what I am hearing from him, as well as other animals around me.
I feel maverick, and can pick out words… and feelings he sends my way. Thank you for helping us;
Again thank you for all of your help,
Ashley, Will and Maverick

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Hi Laura,
You have given me a new appreciation for my animals’ thoughts, concerns and the humor they can share!
Here are some changes I have made, based on your conversations with my cats:
A change in food so that Twisted Sister does not have itchy skin anymore.
Six Pack asked for a “pocket bed” under the bed in my room. I put a small, fluffy folded cat comforter under the bed. She sleeps in it all day long!
Whiz Bang said the catwalk was too slippery. I attached carpet to it. Now the cats spend more time on it and Twisted Sister actually runs sprints up there!
Whiz Bang has stopped annoying Twisted Sister and they spend more time together than before.
Six Pack does not annoy Twisted Sister as often as she used to. When I point out their similarities, like all the cats like to lay in the sunshine, Six Pack is impressed with the concept.
Whiz Bang is experiencing pain in his neck or back. He has an appointment with a chiropractic vet this week.
Party Time has a very sensitive and nervous personality. I am arranging a session with a horse massage therapist who can do Tellington Touch.
Thanks for your insight! I am practicing my animal communication skills every day!
All the Best,


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